Author: Karl
Rating: PG - 13

I wish to thank Browny of the great (Browny's Farscape Page) for her input and help. I would also like to thank Firefly and Quiltlady for the tedious task of Beta-ing my story. If you like this story try Passage you will find a lot of crossover between both stories.

Summary: If given the chance to change one event in your past, would you?
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Part Three
Checks and Balances

For the Glory of All!

Aeryn walked down the long corridor to the captain's office. She felt a strange feeling in her stomach. She placed her hand in the genscaner at the entrance. As the door opened the last bit of moisture in her mouth evaporated. She walked through the door and stood at attention. Sitting on his throne chair was Captain Crais.

"Welcome, Officer Sun, right on time."

Aeryn saw through the fake smile on his face. She could not understand the feelings that arose in her. She had always felt at home here, but suddenly being in Bialar's presence scared her; all she wanted was to escape-to get as far from him as possible. These thoughts betrayed her training and she struggled to keep control.

"I have a special assignment for you, Officer Sun. Excuse me, Commander Sun. An old friend of mine, Admiral Alious Cryton of High Command, to whom I had owed a number of favors, has called them in all at once." Crais tried to act as frustrated as possible. "You see, Commander, his son Jon was injured in the rebellion on Delvia sixteen weekens ago. He suffered severe head trauma and the medics were to terminate him, but you know the pull officers from High Command have. He was saved, but it appears he has irreversible brain damage, making rehabilitation very difficult. Admiral Cryton asked me to oversee his training and I had assigned my brother to the task. He has done an adequate job, but to be truthful"- Crais stood and walked around his desk to seem as earnest as possible-"I don't believe a bit of it. I think Jon Cryton is a spy from High Command." He watched as Aeryn gave him a questioning glance. "A question, Commander?"

"How do you know he's a spy?"

"I don't, that's why you are here. I have reassigned Tauvo to fighter duty and you will take his place in Jon's rehabilitation."

"Why me?"

"You were the highest scoring applicant this cycle, you are most suited for the job." He walked back to his desk. "I have made my decision. Do you have any other questions, Commander Sun?

"No sir, I live to serve."

"Good. If you do well, Commander, you will get your crack at commando training. And more!" He smiled, and he was about to tell more when…

John stormed into Bialar's office. "What the Hel…Frell is going on, Captain!" He looked around when he realized the captain was not alone. He turned slowly. The hair on the back of his neck rose as he saw her. Her presence seemed to permeate the room.

"Aeryn!" He said lightly.

She refused to react. But Aeryn's head jerked slightly as that feeling of familiarity came over her.

"Captain Cryton! This is not how I expect you to act in front of your new first." Bialar enjoyed John's displeasure over his assignment.

"My first?" John looked back at Bialar. "Look, Captain Crais, I don't understand. What is the meaning of all this?

His question was interrupted as Tauvo entered Bialar's office. He was about to speak when he noticed that his brother was far from alone.

"Will you excuse us a monen, Commander Sun?" Bialar stood from his desk and looked at Tauvo with an angry glare. "Tauvo, I will speak to you as well."

"Yes, Captain." As Aeryn walked to the door, she looked back at John. He turned and looked at her again. An image of her being stabbed flashed in his mind. John shuddered.

He broke his stare as she walked from the office and the door closed behind her. John looked back a Bialar. "What have I done? Why are you transferring me?"

"Bialar what game is this? I just went by the lab and it has been cleaned out."

"Yes. Tauvo and you should have found your new orders already. I will check with Teeg on what happened to them." He smiled at his brother. He could not explain the joy he found controlling these peoples lives. "All your gear, John, is being moved to your new ship. " He smiled sarcastically at John. "And as for you, my brother, you will return to your assault wing."

"Bialar, why? What the…"

"That is enough. Tauvo, you are dismissed!

"No, Not until I get some frelling answers!" Tauvo exploded back to Bialar.

Bialar was shocked at Tauvo's emotional outburst. He looked at his brother for a long time before speaking. "Tauvo, you will do as I say or I will forget my promise to you. Bialar stepped back towards John. "Do you understand, Tauvo?"

"You wouldn't…you already gave me your word!" Tauvo looked at John, then back at his brother.

Bialar smiled sickly at Tauvo-he had won… Again! "Dismissed, Commander Crais."

"Hey! Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on!" John looked at Tauvo who could not look up at him.

