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 The Way of the Peacekeeper

by Toadie

The first thing to penetrate her unconscious mind was the sound of crackling electronics as they discharged their energy in ways their makers never intended. Next was the sharp acrid smell of burnt metal, soon followed by excruciating pain in her chest. She slowly opened her eyes, immediately squinting in the bright light. She was pinned underneath a support, unable to move. Slowly looked at her surroundings trying to piece back together the events that lead to her being in this situation. Her concentration was broken by the groan of shifting debris from nearby.
"Who's there?" she managed to wheeze, the support forcing her to take shallow breathes.

"It's me, Jon. That you Kalan? Are you ok?" as she heard these words she felt the debris start to shift around her as he moved towards her.

"What happened Jon?" relief evident in her voice at his survival.

"They must have had a anti-ship weapons platform hidden somewhere near our landing zone. They blasted us before we even had a chance to spot them."

"What about the others?"

Kalan was silent for a moment before replying. "The rest are dead. I can see them from here."

"Frell. What about communications?"

"I haven't had a chance to check yet, but from the look of the ship, it would be a fair assumption that they are dead. I'll go check them as soon as I get you out."
Jon reached out and started to move some of the larger pieces of wreckage off of her, as he did, he caused a cascade of smaller debris to start to fall. He yelled and leant over Kalan to protect her from them.

"I think you should leave me here and check on the communications console. See if you can raise a rescue party for us, you are not going o be able to get me out if here alone." She said grimacing in pain as the wreckage settled around her in a new an even more painful way.

"yes I think you might be right," he agreed taking in her suddenly pale face and contorted expression. "I go look now." With this he slowly made his way from her over to where the communications panel once existed.
"Damn. The frelling thing looks like its farbotsed." He considered the panel carefully. He reached down and pried the bent control panel off and studied its internal components.

"Karal, did you ever do the comms repair course at the academy?" he questioned in a careful manner.

"No, of course not. Why would I waste my time with that tech dren?" she spat back, the pain increasing to a level where her peacekeeper training was starting to fail her.

"Well I did, and if I remember correctly I should be able to fix this." He glanced over at the prostrate form of his comrade, buried under the wreckage.

"Well fix it then damn you." She growled. "But first give me something to knock me out till you are finished."

"Sure, just a microt while I try to find an aid kit." He glanced around at the surroundings, finally spotting a kit, half hidden under of the others bodies.
"Ok got one." He opened the kit and removed a injector pre-loaded with a powerful sedative, designed to knock out severely injured peacekeepers to prevent them dying from shock. He carefully made his way over to her and administered the dose into her neck.

He sighed as he watched the drug take effect and knock Karal out. He smiled down at her gently and smoothed back her hair from her face, before bending to kiss her gently on the lips.
"Don't you worry I'll get us out of this," he whispered to her, even though he knew she could not her him.


After several arns of work he got the comms panel working and reported the situation to command. He was shocked to hear that the offensive had taken a severe set back and no ships were available to help for at least 20 solar days.
"but we are both injured and only have rations for another 10 solar days. We will be dead before your help arrives." His voice was full of agony as he contemplated his options but deep in his heart he knew realistically there was only one way out of the situation.

"Then you will have to follow peacekeeper protocol in this matter." The calm, cold and unfeeling voice said. Echoing his fear.

A groan from Karal alerted him to the fact that she was awakining.

"Very well, Officer Jon Savar out." He cut the comms channel and moved over to Karal. He sat beside her carefully, and stroked her hair as she swam her way back to consciousness.

"Did you get the comms working?" were the first words out of her mouth upon reaching full consciousness. She stared up at his face with the sad smile and deep hazel eyes full of compassion.

"Yes I did my love." He replied to her and watched as she jumped slightly at this expression of the relationship between them. A puzzled look stole over her face as she contemplated her answer.

"They won't make it in time to save me will they" she said in a quite voice, looking deep into his eyes.

"No they won't, it will be twenty solar days before help will arrive at the earliest and we only have supplies for ten. He watched as she done the math, horror stealing over her expression as she put together the pieces of information and came to the same conclusion he had earlier.

"No Jon, please there must be another way. You must find another way." She pleaded with him. He stared at her for a moment, as if trying to map her features onto his brain for eternity, before standing slowly and removing his pulse pistol from the holster.

"You know it has to be this way. If we both die, then we die for no reason, If I live then I can avenge your death. And I will I swear to you. I'll kill all the rebels responsible for your death." He took a pace back and aimed his pistol at her.

"But why?" she screamed at him

"Because it's not the way of the peacekeepers" he replied coldly.

And the last thing she seen was the flash from his pulse pistol firing.