"Welcome to a place like nothing you have ever seen before... An alteration of the very fabric of all we know... The sign post up ahead welcomes you to..."

By Karl

Enterprising Aussie

Look for Anthony Simcoe to join the crew of Enterprise with the new third season. No stranger to long hours in the makeup chair to be transformed into a Luxan, Simcoe will portray another fierce species of alien, Klingon ambassador K'oko.

He's Nobody's Puppet: He's a Muppet!

Rygel XVI, Dominar of Action, will take his talents to the big screen with some of his brethren, the Muppets. Slotted for a summer release, Muppets in Space, Part 2, is destined to bring more fame to this diminutive despot. 

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Gigi Edgley: Bond Girl

Following in the footsteps of fellow former Farscape alien, Virginia Hey, Gigi Edgley has landed a coveted "Bond Girl" role in the upcoming spy thriller "Die Until You're Dead". 

Ben coming down to Earth as Indiana Jones. Click here for the full format image.

Call Him Indy

Ready to trade in the bullwhip for a set of golf clubs, Harrison Ford has elected to hand over the famous Indiana Jones fedora to handsome actor Ben Browder. No stranger to rough and tumble acting roles, Browder has outrun his share of Nazi-like bad guys in the popular science fiction series, Farscape.

Claudia Black is Pandora. Click here for the full format image.

Claudia Black jumps ship to SG-1!

Farscape and SG-1 fans may now see a means to both rejoice. As Stargate SG1 returns to the airwaves with a much debated additional season, it will see the return of one of its favorite sons in Richard Dean Anderson [McGuyver to those who are bad with matching faces and names] but it will also see the addition of the lovely Claudia Black as a new nemesis. Pandora, a G'ould high priestess will wreak havoc against the SG1 team. Sparks are sure to fly!