Tauvo turned and started to leave but he stopped at the hatch and looked back. "I am sorry, John, good luck to you." He exited Bialar's office with a hatred for his brother he had never felt before.

"Bialar, why?" John spoke in quite an even tone.

Bialar walked back to his desk, it was time for the truth. "Cryton, I don't trust you. I can't explain it. You are dangerous." He granted John a dangerous smile. The defeat of Tauvo seemed to empower Bialar more. "I will allow you to continue your research on getting home, but not here. I am giving you Moya. Commander Sun will run the ship and you can sit back and work on a way to get yourself home. As long as you transmit progress reports on a regular basis you will be free to do as you please." He looked away from John. "You know, I could have killed you at any time." He looked back to see John's expression. " But I gave my word to Tauvo to save you. Well, I have done that."

John was not all that surprised by what Bialar said but he couldn't understand what he had done to get this reaction from him. He had to clear his throat. "I still don't understand. Why? What have I done?"

Bialar smiled at John. "For the Glory of All! You really don't know, do you?" He laughed sickly. " You have been a bad influence on my brother, John. Don't you see? You have contaminated him with your alien ideas. I will not stand for this. I have worked too hard making him who he is for some alien to come along and frell it up!" Bialar hit the com. Commander Sun, come back in please."

Aeryn walked in eyes forward, looking at the wall behind Bialar's desk. Bialar stood and picked up a transparency. "I transfer the command of the Leviathan, Moya, to the control of Captain Jon Cryton. Congratulations!" Bialar smiled, as he was about to be free of this alien. Or so he thought. "Here are your official transfer documents. The command carrier will be leaving shortly. It would appear that we have lost communication with the Morden. Once Moya is ready, you will follow. We will rendezvous at 090-009-234. Your crew is waiting for you on Hangar 127. I would suggest you pack your things, you don't have much time. Dismissed!"

Aeryn turned and exited Bialar's office but John stopped at the doorway. He did not look back at the captain. "How do you know I wont tell anyone my dirty little secret, Bialar?

Bialar sat back in his chair. "Because, John Crichton of the planet Earth, you would only destroy any chance at getting home." His smile widened." But you bring up a good point. If I don't get useful information from your wormhole research, I know a number of facilities that can extract the information from you physically. Dismissed!"
Bialars words triggered an image of the chair-it was a hellish image and John stumbled out of Bialars office. That flash of memory dissolved away as John made his way back to his quarters. Waiting there was Devon Tarf.

Hangar 127
John walked past Devon without speaking to him. He could not even make eye contact with him. John walked into his cell and collected what few belongings he had. Devon stood in the doorway. "I suppose you'll be cutting that thing off?"
John looked up from his belongings to Devon. "What?"

"Your ponytail. Now that you have a command of your own, you don't need to show Bialar any respect." John had started growing the ponytail, a suggestion of Devon's, as a sign of respect and appreciation for all that Captain Crais had done for him.

"No, Devon, I think I'll keep it. I still owe that whack job my life."

"Whack job?" Devon looked questioningly at John.

"Ya, you know Devon, Wacko, Psychopath, Crazy. Look in the fuckin' mirror if you need a translation!"

Devon walked into John's cell. "John, I am sorry. You have to understand, in my position…I could not tell you anything."

John turned and faced Devon. "Don't give me that crap! You are a man, Devon, not some subservient slave! Speak your mind!" He turned back to the small bag he was packing. "Sooner or later you're gonna have to have some balls."

"This is why you are being sent away, John. It's these ideas of yours, there dangerous. Don't you see." Devon looked down at the floor. "No, you can't see…"

"What I see, Devon, is a man afraid of tasting freedom, because once he does he knows he can never go back!" With those words Devon walked from the cell. He stopped briefly to say something, but he seemed not to have the will.

John collected his things and walked out into the operating theater, pausing briefly at Devon's desk. He pulled the IASA logo that he had gotten off of the remnants of his flight suit from his pocket . He placed the patch onto Devon's desk. "Good-bye, Devon." He walked out of the operating theater without looking back. Quietly, in the shadows of the huge room, Devon Tarf stood. With a heavy heart he walked to his desk and picked up the alien artifact. He had not felt sadness like this for as long as he could remember. " I am sorry, John."

