Author: Karl
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Notes: Sequel to Progenitors
Summary: The Crichton's are reunited. But their reunion raises issues between father and son.
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The Stories of Jack Crichton: | Passage | Progenitors | Coming Home | Mars|
"These stories are dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Thomas W. 
and to anyone who has had to deal with the loss of a child."
Part I
John Crichton

A Call For Help

Jack sat alone in the galley, Enra and Ulric having gone to bed over an arn ago. He decided against heading to Pilot's den for another work session. It could wait. He picked up his logbook, and within a few minutes, lost himself in the words to his son.

Well John, we've come across two Leviathans, neither of whom was Moya. They seemed suspicious of us. We made a number of scans of them and Ulric wanted to try communicating directly, but he realized that it was too dangerous. We detected a third Leviathan yesterday and are closing in on it. Sometimes, it feels as if we're destined to travel through the Uncharted Territories for the rest of our lives. If only we could call all of the Leviathans together for a meeting.

Pilot has found what I was looking for in Lursa's memory and we have started building the bomb, which she assures me, will remain inert as long as the catalyst is not added. I don't mind admitting John, I'm finding keeping all this from my friends, is making me downright uncomfortable. I am recording all of this for you so that you can understand why I can't stay. I have to stop the Peacekeepers John ... before they unlock the Progenitor's Key.

He stopped writing and looked down at the page for a few seconds, then impatiently tore it from his logbook. No! I will not bring John into this. Their quest for Moya was beginning to wear on him and the creeping feeling of despair began to rear its ugly head once again. Jack rose from the table and headed for his work session with Pilot. He still found it incredible that Pilots never slept. When he arrived at his destination, he found the same two DRDs sitting on the side of his main console, the two cylinders sitting between them.

"We still need trassinium before the explosive is complete."

"Where do we find trassineneuam, or whatever it's called?" Jack was lousy with names. He remembered his first date with Carol - he'd kept calling her Karen. He smiled at the memory, his smile widening at the thought that despite the name swapping, she had still married him eventually.

"There was a T-type gas giant in a system we passed eighteen arns ago. We will be able to retrieve the amount we need there."

"What do we tell the others?"

"All Biomechanoids feed from different sources of stellar matter. Leviathans mainly feed from small asteroids and the atmospheres of planets."

"Amazing! So they are truly self-sufficient?"

"Yes, far more so than their shipmates." She looked at him, trying to gauge his reaction to her attempt at humor.

"I think we're spending too much time together Pilot." Jack smiled at her.

She was beginning to see what Lursa saw in this strange being. "I can say that Lursa needs to feed. It would not be far from the truth."

"Thank you, Pilot. Good night."

"Good night, Jack." She watched him leave her den. "And thank you for treating me as an equal!" She said softly when he was gone, then went back to work.

Pilot announced the next morning that Lursa needed to replenish certain consumables. Ulric was relieved that they were so close to the supply she needed. "Don't worry, Jack, we have all the time in the world. This will be a minor delay."

"Yes of course. It can't be helped." Jack hated lying to Ulric, but it was for his own good.

They reached the mammoth gas giant and Lursa swooped down, deep into the atmosphere. It was rather frightening as the increasing gravity of the giant pulled the three humanoids from their feet. All three were relieved when Lursa pulled up and returned to a high orbit above the beautiful blue giant.

Enra looked at Ulric and Jack. "I think next time Lursa gets hungry, I'll take the Marauder for a little trip."

"I think I'll join you." Jack said. He was glad he wasn't the only one who had been scared shitless by their dive.

That night in Pilot's den, the two bombs were completed. They fit snugly into the metal cylinders that Jack borrowed from Ulric's hidden supply of Phelep Nectar. He hated dumping out the delicious brew but would never drink it without Ulric.

"I will store these in my quarters until we need them."

"Thank you Jack Crichton. Lursa and I know they are in good hands."

He was about to leave when the thought came to him again. "Pilot, do Leviathans ever send out distress calls?"

"Yes, if one is injured or in labor why?"

