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Karlsweb is always on the lookout for talented Guest Authors. If you're interested please email us to learn more.


What is Fictionally Challenged? These stories are written by more than one person. They can be variations on a theme or they can be round-robin types of stories. Additionally, they can be stories written by one Karlsweb author about another Karlsweb author's original characters.

John finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, once again. A vicious Scarren attack leaves him fighting for survival in the ruins of a ransacked planet with a Peacekeeper commando for company.


How does this challenge work, you ask? 1) Read part one. 2) Select one of the three alternate endings composed by three of the kweb staff writers.
Read Part 1 Read the ending by Karl Read the ending by Toadie Read the ending by AmyJ

What's That On Your Nose?

Kweb authors must use the phrase above in a short story.

Do you think you know the Farscape characters in each of these short stories?

Guess again...


Home by Karl

Mourning Thoughts by Toadie

Hunger Pangs by Toadie

Downtime by Karl

Worlds Collide

Kweb authors take each other's original characters for a "spin".

Acheron by Karl

What's a Vladic? 

Rachel Northway finds out. Click here.


Caedes by AmyJ
Unwelcome visitors, the end result of heartless Peacekeeper experimentation, board Moya, separating Aeryn from the rest of the crew.


Perfect Stranger by AmyJ
During her life as a prisoner of the Peacekeepers, the young daughter of Aeryn and John, L'Tan, encounters Ulric and Enra following the events in Mars (by Karl)

Serpent's Tooth

Same name. Different stories.

Read the story by Karl.


Read the story by AmyJ

The Sentinel

A robot brings trouble to Moya.

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Authors: Karl, AmyJ & Toadie

Rating: PG-13

Two Suns

Aeryn's long lost father visits Moya.

Authors: Karl, AmyJ & Toadie

Rating: PG


The Way of the Peacekeeper

Challenge: Kweb writers and a few guests were challenged with writing a story five pages in length.


Click on the author's names below to see their story: 





Caroline Womack

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