The Marauder sat on floor of the hangar. A big squat looking thing with none of the style of the Prowlers. From what information John had been given he knew this ugly little beast was the backbone of the Peacekeeper arsenal. They were being given one for Moya. John had hoped to get a couple of Prowlers, but the requisition was for only one marauder. He had fallen in love with the Prowler the first time Tauvo brought him out in one. He had wanted to try solo but Tauvo was always worried that it would draw attention to him.

Standing in front of the Marauder was his crew, three solders and one tech. As he approached they came to attention. From half the flight deck away John could tell that none of them were happy to be there.

Commander Sun stood in front of them.

"Are we ready, Commander?"

"Yes, Captain." She would not make eye contact with John no matter how he tried. "I will introduce you to our crew." She turned her back to John and moved back to the line. "Captain Cryton, this is Lieutenant Dillen Jex."

"Lieutenant." John nodded slightly and moved to the next soldier.

"Captain Cryton, this is Lieutenant Makus Trentin."

John approached the soldier. It was more like approaching a wall. This guy is huge, at least six- eight. John looked back at Aeryn. "Wow! Someone ate all their vegetables when they were a kid."

Aeryn looked at John, puzzled by the comment.

"Lieutenant." John nodded slightly

Aeryn stopped briefly in front of the tech. "This is our Tech, Captain." Aeryn turned back to the others. "Load up."

"Excuse me, Commander Sun." John was not surprised by Aeryn's actions. He had seen it enough throughout the command carrier. "This tech is part of our crew, I expect that she will be given a proper amount of respect."

Aeryn seemed slightly stunned. "Yes... Captain!"

John turned back to the Tech. "Captain Jon Cryton. Your name is?"

"Marin Rac, PK Tech Second Class, Biomech support. Sir!"

"Welcome, Tech Rac." John looked back at Aeryn and the two other grunts. They seemed suspicious of John's treatment of the tech. "Are you waiting for something? Move out!" John grinned as they scrambled to pick up their things and headed up the ramp of the Marauder. John slowly walked up the ramp after them. "Yup. Life is good."

The Marauder circled the beast once then docked into her huge hangar. As John made his way from the flight deck the crew stood at attention near the exit ramp waiting to follow their new captain down the ramp to their new ship. John stood uncomfortably in front of them as he waited for Aeryn to finish shutting down primary systems on the flight deck. John walked down the ramp to the floor of the hangar. He stood there. "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." The others followed down the ramp and stood in line at the base of the Marauder. "Welcome to your new home." John couldn't think of anything else to say. He wished Tauvo were here. At least his approving stares or nods were a help. But here he was alone. "Commander Sun, please assign duty cycles."

He watched as she effortlessly took over for him then he moved off looking at the cavernous hangar. "Move over, Jonah, here comes John Crichton. And what a whale!" A tech approached John as he stood gawking, as Devon called it.

"Excuse me, Captain Cryton ,everything checked out. The techs are finished with the repairs." John looked back at the tech. It was Vollis.

"Tech Vollis, right?"

Keeping his eyes to the floor, Vollis said, "yes, Captain." He looked around at the others; they were busy removing their gear from the marauder. "Tauvo's gift has been stored in bay 6. Your Genscan is the only one that will access it."

"Thank you, and thank Tauvo for the gift." He looked back at the others then back at the tech. "Keep a watchful eye on Tauvo for me."

"Yes sir." He looked up at John. "Good luck on your project." He turned and headed for the remaining Marauder in the hangar.

John moved back to the group unloading the supplies. "Commander Sun, I wish a tour of our new assignment."

She looked up from her colleagues. "Captain, we need to unpack the…" She hated him, she could not understand these feelings, they were most distracting. She had to concentrate on what she was going to say. "We need to set up a duty roster and assign quarters."

John smiled at her as he approached. "Excellent. We can do that as you show me around. The others can handle the unpacking." He stepped back "Come!" John was in full Peacekeeper swing at this point. He was about to refute the order as Aeryn stormed past him. The large pressure door opened at their approach.

She did not stop walking "This is maintenance bay 2, the primary access from the hangar to the ship. We are now on tier seven, mid section." She walked toward the large pressure door and it swung towards her. "This accessway takes us forward to the command and habitation areas of the ship. Down this way takes us to the holding cells."