"Do you think Lursa could send out a call for help?"

She stopped for a moment. "Yes Lursa will be happy to try. She will continue the calls though the rest of this sleep cycle."

"Terrific!" Jack looked up at the ceiling. "Happy fishing Lursa! Good night, Pilot."

Ulric's sleep proved to be restless - the sounds of Lursa singing of pain and injury quickly brought him fully awake. "Lursa!" He jumped from his bed, almost knocking Enra to the floor in the process, and sprinted to Pilot's den.

"Pilot, what wrong with Lursa?" His heart was pounding.

Pilot's head tilted slightly. "Nothing Commander Selton." She looked at him with a bemused and questioning glance - he was only wearing shorts. Then she realized. "The distress call… I did not think you would detect it!" She stumbled for something to say. "Jack is…ah…fishing?"

"He's what!?!" That frelling human!" He muttered, under his breath.

Pilot became suddenly defensive at Ulric's tone. "Jack thought if Lursa sent out a distress call, it might elicit a response from Moya."

"Another of Jack's ideas!" He stormed from Pilot's den and headed for a talk with Colonel Jack Crichton.

Moments later, an irate Ulric burst into Jack's quarters, causing Jack to sit bolt upright. He felt slightly disoriented.

"What...? Ulric? What's wrong....what's happened?"

Ulric stood there. "Jack! This is the last time! I have warned you. You are never to give Pilot a command again. Do you understand me?"

Jack's mind slowly revved up to speed. "Oh, don't tell me. Ulric, I had no idea that you would detect Lursa's distress call."

"I will not stand for this any longer!" He spat angrily through clenched teeth. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand Ulric." Jack answered calmly, rising from his bed. He came to stand face to face with Ulric. "Now YOU listen to me, Oh Mighty Peacekeeper. I would never, EVER, do anything to harm you, Lursa, Enra, or Pilot. And at some point you are going to have to start trusting me!" Jack became aware of a long hidden anger the likes of which he had not felt in a long time. "Get out of my quarters!" He moved closer, bringing himself within a hair's breadth of Ulric's face. "Now!"

"Okay, boys, that's enough!" Enra arrived at Jack's quarters just in time. She stepped between the two men, then turned to Ulric. "Pilot filled me in Ulric. Jack's idea is wonderful." She looked at Ulric with a dismissive glare. "I don't know why YOU didn't think of it Commander Selton. After all, Peacekeepers ARE superior to the rest of us." She turned from him before he could comment. "Jack. It was an ingenious idea, but you have to take into account the special link between Lursa and Ulric. If you don't, your ignorance could get us all killed." She stepped back from both of them. "I am going back to bed." She looked at Ulric. "My own bed. I would suggest you two do the same." She left them standing there, both too uncomfortable to speak. Without a glance, Ulric left for his quarters and Jack went back to bed.

Enra was the only one who got any sleep on board Lursa that night.


Human Reaction
John sat on the console across from her bed and watched her. You really fucked up this time, John. The words echoed again and again in his head. His stupid idea had almost gotten them all killed, and the guilt he felt threatened to consume him. It was all becoming too much; he just couldn't handle it any more.

Aeryn stirred and gazed up at John from the MediBed.

"Welcome back…for a while Zhaan wasn't sure if you were going to make it." The guilt swept across his face.

"What happened to the virus?"

"It's dead." Tell her the truth John, don't lie to her now. "So is Larraq."

She looked up at the ceiling "He stabbed me, didn't he?" She said in her famous stoic Peacekeeper tone.

"Yeah, but you got lucky - he missed your heart…"

Aeryn spoke in barely a whisper. "Closer than you think." She turned to look at him, and for both their sakes endeavored to change the subject. "So, the Peacekeeper base…"

John looked at the bloody pipe in his hands; the very pipe he had used to brutally kill the Peacekeeper doctor only hours ago. "We're getting as far away as we can…it's still out there. We don't know why…" His voice trailed off.

"What are you doing here anyway?" She tried to smile at John, but failed pitifully.

