Author: Karl
Rating: PG - 13 (Moderate violence/langage)
Notes: I would suggest reading Passage. It is where Ulric Selton is introduced. If you read Passage a long time ago you might want to go back and reread it I have added a few new pictures and the story has been cleaned up a bit. <G> Thanks Karl (6-01-01)
Summary: Memories from the Aurora chair give John a chance to go home, but will he have a home to return to?
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Part III

Part 3, 06-15-00

Crichton's Loss
Zhaan followed John as they passed through the maintenance bay, their guns pointed toward the open doors of the hangar. "Stay behind me, Zhaan," John whispered. When they approached the doors, John tried to control his breathing. Stepping from behind the hangar door he could hear muffled conversation with familiar sounding voices. Scanning the group, his muscles tightened on his pulse gun, more from reflex than anything else. John let out a "Jesus…." Aeryn heard his little gasp and turned. John walked up to the little group searching for his father, although everything in his soul told him he would not be there. Walking forward, he noticed the boy lying on the floor and grew concerned, "What the hell?" Zhaan ran past john to join the small group. John stopped next to Aeryn. She turned to John then back to the group.

Startled by John's presence, Ulric moved through the group towards John and Aeryn, "Hello John, it is good to see you again." John had aged. His time in the Uncharted Territories seemed to have taken a heavy toll on him. Ulric turned and bent down to the little boy still lying on the floor of the hangar and smiled at his son. "Jack, come here. I would like you meet someone."

Ulric's uttering of his father's name brought a wave of sadness washing over John. Ulric straightened as Jack stood from the floor and the little boy looked up at John, smiling.

"Jack, this is John Crichton."

"Hello." The little boy's smile widened

"Hello, Jack…" John looked up at Ulric, "Selton?" An unusual smile came to Ulric's face.

Enra moved up next to Ulric and put her arm around his waist. "Actually, it's Dasival Jack Selton. Hello, John, it's wonderful to see you again." Worried by John's reaction, Zhaan moved over next to D'Argo. She looked to Aeryn, who appeared to be in a slight state of shock herself, and smiled. She had forgotten that when they were here last, Aeryn was unconscious.

"Hi…Enra, its good to…" John seemed disoriented by the meeting.

Jack interrupted them. "Do you know you are Moya's favorite?" His smile widened and his haunting green eyes seemed to burn right through John.

"What? I am sorry, Jack, what did you say? John felt as if this was some sort of dream.

"Moya sings very nice things about you," the little boy laughed. "She is very funny. I like her."

"Jack, you can speak to Moya?" John looked up at Ulric and Enra. Their smiles wilted with the question.

"Yup, just like dad."

John didn't look back at the little boy. "I…see." John cocked his head to the side as he continued to stare at Ulric. "We are full of surprises!" John's muscles tensed as he spoke. "So…ah…where's my father, Ulric?" John choked on the words as he spoke them and he saw the steely face descend on the Peacekeeper. It always amazed John how they could shut off their emotions like that.

Enra stepped between John and Ulric knowing this would be difficult. "Jack, let's meet the rest of Moya's friends, ok?" Enra shuffled Jack over to the others.

Ulric turned toward the ramp of the marauder and John followed after him. Ulric spoke very softly, but in the cavernous hangar his voice echoed, "John, your father's dead." Ulric turned back to face John, and his steely expression was gone. John was shocked by the emotions that Ulric's face displayed. "I am sorry, John, I have so much to tell you…"

John stood there unemotionally. He felt it in his stomach first, and he opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't. John was numb. He just stared at Ulric, feeling those rattlers in his stomach that his father always talked about. "Save it," he said, stepping back from Ulric. John's hand brushed against his pulse gun. "I want you off this ship." John turned and walked from the hangar. Aeryn watched him leave. She had seen John acting like this since his experience with The Chair.

Ulric did not look at the others, but disappeared into the Marauder. He returned a few microts later and walked back to the small group. Aeryn was shocked. It appeared that Ulric had been…crying? He stood next to her. "Officer Sun, could you please give this to John for me?" He handed her a blood-stained book. When she opened it, there were the strange human hieroglyphics that John's people called writing. She strained as her translators worked overtime to make sense of the scribbles. "This was John's father's?"

Ulric was not at all what the others had described to her. "Ulric, I think you should give it to him yourself."

"No…I am sure you heard him, he wants us off Moya." Ulric smiled painfully at Aeryn."I don't blame him, he asked me to watch out for his father." Ulric looked away from her. He had to clear his throat. "You are a Peacekeeper, I don't expect you to understand."

