by Karl

He sat back, allowing his body to rest against the slightly warm wall of the Leviathan; he could not recall the last time he had a chance to relax. 

His hand slid past his pulse gun to the bench. Peace

He thought back to the last time he had truly rested and the grin faded as he realized how much time he had spent here in the Uncharted Territories.  He moved his thoughts into a less depressing direction. All else faded away when he thought of her. None of it seemed to matter. She had a power that he could not explain. In the time had spent with her he knew one thing, that he did not ever wish to leave her.  

Aeryn Sun was an enigma; there was something about her that he just could not figure out. Some things are better left unknown. A smile returned to his face as he thought of the beautiful solder who seemed lost among her own kind. A fleeting notion of being with her allowed his mind to wander where it hadn’t in what seemed like cycles. 

“Yes, Aeryn, I wonder if you would be interested?” He said aloud as he slowly reached forward for the green metallic glass bottle of Fellip nectar on the bench in front of him. 

He slowly poured more nectar into his glass, enjoying his down time. Nothing rushed him, not now. He raised his glass to his lips, spilling the liquid as his Coms chimed.

 “Larraq!” The odd accent of the captain rang false somehow. Larraq could not put his finger on it, but this captain of Moya was hiding something. As long as it did not affect his mission Larraq didn’t care. 

He hit his worn com. “What is it captain?” he said, making sure his mocking tone was noticeable. 

“We request you presence on the command tier.” The strange captain seemed to stumble over his words. 

Larraq was heading out the hatchway of the center chamber by the time he responded “On my way.” His downtime had come to an end. 



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