He fought back the tears, and cleared his throat. "I wanted to um…be…here." He forced out the final words.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Don't mention it." He tried to smile back at her, but couldn't.

"Why would I ever mention it?" She glanced at him then looked back to the comforting emptiness of the ceiling. She closed her eyes and was asleep.

John sat there, totally numb. It had been close. Too close. He swore to himself, he would never put his shipmates in danger again. An arn passed and still John hadn't moved. In his hands, lay the bloody pipe, a silent testament to its own gory past. D'Argo called, "Crichton. Moya has detected a distress call from an injured Leviathan."

"How does she know?"

"I don't know. Do I look like a Pilot?" he growled. "Get up here now!"

"Okay, okay, I'm on my way!" John left the MedBay and stopped off at his quarters to change. He removed the Peacekeeper uniform. He never wanted to see it again.

When he entered Command, Zhaan and D'Argo were in deep discussion with Pilot. "Regardless of what you want, Ka D'Argo, Moya is setting a course for the injured Leviathan. It is not in their nature to ignore the calls of a distressed Leviathan."

Zhaan spoke softly. "Pilot how does she know it's not a trap?"

"She knows, that is all…"

"How does she know?" D'Argo barked.

Pilot seemed to be experiencing pain from the questions. "They are … they are in … communication. That is all I can say."

John strolled up to them. "Pilot, how long?"

"Once Moya is ready to Starburst, it will be less than fifteen arns."

"What's the big deal? Let's go help Moya's friend." He tried to smile at them. "I'll be down in the MedBay if you need me." He turned and walked out.

"Crichton get back …"

Zhaan placed a restraining hand on D'Argo's arm. "Let him go, D'Argo, he has enough on his mind." She looked at the human as he left. I hope he can deal with all he has been dealt. She closed her eyes and prayed.

Twenty-seven arns later, Zhaan called John, who was still in the MedBay. He stood and stretched. "Yeah Zhaan, what is it?" He inquired trying to stifle a yawn.

"Could you come to Command? We are getting a strange communication from the injured Leviathan."

He looked down at Aeryn - she was so pale. "On my way."

He walked through the corridors, thinking of the conversation he'd had with Zhaan that morning.

"We must get her help, there is nothing more I can do for her." Zhaan's lips quivered. "She is dying!" He bit his lower lip. "We are going to that Peacekeeper Gammak Base. They can help her. There must be a way." As he walked, he pulled out the Ident Chip that Chiana had gotten off Larraq before he had escaped the ship in the Marauder. He turned it between his fingers. With this, Aeryn Sun, I will help you. He reached Command and placed the Ident Chip back in his pocket. "What's going on?"

D'Argo turned, glaring at him. "It seems that our friend out there is asking for you … by name!"

The hair on the back of John's neck stood on end. He moved to the center console next to Zhaan. The viewer showed the mysterious Leviathan orbiting a blue gas giant. Zhaan looked at him with a worried expression. "First they asked if we had heard of you. Then they asked to speak to you. Pilot says he reads three humanoids on board and he is trying to contact their Pilot."

"Pilot, anything?" John turned to the clamshell viewer.

"Their Pilot is receiving our calls, but is refusing to answer. It is most suspicious, Commander Crichton."

D'Argo moved next to John. "Pilot, how soon until we can starburst?

"Moya will be ready when she is ready! I have tried to explain that in her condition she cannot even tell when she has…"

"Yes! Pilot we know." He growled under his breath.

Zhaan moved next to D'Argo. "Thank you, Pilot. Please keep us informed." She shot D'Argo a disapproving glance before turning to John. "John are you ready?"

"As always Zhaan, no. But let's see what our friend wants anyway." He was tired of this crap - every day something else has to happen.

"This is John Crichton, who am I speaking with.

"This is Dasvalla Enra Talis of the Leviathan Lursa. Please set to visual com."

John pressed the com pad. He saw the main screen fill with the image of a beautiful woman. She was not human, but beautiful just the same. "Wow!" He exclaimed under his breath. Her haunting green eyes seemed to burn through him.

