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Hunger Pangs
By Toadie

He was hungry, but that was nothing new. He was always hungry, always looking for an opportunity to eat. As he floated along, eye open for any chance to snurch some food, any food. If it was organic he would try it.

Others didnít understand him, thought of him at best as a novelty at worst, an irrelevance to be avoided at all costs. It wasnít his fault, it was just the way he was. They simply just didnít understand he was simply being what he was, what he was brought up to be.

With a mental sigh he floated on, ever on. He was lonely but that was nothing new, he was always lonely. Space around him could be filled with beings and still he would be alone, he hadnít seen one of his own kind for so long that he almost forgot what it was like to be with others of his kind, almost forgot what he looked like himself.

On he went, being ignored, snatching food and gorging himself when he could. He had been hungry for so long, cycles, he had learned the hard lesson, eat when you can for you never know when your next opportunity will be.

To be perfectly honest he didnít really mind being lonely, he liked being on his own, but he didnít like being ignored like he was an irrelevance, a nothing. He was magnificent, one of the grandest of his kind ever to exist and yet they paid him little attention.

As he drifted along, he saw it. Scurrying towards him, obviously it hadnít noticed him yet. So he slowly moved towards it, trying hard not to scare it away, not that it would escape anyway, but it always paid to be circumspect with prospective food.

Ahh, it had noticed him finally and was scrambling to escape.

Too late my tasty morsel, he thought as he scooped it up into his mouth.

Mmmmmm, Leviathan, my favorite.


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