"Aeryn! Hold it! Aeryn, will you slow down. I want to talk to you!" John continued to chase after her. "Commander Sun, I order you to stop!" With that, like an obedient dog, Aeryn stopped in mid stride. She struggled to keep her composure to keep from tearing this strange man apart. "We need to talk."

"May I speak freely, sir?" she spat as she looked forward.

"Yes, Aeryn, of course!" John tried to soften his tone.

You are my commanding officer. I will do as you ordered, but there is a line. My name is Commander Sun! You and I are not familiar, nor will we ever be! You will use the appropriate name, do you understand me, Captain Cryton?"

John stepped back slightly. "Ya… I get it, but you're wrong Aer… Commander Sun. I can't explain it but I do know you. I have seen your reactions to me, you have had the same feelings." The anger started to grow in him because he didn't know how to reach her and he wasn't sure if it was a good idea to try. He could end up in one of the cells below.

"My feelings are my business!" She looked away from him, afraid that her eyes would betray her.

"Do not lie to me, Commander Sun. Something is going on here and you know it!" He turned to leave down the adjoining tier. He stopped and spun around. "Oh, and another thing. Don't take my interest as some form of sexual advance." John started to smile as he spoke. "I'm just trying to figure out what the fuc… frell is going on!" The feeling overpowered him again as he started to laugh. He felt it in his soul, they had had arguments like this before.

"What are you laughing at?" Aeryn finally looked at him. She felt it too and a small grin started to form on her face. She tried to break his stare but couldn't. She wanted to run away; she felt exposed in front of this man. A full-blown smile filled her face. It melted away quickly as the worlds left her mouth. "You are not Sebacean!" She said in a whisper as flashes of insight burst in her memory.

That comment stole the laughter from John. It was as if he had been kicked in the stomach. He was right; she really did have the same feelings, same flashes of insight. He really wasn't alone in all this. He took a few steps forward.

"Erp! You are from a planet called Erp!"

"That's close enough." John stood there in front of her. uncomfortable and feeling vulnerable. John had gambled by trying to get her to open up. It had worked but he was not sure if he could trust her. "How about finishing the tour?" They walked silently towards command. John stopped and looked at her. "I think we should keep this to ourselves, wouldn't you agree, Commander Sun?"

"Yes, Captain!" Aeryn felt drained by the emotional experience and she still had no idea what it all meant. She quickly realized one thing. She would not mention any of this to Captain Crais in her confidential reports. It would be dangerous for her own career, her own life!

Pilot, Zhaan, D'Argo, and Rygel
They made there way to the command tier and Aeryn showed him the different stations. She found it strange that he could hold the rank of captain and have no knowledge of Leviathan mastery. Aeryn pointed to the central station. "The central control station has been fitted with a Peacekeeper control node. It is the interface to the control collar fit over the forward section of the upper hull. It also administers the nutrients to the Leviathan." Pilot's image appeared.
John was startled by the image. He turned back to Aeryn. "What's that?"

"What?" Aeryn looked at John then back at the holo emitter. "The image is of Moya's pilot."

"The crab fly's the ship?"

"I am sorry, Captain, I do not understand." Aeryn was getting frustrated with John. He was asking so many questions, yet he did not listen to a word she was saying. But even with this frustration, she drew comfort from it. How strange?

"Never mind, Commander Sun!"

"Pilot, I would like to introduce Captain Cryton."

"Hello… What's its name?

"It's a he, and he goes by Pilot."

"That's original." He turned back to the holo emitter. "Hello, Pilot, it is nice to meet you."

"Yes, Captain Cryton, it is…nice to meet you as well." The smirk on the strange creatures face told a different story. His image disappeared leaving Aeryn and John uncomfortably alone on the command tier.

John looked at Aeryn again. "You don't believe your own feelings, do you?"

She looked at this strange man again. "You are not a spy from High Command," she said as more of a statement then a question.

"You tell me." He smiled back at her.

"No-you're no spy." She grinned and bit her lip. She knew better than to go any further. "Would you like to meet our prisoners, Captain?"

"Yes, Aeryn, I would, and how about calling me John?" They headed back into the corridor.

"I feel it would be inappropriate." Aeryn stiffened as they walked, fearing the feelings she had. Yet she feared more what would happen to her if she reported what she knew.

"You are probably right, Commander." He looked forward as they walked down to the cell tier. "I noticed in the log we are only carrying three prisoners, the ship can hold over two hundred."

"They are political prisoners and these are always transported separately from the others."