Zhaan exchanged glances with D'Argo. They knew at once what she was and it alarmed them. Zhaan whispered in John's ear. "She is a Vladic, be careful." John noticed that the Vladic was also talking to someone off the projection.

"What can I do for you … ah … " John was lousy at names on Earth; here he was pitiful.

"Enra will be fine." She smiled. "I have someone here who wishes to speak to you." She moved to the side of the main console. A man took her place.

As John stood there, anger filled him. D'Argo groaned from behind him in an exasperated tone. "Not again!"

Zhaan looked at John with a confused expression. "What is it, John? D'Argo, who is he?"

"Hello, John." The man's voice cracked and a small tear slid slowly down his cheek.

"I am done playing your games! Leave me alone!" He slammed his fist on to the console. The image of his father disappeared from the screen. "Pilot, turn us around. I want to get as far from that Leviathan as possible."

"But Commander…?"

"Just do it!"

D'Argo spoke up, "Pilot do as he asks, now!" He yelled.

The huge Leviathan turned and started moving away.

Zhaan was puzzled. "What's going on?" John stormed past her.

D'Argo looked at Zhaan; she had been lucky to stay on the ship when John, Aeryn, Rygel and he had traveled through the wormhole. "The image on the screen was of John's father." He sighed. "It's those aliens again, the same ones who projected the false earth that we encountered several weekens ago. He looked down the corridor. "It appears they aren't done with us yet."

A Little Talk with Moya
Ulric stood at the front of the command tier facing Jack. "Not the welcome I would have expected but at least you know he's alive."

Enra shot him a look of disapproval and moved next to Jack. "Look Jack. He's been out here for almost a cycle. It's obvious that he doesn't believe you really are his father."

Jack tore his eyes from the blank screen and absently brushed the tears away with the back of his hand. "Pilot, I want you to contact them; this time tell them everything." He cleared his throat and glared at Ulric "I have not come this far to stop now."

Ulric moved closer to him. "I understand, Jack, I just think we have to be careful. Leviathans that are threatened are dangerous. A pregnant one is even worse."

"Pilot, anything?"

"Yes, Jack. Their Pilot says he will pass the message on to John Crichton."

Jack looked at Ulric. "Do you think Lursa could talk to her?"

"Moya's pregnant, I don't think she is listening to anything. Leviathans move silently when they are with child. I am surprised that she would even answer a distress call in her condition."

"Could you contact her?" He knew this was dangerous but he was becoming desperate.

"No Ulric, you will not." Enra blasted. "Jack you told me yourself what happened to him. You can't expose him to that again!"

"Enra please, this is different. She is further away and I don't even know if she'll listen." Ulric held her. "I have to try."

She broke his hold and walked out of Command. "You frelling idiot. You are going to get yourself killed!" Enra knew they would try the link soon. She ran to the MedBay, found the trank gun and headed back to Command.

"She will be okay Jack. I'll help her understand."

"No Ulric, she's right, I can't let you do this."

"Oh? And just how are you going to stop me?" He grinned then closed his eyes, and listened. Not a sound from Moya. He collected his thoughts of Jack, his home, the wormhole, his being like family, their dealings with the Peacekeepers, and mulled the emotions in his mind. Jack was speaking to him, but Ulric ignored him. Moya please. We have come here for Jack to find his son John ... Earth ... Farscape 1 ... the wormhole ... family. He listened... Nothing. He started again. His son ... family ... a lost child ... searching ... Ulric tensed slightly when Moya responded. He felt a warmth of compassion that he had never felt in his own life. She understands. Moya knows. The link was severed. Ulric opened his eyes. He had a smile on his face.

Jack was standing next to him holding him by the arm. "Damn it! Ulric you need to listen to me. That was stupid. I don't want you to try anything like that again!" Jack let his arm go. "Understood?"

Enra was standing at the entrance to Command. She had been there during the entire link watching Jack. She found his concern for Ulric touching. She would never forget it.

