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 The Way of the Peacekeepers

By Karl

Kyle stepped up close to the transparency. He could feel the cold of space just beyond. He looked back at the Dat Com - he still had four arns until his duty cycle started. "Come on, Reana, you have never been late for anything in your life." Time had seemed to stop since the news leaked to him. He had come to the overseers position where he could be alone, undisturbed, to wait for the news… He looked out at the Frag cannons that loomed on the firing ring, far enough away that they seemed to bleed into the background of deep space. Only the sight of a star disappearing behind them gave their positions away.

Something had changed in him since he received the news from Reana half a cycle ago. This was not his first, nor would it be his last but it was different this time. Was it due to how he felt about Reana or because of what they together had done? He felt alone, questioning everything. He pressed his forehead against the transparency. "Why…"

Kyle had always done as he was asked. Never questioning an order, he had climbed his way to the position of chief weapons officer on this destroyer, a position he had held as the center of his life until now. "For the glory of all!" he spat, not as his mantra anymore, but as his curse. He pushed off from the transparency and started to pace the small room.

He had lived his life proudly according to the way of the peacekeepers. Everything was different now. He had tried to talk to Reana but she grew frightened of his ideas and Kyle knew not to pursue them further. He would make one more attempt when the time was right.

His com chimed. "Private link activated." His heart was racing as he answered, "Yes!" speaking louder then he intended.

"Lieutenant Kyle Sirus, it's over," the voice whispered.

"Well?" Frelling Reana always playing games! His heart skipped a beat as he waited for her response.

"Just come, you'll see." The warm chuckle that ended the transmission was enough to reassure him. He quickly made his way to a core shuttle and headed for the infirmary.

Kyle could tell by the expression on the doctor's face that he did not approve of him being here as he reluctantly pointed in the direction of the Replacement Center. Kyle was not the first nor would he be the last who wished to see what they had created. He walked to the large monitoring station and there they were. PK 1109-00922-334 and PK 1109-00922-335

He looked down at them. "Girls!" Kyle whispered as a smile crept across his face. He wanted to reach through the sterile field and touch them, but being here just to see them was dangerous enough. They slept peacefully in their cubical, fortunate to be born during a time of planned expansion where every birth was considered important. High command still looked down on natural births as an uncontrolled variable in their future stock of soldiers. But with the planned conflict coming they needed every soul. This thought soured Kyle's mood as he looked at his sleeping girls. No, not for you. You will both have better.

The PK Med Tech on duty approached him. She spoke softly. "Congratulations, Lieutenant Sirus," He noticed a smile come to her face.

Kyle beamed proudly. His internal struggle was over and he knew what he must do, but he could trust no one. The feeling of being alone pounded in his chest. "How's Reana… ah, Lieutenant Dunn?" Kyle struggled to regain his cool facade.

The Med Tech raised her Dat tablet and pulled up the files.

"Lieutenant Dunn is fine, she will be released to duty in the next half arn. I will say that it isn't very often we see dupes on board," studying the lieutenant carefully. "They will be leaving for the Delcar training facility within twenty-six arns. You will be happy to know that they are both rated over 6.8 cognitive and 7.1 physical. Amazing really, considering that they are naturals." She smiled at Kyle, testing him, to see what his true felling were before she continued. "With scores like that they will be on the fast track to Central Command." She giggled proudly as if she had something to do with it. "I won't be surprised if they make Ravstar regiment by the time they reach twelve cycles." She watched him more closely, making mental notes of his reactions.

Kyle maintained his cool expression as he looked back at his little girls. Yes he knew what he needed to do, and he only had twenty six arns to do it. Finally he broke the stare of his daughters and turned to face the PK Med Tech, smiling slightly. "For the glory of all. That is wonderful news." His stomach turned as he uttered those words. "Well, I have seen them. Now where's Reana?" He started to walk past her towards the central corridor of the infirmary.

"Lieutenant Dunn is in chamber 114 across the central hallway. You are welcome to come back to see them again if you like."

The offer stooped him in his tracks and he looked back over his shoulder. "No, that is not necessary." Kyle feared his expression would give him away, but the tech didn't seem to notice. As he slowly walked down the corridor to where Reana was, he hatched his plans for their escape.

He walked into Reana's room. She sat on the edge of the cot and had been staring off into the corner of the chamber as he entered. She slowly looked up at him and there was something in her eyes that told him he was not alone in his plan. Wordlessly they embraced. They were no longer going to follow the way of the Peacekeepers...