Aeryn smiled at him. If he only knew. She blushed slightly, "Ulric, I was a Peacekeeper, just like you." She grabbed his arm. "If Jack was anything like John, I do understand, and that's why I will not give him this for you." She tried to hand the book back to Ulric, but he ignored the effort.

Ulric walked back to D'Argo, Chiana, Jack, Zhaan and Enra. "Ka D'Argo, please take care. Good luck in your travels. Zhaan, I wish we had more time. Chiana, I am sorry we weren't here long enough for you to try and steal anything." Ulric smiled grimly at her, then looked painfully back at Enra. "It's time to go."

D'Argo blocked Ulric's path to the marauder. "John is not the captain of Moya, no one is. We are anarchy in flux," D'Argo laughed. "I wish…" He scanned the others. Chiana's smile said it all. "We wish for you to stay."

Ulric looked back at Aeryn. "We wanted to return something to John and we have done that. It is time to go." He stepped towards the Luxan, staring at the mighty warrior. "Please," he said unemotionally.

D'Argo stepped to the side and Ulric walked back up the ramp of the Marauder. Enra stopped at the base and looked back at them. "Good luck," she smiled.

Zhaan stepped forward. She was going to speak, but knew that anything she said would make no difference.

Jack smiled back at them, "Bye!" He turned and ran up the ramp making loud rocket sounds. Enra slowly ascended behind him.

D'Argo looked at Aeryn. "What is that?"

"It is a book written by John's father." The four of them headed back into Moya and the doors slowly sealed behind them.

Pilot's image appeared in the clamshell viewer in the maintenance bay. "They are leaving. Why?"

Zhaan walked up to the transparent blue image. "John asked them to leave."

Pilot was surprised. "That doesn't sound like him." He was distracted for a microt and then turned back to face the three, a smile filling his face. "We will see."

D'Argo smiled, "What are you planning, Pilot?"

Pilot spoke smugly, "I am planning nothing, Ka D'Argo."

DK walked down to his car when the sun was just peeking over the mountain range. Another endless night of searching had been completed. DK knew he should feel lucky to have this assignment with money so tight at Cal tech, but it kept him from his family. He found being alone raised memories of the past. Not a day would go by that he wouldn't think of John or, for that matter, Jack. He stood in the parking lot looking at his own reflection in his car window. It had been nine years since he lost John, and four years since Jack had gone after him.

DK had returned to the Farscape Program for two years after Jack had passed though the wormhole. Or, as it was now called, the Crichton Anomaly. He knew it was a cyclical phenomenon, but the world wasn't willing to wait. They wanted proof. They had tried to open the doorway, but it wasn't the right time. They lost funding, the program was scrapped, and DK returned to teaching at Cal Tech. He knew they would return some day.

As he drove down the winding gravel road from the old Palomar Telescope Complex, he was stopped by gray van blocking the winding route. He had a bad feeling as he stopped his car and got out. When he approached the van, four men jumped from the back. The first man fired a small weapon and DK felt the sting in his shoulder as he turned, trying to get back to his car. Everything slowed down. He was drugged! "No!" DK stumbled, it seemed his car was moving away from him. He fell to his knees and then to his chest. "Why, what do you…?" He watched as two of the men placed a lifeless body in his car. "What are you…" They came over and picked him up. "Get yourrr handssss…" He watched helplessly as they attached something to the side of the car, then pushed it over the edge of the roadway. DK saw the smoke coming up over the ridge. They dragged him to the rear of the van and was strapped onto a stretcher. "Why?" DK descended into darkness.

 USA Today Headlines
 Last Survivor of the FARSCAPE Program, Dr Donald Knetter, "DK", Dies in Tragic Car Accident While Returning from Palomar Observatory. Page 9.

One Mission
Teasa walked up to the huge gray doors. She had never been called to the Central Chamber before. The Central Command guards stopped her, and she handed her ident chip to the lead guard, who ran it through the reader while the other guards raised their weapons. From behind them the huge doors slowly parted. They lowered their weapons and moved to the side to allow her to pass. She entered the central hall. The chamber was dark save for the shaft of light that illuminated the Peacekeeper crest in the floor at the center of the hall. A quiet robotic voice commanded her, "Move to the center of the chamber and announce yourself." Teasa's stomach turned slightly as she entered. She walked proudly to the center of the illuminated red triangle and circle. "Commander Teasa Lan, Ravstar Division, Special Operations. I live to serve for the glory of all." She knelt gracefully.