She made a noise so they would know she was returning. "I brought a trank up from MedBay for your foolish link."

Ulric looked at her. "Enra please, it was important." A small trickle of blood dripped from one of his nostrils.

Jack turned white. "This is what I mean!"

"Save it, Jack! Your son is on that ship, not here!" He spat angrily, wiping the blood on his sleeve. He turned and stormed out of Command. He found the link with Moya most disturbing. Not in what Moya conveyed to him but the emotions he had sent her. He had been a loner his entire life. And now he was looking at Jack like family, like a father and it bothered him no end. He tried to dismiss the feelings but they persisted. Frelling human! You're not alone anymore Ulric and you know you like it! The sudden realization that this was true, dissipated the anger almost instantly.

Moya Knows
John stormed down to his quarters. He entered his room and just stood there. He was numb. He looked at the table where his recorder sat. In one swift motion, he moved to the table, picked up the recorder and threw it against the wall. The shattered remains scattered about him. The chime of the clamshell viewer broke the silence. "Go away Pilot, I am in no mood."

Pilot's image appeared anyway. "Commander Crichton, I am in communication with Lursa's Pilot. They are genuine in their claims. She assures me that Colonel Jack Crichton is on board that Leviathan."

He turned to Pilot with a sad grin. "Pilot, they can make you believe anything. Trust me. I know. I was there." He felt the despair of that encounter rise in him. "Now leave me the hell alone!" He growled as he walked out of his quarters and headed for the maintenance bay. Maybe there I can get some peace.

His link chimed and without a thought, he tore it off and threw it down the corridor, never breaking his determined stride. He was almost at the hangar when the ship shuddered, and John knew at once they had come to a sudden halt. "Now what!" He reached for his link but he realized he had gotten rid of it. He headed back up to Command.

He entered command right behind Chiana and Rygel. D'Argo was talking to Pilot and Zhaan was working on the back up system controls.

"What's going on?" He yelled over the others' questions.

"Wait your turn!" Chiana chirped. John just smiled at her as he passed.

"D'Argo what's happened? Why has Moya stopped?"

"Moya is not responding. Pilot has no control…"

"She has not only stopped but has reversed course." Zhaan added with a tone of despair.

"Pilot talk to me … What's happening?"

"Moya is convinced that your father is on that ship. She is blocking my commands."

"Can you stop her Pilot?" D'Argo said in his usual tone.

"I fear it could be damaging."

John walked to Pilot's viewer. "Pilot, I know how real they can make it seem. But it can't be him. You must make her understand!"

They closed on the other Leviathan. Moya joined Lursa in orbit around the gas giant.

"Well, now what?" John turned to face his friends. For once they all looked at him in silence.

"We wait." D'Argo pulled his Qualta Blade from his back and checked it.

"I for one, am going to the Galley. All this activity has made me hungry." Rygel turned and flew out of Command.

Zhaan looked at John. "I'll meet you in the docking bay. I want to check on Aeryn."

D'Argo and John started to leave the command area headed for the docking bay.

"What about me?" Chiana said as they were about to disappear from view.

D'Argo looked at Crichton then back at Chiana. "You are in command."

"Oh Great! The ship is not responding! Now you put me in command."

"Pip, that's the only time we would ever put you in command." He smiled at D'Argo and they were gone.

Farscape 2
Enra looked up from the scanner. "Jack look at this. Moya's returning."

"Put her up on main viewer." Jack had been deep in thought and was not paying attention. He walked over to her station. The huge Leviathan slowly entered orbit next to them. "Wow! She's even bigger than Lursa."

"Jack you realize that Lursa is a juvenile don't you? Moya is obviously an adult." She looked at him, puzzled, then reminded herself that all of this was still new to him.

"No. No, I didn't. That would explain … " His voice trailed off.

"Explain what?" She inquired.

"Nothing. It's not important." He looked at her for a long time. "Enra I am going over to Moya."

"Do you think flying over there in a Peacekeeper Marauder is a good idea?" Concern flooded her face.