They rounded the corner to the first cell. Aeryn turned to the lock display next to the door. "This is prisoner 211-778-990-9330-3390 P'au Zotoh Zhaan, Delvian. Killed the leader of her home world. Sentenced to life 09210-9201."

John peered into the cell. She stood as Aeryn read her sentence. John stood in amazement at the beautiful blue woman who stood to greet them. John could not help but stare at her. Zhaan moved closer to the door and spoke quietly.

"By the Goddess, the dreams were true." She moved quickly to the cell door, fast enough to startle John. He jumped back as if fearful of being attacked by the exotic creature. "Who are you?" she almost seemed to plead to John.

John looked at Aeryn who seemed unaffected by the outburst. "I… I am John… I am Jon Cryton, the new captain of this ship." He felt that disorientation again and tried to hold the Peacekeeper facade as he spoke. He knew Zhaan, as well, but he knew better then to let Aeryn know. He was still worried at whether he could trust her. "Let us move on Commander."

They arrived at the next active cell. In the center of the cell was a MediBed similar to the one in John's old cell back on the command carrier. "This is prisoner 141-878-222-7123-5657. Ka D'Argo, General, Unified Luxan Defense Guild. Killed superior officer, transferred to Sebacian jurisdiction under treaty 1134. Sentenced to life 09210-9209."

"What is wrong with him?"

"He was injured in the recapture. It was recommended that he remain sedated until we reach Taran Rau."

John placed his hand on the lock and the door opened. He stepped across the threshold looking at the strange alien. He turned slowly to Aeryn. "Wake him!"

"I cannot, Captain. Orders were given by Captain Crais."

"Commander Sun, I want him woken up now!" John was surprised by the ease with which he was able to slip back into his Peacekeeper alter ego.

She stepped through the doorway and approached the tranquilized Luxan. She pressed the plate on the side of the Bed. "It will take three to six arns for him to wake."

John did not look up at her. "Good, now we have one more guest to check in on." He headed out of the Luxan's cell with Aeryn following behind him.

She locked the door and looked back at the Luxan again. The nervousness in her stomach grew exponentially. She knew him. Aeryn walked quickly to catch up with the captain. "I need to know what is going on? Is this some type of psych test?"

John kept walking but did not react. He needed to know if he could trust her.

"John! What the frell is this about?"

"I don't know what it is!" He stopped but did not look back. "We have to keep it to ourselves until we figure it out." He slowly turned back to face her. For the first time he had seen true fear in her eyes. "I can't explain it, but if Rac, Jex or Trentin find out I know this much we are dead."

"How do you know?" Her voice raised slightly, the frustration of not being in control was wearing at her.

"I just do…You're just going to have to trust me." He smiled at her. "I know we can figure out what's going on."

Aeryn learned early in life to put her trust in no one. This betrayed all that she knew, yet her instincts told her he was right. "I will tell no one."

"Thank you, Aeryn." They reached the last cell and Aeryn moved to the display next to the door. This is prisoner 001-348-200-0092-5701, Rygel the sixteenth, deposed ruler of the Hynerian Empire. Transferred to Sebacian jurisdiction under treaty 0012. Sentencing held 02310-0099.

"That's right, my dear. Thanks to your people and my half-wit cousin." Rygel got up from his bed.

John stood there in shock! He remembered the heads lining Bialar's office. The frog things were intelligent beings!

"Why have you woken me? I will not stand for this intrusion."

"Quiet!" Aeryn barked. "This is your new captain, Jon Cryton."

John smiled slightly. All he could do was picture this creature on an episode of Sesame Street as the long lost cousin of Oscar the grouch. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Dominar." Commander Sun, I think I have seen enough."

As they made their way back to the command tier, a small yellow bug robot appeared in the corridor in front of them. Aeryn explained that Moya was filled with these little repair robots who worked constantly to maintain ship's systems. DRDs, as she called them, were under direct control of Pilot. As they approached it blocked John's path. He stepped to one side it moved to that side. He moved to the other side of the corridor, it followed him. Aeryn smiled, "I don't think he likes you, Captain."

"Hey, pal, what did I do?" He spoke to the little robot that was insistant on blocking John's path.

Lieutenant Jex called over the com. "We are ready to get underway, Captain."

"We will be there in a microt! Lieutenant."