"Welcome, Commander Lan," a voice from the darkness spoke. "Stand. You are among equals here." As Teasa stood, she noticed that the lights had raised slightly so that she could see the silhouettes of the Central Committee lining the circular hall.

"You have done well, Commander Lan. You've handled the Rebels on Delvia most efficiently. Your actions have brought to an end the movement of the New Moon of Delvia."

Teasa laughed to herself. If they only knew! They would never truly control the Delvians, no matter how many they executed. "I live to serve. "

"We have an new assignment for you. Do you know this being?" A holographic image of a Scarran, no not entirely Scarran. He was something else. He was a half-breed, an attempt from the Scarrans to understand the Sebaceans better.

She studied the projection. "No, I am not familiar with this creature," she said with a certain contempt. "He is a half-breed."

"His name is Scorpius. He is part of the Bridge Peace Accord." He has been doing research on dimensional travel in the Uncharted Territories.
Due to the erratic behavior of Fleet Captain Bialar Crais, Scorpius was given a field promotion to Captain of Command Carrier 1120-223-8722. He is searching the Uncharted Territories for a being that he says holds the key to wormhole technology."

"How did he gain command of a Command Carrier?" It was most unusual for any non-pure to make promotion to command. The image of an admiral being retired in a thermal chamber appeared. Teasa watched as the admiral descended into the living death.

"A bad decision made by the former Sector Chief of that region." You are here to rectify this situation. You will watch this Scorpius and when given the opportunity, eliminate this abomination."

Teasa smiled slightly. "What will the Scarrans say?"

"That is why we are sending you. We cannot damage the Bridge Peace Accord…yet. We are not ready. Do you understand?"

Teasa knew they were planning something big, but she also knew that it had nothing to do with her. She would follow their orders to the letter. She liked the idea of taking out the Scarran half-breed. "I live to serve." She bowed her head slightly as the door behind her opened again.

"Success to you, for the glory of all." The last voice spoke as the lights dimmed again. Teasa turned and walked proudly from the Central Chamber. She knew that if she played the game correctly, she would someday sit up there among them.

And So It Begins.
The TV flickered in the corner of the windowless suite.

HSN Today Headlines
Columbia Air Lines has grounded its fleet of Single Stage to Orbit space planes from service. A design flaw was discovered in a the scramjet manifold, Spokesmen from the FAA said in a news conference yesterday, Columbia Air Lines voluntarily grounded the fleet.. Safety is their main concern. Service to the International Space Station has halted. All sub-orbital flights from New York to Tokyo have also been canceled… "OFF!"




Barry sat back in the over-stuffed chair in his suite in the underground bunker at Groom lake. He lit a cigar and watched as the smoke slowly rose to the ceiling. Quietly each of the SSTO ships was being flown to Groom Lake. He mused, How easy the establishment was able to lie to the general public. Barbara I hope this is the right thing to do…


Moya does as she pleases.
John stood on the command tier monitoring the hangar. He watched as the Marauder prepared to leave Moya its three legs lifted from the deck and started to turn towards the exit hatch. It hovered for a long time, then set back down on its legs. "Pilot, why haven't they left?"

Pilot's image projected in the clamshell viewer on the side of the command tier. "Moya will not let the Marauder leave."

"What!" John moved over to the system controls. The copper rods were all inactive, and that meant that Moya was in complete control. "Can you override her control, Pilot?"

Pilot gave John a smug look. "Moya does as she pleases, Commander Crichton. I would have thought that you knew that by now."

"Pilot I can't deal with this…with him…right now." John had to grit his teeth to stay in control. He couldn't tell if it was all the drugs he was taking, the lack of sleep, the Delvian mind meld, or the frelling nightmares that was making him feel this way. He didn't care. He just couldn't deal with the loss of his dad right now. He had no more room in his head for that." You have to make Moya understand. He killed my father!"

"You know that's not true." Pilot raised higher behind his console. "Moya wishes them to stay." He looked at his friend for a long time. "John, you have to face him. You have to hear him out. There are things you should know."

John's head cleared and he stepped toward the clamshell viewer. "How do you know pilot?"

Pilot became slightly nervous. "Moya… she… knows a little of what happened to your father."

"What! How? No, no, no, never mind, I don't what to know how. Why didn't she tell me?" John said with more disappointment than anger. "Why would she keep this from me?"

Pilot's head lowered slightly. "She, we, found no right time. When she discovered it, you had just been through so much with Scorpius and his Chair." Pilot seemed to exhale deeply. "Then the Nebari, and don't forget the half cycle we spent running from the Scorvians. She felt the time would come when you needed to know. That time is at hand."

