Author: Karl
Rating: PG - 13

I wish to thank Browny of the great (Browny's Farscape Page) for her input and help. I would also like to thank Firefly and Quiltlady for the tedious task of Beta-ing my story. If you like this story try Passage you will find a lot of crossover between both stories.

Summary: If given the chance to change one event in your past, would you?
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Part 2
Peacekeeper Jon Cryton

Moya on the run
Moya had been in orbit above the commerce planet 1224-564-PK-002 for more than twenty arns. Zhaan entered his den cautiously, and Pilot looked up at her as she came to stop in front of him.

She smiled at the huge beast. "I am sorry, Pilot. Am I interrupting you?"

"No at all Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. I can easily converse with you and adjust Moya's orbit." He dipped his head slightly as he looked at her. "Moya wishes me to convey her thanks at helping us escape the Peacekeepers.

Zhaan bowed and clasped her hands. "I did very little. I hope to do more. Pilot we are still in Peacekeeper territory. Has Moya figured out where we are?"

Pilot stuttered slightly. "Moya is…is still slightly disoriented from her control collar. Once she has…"

"Zhaan!" D'Argo barked from her com.

She smiled at Pilot as she raised her com. "Yes, Ka D'Argo. What is it?"

"We are on our way back to Moya."

"Excellent!" Her cool blue face exploded in a smile at the news. "Were you able to get the Iridescent fluid for Moya."

"Yes Ryg…"

Rygel broke into the conversation from his com. "Don't act surprised Delvian, I told you I would!"

"Yes of course you did Rygel I did not mean…"

"Ignore his royal slugship Zhaan! Pilot how long till Moya can starburst once she has consumed the Iridescent fluid?"

"I am unsure. I will know better once she has ingested the Iridescent fluid Ka D'Argo."

"Pilot when I get back on board I think we will have to discuss what you actually do know." D'Argo hissed. "Out!"

Pilot looked nervously at Zhaan. She could see he was uncomfortable at failing to supply the answers they sought. "It will be all right Pilot. D'Argo is just as frightened as you are. I will leave you to your tasks." Zhaan turned to exit the Pilot's Den.

"Thank you Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan."

"For what Pilot?" She looked back over her shoulder at him.

"Being here with us." He smiled.

Zhaan turned back to face Pilot. "I hope we will be together for a long time, Pilot." She smiled at the huge creature. "I will be in the center chamber or maybe the galley. It depends on the episode."

Fitting in
John followed Tauvo into the mess hall for morning meal. They got their food from the dispensary and sat at a table apart from the rest of the crew as they had done for the past six days. "Tauvo why do we have to eat by ourselves?"

"What do you mean John?" Tauvo looked around at the other tables.

"I mean you have been drilling me on everything from the Frelling Decca to commando training drinking songs. I want to talk to some of these people. I am frankly getting tired of your mug everyday." John smiled at his friend.

"Mug?" Tauvo looked down at his plate. "Never mind. I don't want to know." Tauvo pushed his tray forward. "Very well, Jon Cryton, I see Jessib Tel my old wingmen sitting with the rest of my old regiment. Let's go over and see how badly you frock up." An evil grin spread across Tauvo's face.

John fought the urge to laugh. "Ah that's fuck not frock. "John got up from the table with his tray he stopped next to Tauvo. "If you are going to use nasty words from my world at least say them correctly.

John followed Tauvo over to the table of Pilots. "Congratulation Jessib on your promotion." John noticed that they all stopped eating as they approached.

Jessib turned and looked at Tauvo. "Ah Tauvo Crais of Special Ops. For the Glory of All! To what do we owe this honor?" Jessib said in his usual sarcastic tone.

"We have an arn to kill so I thought we would join you." Tauvo's expression changed to a suspicious grin. "Is there a problem?"

"Sit where you like Commander Crais." He looked back at the rest of his pilots. "I know better than to question Commander Crais."

"Good. I see the Commanders bars have finally registered in that dormant origin between your ears." A few of the pilots chucked at Tauvo's joke. Tel was not amused at their laughter. Tauvo slapped Tel on the back. "You never could take a joke Jessib."

Jessib stared at John. "Do I know you Lieutenant?"

John could feel all the moisture evaporate from his mouth. "No we have never met."

"Are you sure? You look..."

"Trust me Commander we have never met." John smiled uncomfortably.

"I never forget a face. What regiment are you with?"

Tauvo's voiced echoed in John's head. Never answer to some one of equal rank or below. "What does that have to do with me sitting here?"

Jessib looked at the other pilots in his regiment then he turned back to John and smiled. " Well just because you are assigned to special Ops. with the Captains brother, doesn't mean you are welcome here." The others around the table started to laugh at John.