Aeryn watched John as he tried to pass the little robot. She got great pleasure from this strange man. "Would you like me to help, Captain?"

"No. Why don't you head up to command, I can handle R2D2, Jr. here." Aeryn looked at John strangely. Obviously the translator microbes couldn't explain the translation. John tried again to move but the little robot didn't want him to go. John grew tired of the little pest. "Get… Out… Of… My… Way!" John kicked the little robot from under his feet. The robot flew across the hall and hit the wall hard. It landed upside down and tried to right itself. John, feeling guilty, walked over and picked it up. He placed it back on the deck. One of its eyestalks was badly damaged. As soon as John let it go it took off down the corridor. "Sorry, little guy, but next time try staying out from under foot!" John headed for the command tier.

Log Entry: Nineteen, Day: 47, Lost in Space
John sat in the galley of the center chamber looking out one of the large transparencies. The stars beyond were so brilliant. The command carrier had moved on arns ago. It was an amazing sight to see a ship so large accelerate away. The Enterprise had nothing on a Peacekeeper command carrier. They still had twenty arns before Moya would be ready for her first Starburst.

He looked around the room and for the first time he missed his cell in Devon's house of horrors. For that matter, he missed Devon and Tauvo. He tapped the casset recorder on his chin as he composed his message. "Hey, Dad, look out! At the rate I'm going I will be out ranking you by the time I get home. You are now speaking to Captain Jon Cryton of Ravstar regiment. I am speaking to you from my ship, the Leviathan Moya. It's alive, dad, A living ship! They call it a Biomechaniod. Can you believe that? She has this crab thing called Pilot that is symbiotically linked to her. It's Moya's only link to us. We tell Pilot, Pilot tells Moya. This Biomechanoid technology is not Peacekeeper and it doesn't look naturally evolved. Someone else designed these creatures. It's just amazing. You should see some of the creatures here, too, unlike the command carrier. Hey, I got to keep this short. I love you and, God, I miss home. Say hi to DK for me."

A Little Talk with Moya
He rose in the middle of the sleep cycle. He was restless so he got up and dressed. He found walking helped. Besides, he felt a strange comfort from walking around this peculiar beast. John could not understand the dreams that invaded his head while he slept. A little girl speaking to him, but he could never quite make out what she was saying. As he had done the two previous sleep cycles, John walked the endless corridors of Moya. He listened to the strange sounds that echoed through her, pausing as the damaged DRD that had attacked him his first day aboard Moya appeared in the corridor. It came to a stop in front of him. Its one operating eyestalk stared at the Peacekeeper Captain.

John crouched down in front of the little machine. "Hey, little guy, sorry about the eye." The little machine didn't react to John's statement. John stood and started to walk past it, but it moved to block its path.
"Look, I said I 'm sorry!"

But the little DRD continued to block his path. "I get it, you don't want me going down that way. OK, pal, you win." John headed back to tier six and his quarters. As he rounded the next passageway, four DRD's were blocking his way. "OK, what's going on, guys?" They moved towards him. John was beginning to get alarmed. He called Aeryn on his com, but she didn't respond. He then tried Rac, Jex, finally Trentin. "Nothing! Damn! OK, Captain, what are you going to do now?" He looked down the tier beyond the DRD's and thought about just jumping over them. He could easily outrun them. Then that feeling again. John knew. "Follow them. OK, guys, take me to your leader."

They directed him down the adjoining tier. He had never been here before but, like everything on Moya, it was familiar. John and his escorting DRD's came to stop in front of a huge pressure door. John stood there for a minute. "OK, now what?" With those words, the huge door rotated open. The DRD's passed John into the large chamber. As John peered in to the huge room, its name slipped from his lips. "Pilot's Den!"

"Welcome, Captain Cryton, please come in. "

"Thank you, Pilot. So I take it you wanted to see me? John looked down at the DRD's."In the future, might I suggest you use the coms like everyone else on board."

"Yes of course, Captain Cryton, but I didn't summon you here." The pilot would not look up at John. He knew better than to look into the eyes of a Peacekeeper. Although Moya had her own view of who this captain was, he was not going to listen to her this time.

"If you didn't, then who did?" John looked to the ceiling of that cavernous room. He knew that answer to the question even as he asked it. "Moya…"

"Yes, Captain!" Pilot found it humorous that whenever someone spoke of Moya they always looked to the ceiling as if her presence was hovering above them. If they could only grasp that fact that her presence was all around them. "She wishes to communicate with you."