"Who said anything about a Marauder?"

She looked at him with the same little grin she always wore when she knew the answer before she asked the question. "Jack you aren't going to fly that thing over there."

"We owe 'that thing' as you call it, a lot." He grinned back at her. "Farscape 2 will be far less threatening than anything else we have on board."

"Once I've had a chance to calm things down, I'll call you." He stopped. "Please Enra, if something goes wrong just get out of here." He looked somber. "Don't tell Ulric that I've left until I'm off the ship. You know how he hates my plans."

She nodded in understanding and as he moved out of range whispered, "I can see why. Good luck Jack."

As Jack headed for the hangar he passed Ulric, who was on his way to Command. "Jack, look I'm … "

"Save it Ulric." He tried to smile. "Enra is waiting for you in command."

"Where are you going?"

"I want to get the picture of John from my quarters. I'll be back in a microt." He turned and continued to the hangar. He quickly climbed into Farscape 2 and started pre-flight ... it had been a while. "Okay John, here I come, ready or not." He signaled Enra and the hangar was sealed and brought to a vacuum. Farscape 2 left Lursa for the last time.

Ulric was on the command tier when the signal came in. "Enra what was that?"

"Nothing. Why?" She turned to face him, trying to distract him.

He pushed her aside and looked down at the control console. "He didn't?"

"He did." She smiled at him. "He wanted to do this alone."

Ulric was not amused.

Chiana called down to the hangar "They are on their way. John. How many of your modules did you build?

"One why?"

"They are coming over in a ship that looks just like yours only bigger."

John looked at D'Argo. "Chiana, please lock on the image and send it down here through the viewer. Right pad halfway, Blue crystal to …"

"I know! I'm not a frelling idiot!"

John dropped his pulse rifle. He looked at the small ship as it made a final course correction.

"That…that ship is Farscape 2." A spark of hope ignited deep within his soul, and a grin slowly formed. Could it really be him? He looked up at D'Argo and his grin faded.

"John you know they could make you think it was a Niflatter if they wanted to." He had a pained expression on his face.

"D'Argo, you don't understand. Farscape 2 wasn't completed when I left. It was tied up in some funding BS. It … "

D'Argo looked at John with compassion. "I'm sorry, but if you knew about Farscape 2, they know about Farscape 2. They could have extrapolated that information."

John swallowed hard. "Yeah … You're right. I just never imagined they would ever have finished it after …" The tiny spark of hope had burned out before the conversation ended.

"John, in the future, please don't drop your weapon." D'Argo looked at him with a mocking glare.

He just looked at the big Luxan. "You know D'Argo you … " He stared up at him. "Forget it!"

Zhaan approached the two men as the hangar door started to open. She looked through the door toward Farscape 2. "John, isn't that like your ship?"

"Yes Zhaan it is." His jaw tightened as he watched the figure of a man exit the craft. John closed his eyes. He had hoped that the man approaching would revert to his strange alien form. Just as he had seen them in their nest. He opened his eyes. No, it's not your father. The Ancients didn't have enough fun fucking with your head the first time, so now they've come back for more. His grip tightened on the pulse rifle.

Jack walked up to the three of them. He slowly raised his hands in front of him as he noticed that John and the Luxan had weapons pointed at him. He had a hard time controlling himself. He wanted to grab John and not let him go. He cleared his throat and spoke tenatively, "Hello, John."

"Well you got us here. What do you want?" John asked angrily, raising his pulse rifle slightly.

Jack's hopeful expression faded. This is not going to be easy. What has happened to you out here son? "Okay, John. How can I convince you that I am your father?"

John's smile became cold and mocking. "Well let's see Jack! How long have I been gone?"

"That depends on your point of view. On Earth you've been gone approximately five years but you've been here about eleven months.

Five years? How is that possible?" He cleared the doubt from his mind. "That doesn't matter. Tell me your story Jack. How did you come to find me?

"John…" Jack felt the hope that he had carried with him throughout this voyage evaporate.