With those words John pushed his tray forward. He placed his elbows on the table and clasped his hands in front of him. He had been practicing his Sebacean dialect and here would be the test. "I see Commander Tel. Your game is an old tired one. Let's start this again. " John smiled sarcastically at Tel." Lieutenant Jon Cryton Special Op's of Ravstar regiment. It is a pleasure to meet you Assault Commander Tel.

The others at the table jerked at the realization that John was from High Command and John cherished the squirming that Tel underwent as he tried to maintain his smug facade.

"Ravstar! What would a… Why would someone from…" Jessib's mind raced as he tried to figure out why a member of High Command would be aboard the command carrier. "You are most welcome Lieutenant Cryton." Tel said stiffly.

John smiled at Tel as he noticed a small trickle of sweat rolled down the side of his forehead. "Thank you Jessib."

Tauvo cut into the conversation. He was impressed with how John had handled himself. Now he had to make his old friends realize that John was no threat to them. He started by introducing everyone from the regiment, then broke into a few tall tales of their last glorious battle. Tauvo slowly eased the tensions as he had done so many times before. It was not until this moment that he realized how much he missed them. They all laughed as each told their version of the same story. The Mark five point five tone sounded and the small group started to disperse as their duty cycle were about to begin. Jessib stayed behind to talk to John and Tauvo.

"I wish to apologies Lt Cryton I did not..."

"Save it Jessib. I know what its like being blind sided."

Jessib seemed confused "Blind what?"

John saw that look from Tauvo. Ya I know this was a real frock up Tauvo. "It's a little new speak I picked up on Delvia a while back. Can't seem to shake it."

Jessib laughed slightly. "Better be careful Jon or they will peg you as irreversibly contaminated." He turned from John to Tauvo. "Hey we are all meeting tonight in the rec. Why don't you guys join us for a couple of drinks?"

John looked at Tauvo. He could tell what the answer was just by his stiff expression so he interrupted Tauvo reply. "Sure we will be there, right Tauvo?" John knew better to look back at the angry Sebacean.

"Great Mark nine." Jessib slapped Tauvo on the back. "So you really can't tell me what your assignment is?"

"Jessib you always were the nosey old women."

"Ah frell you Tovi!" Jessib laughed as he turned to leave

"Tovi?" John grinned at Tauvo.

"That's enough John. We have work to do."

They exited the mess hall and made their way to the now familiar tactical support office. Bialar had set up an auxiliary post as their research center and they had spent the last four days trying to get the flight data from the Farscape 1 onboard computer. Devon, in his wisdom, had sliced the motherboard and central processing chip in two during John's extraction. John made the comment a few times a day "Better it the me." He could not understand why they didn't have a couple of the Tech's work on the problem. John and Tauvo slowly replicated layer after layer of the CPU architecture. "So I didn't do so bad back there did I?"

Tauvo looked up from the scanner. "I don't wish to BLIND SIDDED you!" Tauvo raised his voice. "Am I using the term correctly?"

"Oh ya well… Hey I got out of it."

The hatch opened, interrupting their conversation. Tauvo stood quickly from the workstation and John was startled by his action. Bialar walked into the large office and surprise registered on his face at the sight of Tauvo operating the molecular scanner. He was already angry enough with Tauvo but to now catch him doing Tech work only added to his fury. Bialar walked past John to Tauvo. "I wish to speak to you in my office Commander Crais." He turned and exited without looking at John.

"What the hell was that all about Tauvo?"

"Nothing John. Go back to layer analysis, I'll be back an a quarter of an arn." Tauvo stood at the door to Bialar's office. You are in big frelling trouble this time. He placed his hand on the scanner and the door opened. He walked into Bialar's huge office and stood at attention in front of his desk.

"Do you know what these are?" Bialar held a number of transparencies in his hands. Tauvo knew better than to answer the question.

"They are your tactical record. Your kill ratio has dropped by seventeen percent." Bialar tossed the transparencies at Tauvo. "When I reassigned you it was with the understanding that you would continue full assault training. So tell me what happened?"

Tauvo stuttered. "The computational equipment from John's craft is much harder to replicate then we initially expected."

"You like that don't you." Bialar smiled sarcastically at Tauvo. "It gives you a chance to play Tech."

Tauvo broke his stare forward and turned to face his brother. "Give me a Tech to do the work and I will not have to."

"I don't recall saying at ease Commander."

Tauvo moved forward towards his brother. "Bialar listen to me."

"Silence!" Bialar bellowed. "Tauvo I don't know what has gotten into you. I have worked to hard for you to frell it up now!" He turned and walked back to his desk. "You will return to your assault training immediately."