"But I thought Leviathans could only communicate through their pilots?"

"Yes, that is why she has brought you here." Pilot hated the lie, but he knew never to give more information then was needed. They would all live longer that way.

"I see. So what is her message?" John put on his stern PK persona again.

Pilot became nervous. "She says welcome home!'"

"What!" A shiver ran up his spine. "What does she mean by that Pilot?" He moved forward. Pilot jerked back in his position as if fearing an injury by John.

John was amazed at the pilot's reaction to his movement. "I'm sorry, Pilot, I don't mean to scare you." John took a step back from the Pilot's console. "Look, I'm a little new at all this. Please go on."

"She… she says she knows you." Pilot winced slightly, expecting a reaction from the Peacekeeper.

John smiled at the huge being. "Trust me, Pilot, I have never been on a Leviathan before yesterday."

"She cannot explain it." Pilot seemed to be struggling for the right words. "She understands you are alone and very far from home."

"How does she know this, Pilot?"

"I am sorry, Captain. She cannot explain. If it were up to me we would not be having this conversation."

John softened his tone as he realized this huge creature was terrified of him and of the Peacekeepers. "Its ok, Pilot, look at me." The pilot raised his eyes timidly then looked back down as their eyes met. John laughed slightly. "Look at me!"

The pilot finally looked at John. There was something in the pilot's expression. Pilot spoke out loud what he was saying to Moya. "Yes I do see. You are right, I know him." His head moved back as the glimpse of memories faded. "You are a human, not Sebacian!"

John took a step forward. He could see Pilot was have the same type of flashes of insight that he had been having since he arrived in this strange universe. "Yes!" John didn't dare break his stare with the pilot, fearful that these flashes of insight would be gone.

"You are looking for a way home."

John moved closer to the pilot's station. He felt the lump in his throat growing with the pilot's statements. "Yes!"

"You know us?"

John placed his hands on the console. Just touching it brought a feeling of familiarity, a feeling of peace. He pushed back the tears. "Yes!" Then he felt it again-the feeling that he had to escape. He broke his stare with the pilot.

John and pilot spoke in unison, "We have to escape!"

He looked back up at Pilot. For the first time he felt the feeling of hope. "We have a lot of work to do." John grinned as he vaulted over the console to be next to the huge creature. Pilot was stunned by his actions. This man was definitely not a Peacekeeper. "We need a plan, my friend." With those words the restoration began.


Traitor to the Cause.
John quietly walked down the corridor, his destination-the command tier. It was Mark 4.0, the active cycle would not begin for 4 arns. John smiled to himself, "hours". During sleep cycle, Lieutenant Trentin would be the only one on duty. John entered the command tier. Lieutenant Makus Trentin stood at the overseer console. More like hulked over it! He was huge! Back home he would make the best line backers look like a bunch of wusses. John marched into the command tier. Trentin turned and stood at attention.
"At ease, Lieutenant."

John felt the hatred in his eyes but he understood his anger. He was a solder, a fighter, stuck on a living ship with no weapons other then the ability to run away. Not something the Peacekeepers were known for. "What is our ETA with the convoy."

He looked down at the consol. "Nine point two arns, Sir."

"Very good Lieutenant," John smiled at the huge soldier. "I understand your frustration on this assignment. But we must all serve the cause."

Pilot's image appeared in the clamshell viewer. He did not look directly at either of them. "I am detecting a atmospheric leak in maintenance bay four. I have dispatched four DRD's but they have not responded."

"OK, Pilot, I am on my way." John glanced back at Trentin.

"Excuse me Captain. Decca 341 Protocol states that a lowest ranking personnel should investigate dangerous situations before a command officer does."

"True, Lieutenant. Very well, I will monitor from here." John smiled as the huge Peacekeeper ran from the command tier. "That's a good little Peacekeeper…Ah…big Peacekeeper." He moved to the overseer console. "Ok, Pilot, what do I have to do?"

"First you need to siphon iriscentent fluid from the control collar into the forward storage tissue. Blue pad half way, then amber tile to the right. The green crystal should turn blue."

Pilot grinned. "Make sure the crystal isn't red. They would note the transfer at next duty cycle."

"It's done, but I don't understand. Why do you need that stuff? I thought Leviathans were fully self-contained?"