"Answer the fucking question!" John said harshly though clenched teeth. He raised the pulse rifle and aimed it at Jack's head.

Jack's mind was spinning. Start with family and close friends. He will want to know about DK, Cobb, and Alexandra. "Okay John." He took a deep breath. "There was a nasty cover-up after you were lost. The IASA fired DK and had Cobb killed after he threatened to expose their cover-up. Wilson took over as head of IASA security and watched DK and me for almost five years. They developed the Farscape 2 module as a black project." He looked at the steely eyes of the Luxan. "Let's just say I borrowed it."

John said nothing but the pulse rifle lowered slightly.

"Remember your payload specialist, Kathy Braun? She and DK are married and live in California. He got a fellowship at Cal Tech. They have a two-year-old son named John." Jack strained as the memories of the past flooded him.

John cracked a smile. "That DK. He fell for her years ago. They'd only started dating a week before the launch." He looked at Zhaan, who had a surprised expression on her face.

"No. I was there, son." He looked at John, puzzled. "We were all in Houston for the Mars Underground Consortium almost a year after you…" Jack looked down at the floor "They got together then."

"No, they started dating just before I left. They wanted to keep it quiet. The IASA had rules about…" John's voice trailed off. He moved a step forward. "Who won the two thousand and three Super Bowl?" John stared at the man in front of him as he lowered the pulse rifle.

"John there was no two thousand and three Super Bowl game. The year after you left fifteen thousand people were killed in Houston from a Seiren nerve gas attack during the Super Bowl. Sports are no longer played in stadiums. You can catch them live on vids only. It's not the same anymore son.

John swallowed hard. "What about Alex?"

Jack looked at his son. Pain swept over his face. No don't tell him. He's not ready. He cleared his throat. "There was a nasty annexing of India by Pakistan this past year; they lobbed dirty nukes at each other. They have now been quarantined by the UN until they can work out their differences. Their borders will remain sealed until…" Jack cleared his throat again." The Earth's population has dropped by almost one percent thanks to their little war." He paused. "See son, Earth seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket without you." Jack tried to smile.

"What about Alex?" He said louder.

Jack's lower lip quivered slightly. "John, Alex she…she was one of the fifteen thousand causalities in Houston. She and her…"

John seemed to wince at the answer. "No!" He looked at Jack and his eyes became glossy. "Dad… How did you get here?" His voice was no louder than a whisper.

"That is the longest story of all." He looked at the huge Luxan then at the Delvian. They seemed to be hanging on every word. Jack composed himself. "When you passed through the worm hole, it stayed open. One of the Peacekeeper battle ships, the Mordin, strayed too near its Event Horizon and was pulled through it to Earth.

Zhaan and D'Argo looked at each other simultaneously. They knew the Mordin had been with the prison transports before their escape. "John, the Mordin was part of the convoy we escaped from." Zhaan said in a soft tone.

"The Mordin's First Officer, Ulric Selton, stopped their attack long enough for us to use Farscape 2 to create a second worm hole that…" He was getting too choked up to talk. He wiped his eyes with his hand. "You see son, when I discovered that there was even a remote chance that you survived the passage though the wormhole, I had to come after you." He had to stop. He couldn't continue. It was as if the questions were draining the life out of him.

"Zhaan." John looked at her, his eyes glossed over with tears. "I would like to introduce to you …" He swallowed hard "to Jack Crichton, my father." He dropped his pulse rifle to the floor, walked over to his father and collapsed into his shoulder. The sound of John's muffled sobs seemed to pass through all of them.

Jack hugged John. "It's okay, Son." Tears streamed down his face.

Zhaan pulled D'Argo back into the corridor. "Give them time alone, D'Argo."

"I find it hard enough with one Crichton on board, but two will be totally unacceptable." He smiled at the beautiful blue priest in front of him.

Her smile widened when she noticed the smallest hint of tears in D'Argo's eyes. "Careful Ka D'Argo, your soft hearts are showing." They walked back up to command.

Part 2

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