"So what other little things has our old girl kept from me?" John laughed sarcastically. "Don't tell me, she has a roadmap to earth that maybe some day she will finally tell me about!" Johns voice grew louder as his composure started to slip away.

"Commander Crichton…John…you and the others know more of the covenant between Pilots and Leviathans then any others in the galaxy. It is at great risk, all that we have shared with you. I am sorry, John. We are sorry."

John knew they had been through so much. It seemed strange, these feelings of mistrust that filled his heart. "Pilot, tell Moya that I don't understand, but I trust her." John calmed as he spoke. "I know she would never do anything to hurt me." He smiled sadly at the translucent blue image on the screen." Where are they?"

Pilot looked up at his friend. "They are headed for the center chamber."

"I am on my way." John walked slowly from the Command Tier.

Ray Wilson was sleeping so soundly that he did not hear the door to his cell open. The four guards entered silently. Ray woke to a hood being pulled over his head. He struggled briefly, knowing they were either removing him permanently, or they needed something from him. He laughed from beneath the hood as they locked restraints to his hands and feet and wheeled him out on a stretcher to the waiting gray van. Ray Wilson was at a turning point in his life.

 Mason Dixon Line Gazette
Today Headlines
Fiery Inferno at White Collar Prison
A fire last night at the Kentucky State Rehabilitation facility kills one inmate. The five alarm fire is believed to have started in a heat pump on the roof of the facility and spread to one cell block. One fatality was reported and four firemen were sent to the hospital with smoke inhalation. The name of the inmate has been withheld.

Former Colonel Ray Wilson woke slowly. As his head cleared, he realized he was lying on a large couch and he fought to sit up. Although his vision was still blurry, he tried to make out his surroundings. The lights were low, but he knew he was not alone.

"Well its about time…my God, man, how long were you planning to sleep?"

Ray knew the voice immediately. He let out a stifled laugh. "Barry! What the fuck!"

"Welcome to your new home." Then Barry moved over to the wall and raised the lights.

Ray's eyes took a minute to focus, but soon he was able to scan the large room. It was a hotel suite. But where? He looked back at Barry, but the tall thin blond just stood there smiling and smoking one of his infamous cheap cigars.

"Where are we, Barry?" Ray smiled. "No, don't tell me. Let me guess." He looked around the room. "Not IASA headquarters in Sydney…too nice. Pentagon…no, there would be guards present." He stood slowly because his legs still felt numb. The hotel room had no windows. "Wow, you must have sold your soul to the devil! We're at Groom Lake."

"Very good, Ray," Barry lauded. "I thought I was the first IASA member to be allowed on the base."

"Barry, they always say that…" Ray laughed a bit, then turned somber. "So, I take it the people signing the checks finally came to their senses about the wormhole?"

"Crichton Anomaly," Barry corrected him. "So, Ray, what's it gonna take to get you on board?" Barry sat in one of the overstuffed leather chairs across from him.

Ray smiled. He was being given a second chance. "First put out that stinking weed you call a cigar and then we can talk."


Staying for a little while
Ulric powered down the Marauder. "Looks like someone doesn't want us to go." He could hear Moya without opening his mind. Ulric looked at his son sitting in the acceleration chair next to him. Jack laughed at his dad, "Nope. She wants us to stay."

Ulric closed his eyes and listened. The feelings were strange, nothing like Lursa or Arcanum. Ulric felt a sense of need from Moya. He opened his eyes and looked back at Enra. "Moya wants something."

Enra looked at him with concern. "Remember what Tarf said. 'The more the exposure, the bigger the risk.'"

"Moya wants you to fix John, Daddy!" Jack stated as if Ulric should know.

"What!" Ulric turned back to face his son. "How do you know this, Jack?"

"She told me as we were leaving. She says John is broken and you can fix him." Jack's smile dimmed. "You can fix him, can't you, Daddy?"

Ulric looked at Jack, puzzled. "I don't know, son." He again looked at Enra." I think I am the last person in the universe that he would want to deal with right now."

She saw the guilt that filled Ulric's face. "You know, Uli, sooner or later you will have to come to the realization that nothing you could have done would have stopped Jack." She smiled warmly as the memories of the strange old man from a beautiful blue world filled her. "It was his destiny at Drathor Prime." Enra stood and unlocked Jack's harness. "You said it yourself. He isn't really gone."


End of part 3


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