"They starve us, Captain, They store primary supplies in the collar and only administer enough nutrients for immediate use so if we escaped we would starve shortly thereafter."

"Nice, real nice."

"Whoever said the Peacekeepers are nice?" Pilot said sarcastically.

John looked up from the console at the image of Pilot. "Oh, I know a few, Pilot. " He flashed a sad smile.

Pilot was surprised by the human comment. "I see…What do you intend to do with the crew, Captain?"

"We will have to figure a way to get them off the ship before we leave."

"I could simply expel the atmosphere…"

"No! We will not kill anyone!" He walked over to the viewer. "I will not be responsible for anyones death. Is that understood!"

"Yes, Captain Cryton!"

John walked back to the console. "Pilot, it's John, Ok? Just John."

"Yes, Captain!" His image disappeared from the viewer.

Since that day on the command hub, Dalthena Mace knew that there was something going on. She had heard the rumors of the alien spacecraft, and now this strange newcomer…No, she could smell something foul and with any luck she could use it toward her advancement. She had tried to approach the strange visitor one off-cycle in the rec, but the Captain's brother pulled him away before she could get anything from him. She thought back to the time she had seduced Tauvo. How foolish to think I could get anywhere with that man. No, she needed an in with the captain. She had one person standing in her way. Lieutenant Zina Teeg. She would get to the bottom of what was going on even if it killed her.

"I have one question for you, Zina. Who is Lieutenant Cryton, and what does he have to do with what is being stored in Bay13?"

Teeg looked about at the tables around them. "I can see you're ambitious, Dalthena." She kept looking around as she spoke. "Why don't you meet me outside Bay 13 at Mark 23. Maybe we can work something out." She smiled at Dalthena. "If we work together we might both get what we want."

"Yes, Lieutenant Teeg, I will be there." Dalthena smiled as she walked across the galley.

The human was gone, but his presence had a lasting effect. She and Bialar had not been together since Cryton's reassignment. She had even tried to speak to Tauvo about it but he refused comment saying something that burned in her stomach. " You don't get it Zina, Bialar's done with you." She would not accept that! Zina had done all she could-it was not her fault that the human was un-trainable. No matter what happened she would not let Mace hurt Bialar. She readied her plan.

Teeg stood at the entrance to bay 13 at Mark 23. Mace walked up to her slowly. Her hands suspiciously down by her sides. Mace was up to something.

"Right on time, Dalthena. I hope you're not planning anything stupid."

Mace's smile widened. "What do you mean Zina?" With that comment She raised two pulse guns. "Now I am not leaving till I get the answers I want."

"Raising a weapon at a superior officer is punishable by death."

"So is planting an alien among the crew." Teeg's reaction betrayed her. There was a leak, but where? "I don't understand…"

"Save it for the gullible captain, Zina. I have plans and you and he are in my way. Now I want you to open the door, and please don't try anything stupid. I don't want to have to explain why you are splattered all over the bulkhead. Her sick smile widened.

Teeg turned slightly toward the genscaner on the wall next to the hatch. She placed her hand in the scanner. The monotone voice acknowledged her identity and the door cycled through its opening sequence. Teeg did not look back at Mace. She knew the smile on her face would give away the little surprise she had in store for Lieutenant Mace. She held onto the service rail for dear life. She had been through enough explosive decompressions in her career to know the force that she and the unsuspecting Deltheana Mace were about to witness.

The hatch opened and once it had receded into the ceiling the program began. Teeg had disabled the warning beacons. The floor holding the remnants of Farscape 1 parted, allowing the atmosphere to quickly escape. Teeg fought against the pressure of the escaping atmosphere. She could hear the muffled screams of Mace as she was dragged towards the open floor. Teeg was loosing her own battle as she was slowly being pulled through the hatch into the bay. She caught a glimpse of Mace as she was carried out through the large opening along with most of the alien craft. Zina had programmed the outer hatch to open for twenty microts but it now seemed to be an arn. She fought the dropping pressure and her lungs began to burn with every breath. Then silence. The outer doors to Bay 13 had closed. She was left exhausted, trying to catch her breath. The frelling ambitious bitch was gone. Now she had to get out of there before they sent a team to investigate the breach. She walked silently back to her quarters. Zina was quite proud of her accomplishment. Hopefully someday Bialar would know what she had done for him. She didn't have to wait long.

End of Part Three

Part 4


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