"Bialar you don't understand. If we had more help."

"Dismissed Commander."

"But we need more..."

"Dismissed!" Bialar looked down at the paperwork on his desk. He would not look back up until Tauvo was gone from his site. Bialar felt that feeling deep in his stomach again. This whole thing with the Alien was wrong. He couldn't put his finger on it but he knew at that moment he had to get Tauvo away from the Alien. The Technology that he may have was not worth endangering his brother.

The com chimed in Bialar's office. "What is it Lieutenant Mace?"

"Tracker 18 -17 reports confirmation on location of escaped Leviathan transport."

"Where?" He barked.

"Commerce planet 1224-564-PK-002 Approximately forty arns away Captain"

"Plot course for intercept. I am on my way." Bialar looked at the empty monitor. "So Moya I hope you enjoyed your few days of freedom."

Tauvo's Attendant
This was John's big day he was allowed go out on his own. Devon stood at the doors of his operating theater rattling off a number of do's and don'ts. A quick "Yes mother!" from John silenced him and he opened the door and stepped out of John's way. John walked through the corridors of the huge command carrier. No one gave him a second glance and he smiled to himself, if they only knew.

He stepped up onto the transport pad. A Tech was standing with her back to him. He walked past her to the lock and placed his hand in it. It confirmed who he was. "Command level two, please." John winced as he realized what he said. Please and thank you were precious things among the Peacekeepers. Wasting it on a machine made him stand out. He stepped back from the lock and bumped into the Tech. He turned to face her. He was about to speak.

"I am sorry. Sir please excuse me for my clumsiness." The little blonde averted her eyes from John.

John was about to apologize, but Tauvo's words poured through his head, Apologize to no one of your rank or below. It is a sign of weakness. John stopped himself from speaking. Then again that nagging feeling. Something is not right with these people.

The transport started to move. He looked at the Tech. She was obviously nervous. John stepped back from her and turned away. Why would she be so afraid of me? What does she think I'll do to her? He was about to turn and ask her when the transport came to a stop at a maintenance cove. She quickly stepped down off the transport pad, and started to walk quickly away. She stopped in mid stride and looked back at John.

As she stared at him, her expression took on a stunned look. He felt strange; he knew her ...but how? John had met very few Peacekeepers on board. Vollis was the only Peacekeeper Tech he had met. As the transport pulled away from the cove he looked back at her. "Now that was Deja Vu!"

Peacekeeper Tech Gilina Reyas stood there as the transport disappeared down the corridor. She was filled with a sense of loss.

John walked down the corridor to Tauvo's office. The hatch announced his presence as he entered. Tauvo was reviewing flight data on a holo image at the center of his desk and he stood as John entered, smiling slightly. "So you made it. Have any problems?"

"No. You would like that. My first day on my own, and I get into some deep dram."

"Dren! You frelling human, if your going to curse at least make an attempt at saying it correctly." They both laughed.

"I was heading down to the galley for a bite, want to come?"

"No, I have too much work. I know, why don't you eat here? Once I finish with this dren we can take out a prowler and start you on flight training."

A smile grew across John's face. "You have a deal." John had been looking forward to going out in a prowler since he had seen them in the data spools.

Tauvo called into the air. "Enra come here."

"What's an Enr…" John's voice trailed off as a beautiful woman entered from Tauvo's adjoining suite. She had the most haunting green eyes. They seemed to have no pupils. John noticed something else. She walked as if she was doing so in slow motion.

Tauvo turned to her and spoke very slowly. "This is John Crichton, Enra. He will be joining me for lunch, please make the arrangements." She bowed her head obediently to Tauvo then turned to John and bowed again. She straightened long enough for John to notice that she seemed quite out of it; like a zombie. He didn't know what she was on but she was obviously stoned out of her mind. She turned and headed back into Tauvo's quarters.

"Who the hell is that?" John was stunned. He thought he was going to need to explore the ship to get to the truth about the Peacekeepers and here it was staring him in the face. His stomach turned.

"Enra is my Attendant John." He smiled at John's odd reaction.

John looked at Tauvo. "What's an Attendant?"

"She tends to my needs, John. I received her as a gift when I secured the spaceport above her world in a military campaign for the Hynerian Empire."

John's mind had a hard time understanding what Tauvo was talking about, but it all pointed to the same thing. John's jaw tightened as he asked each question. "Tauvo, is she paid for her service?"

Tauvo smiled more as he tried to help John understand. "No John, she is not a server, she is an attendant."

"Does she do this willingly?" John stared at Tauvo his whole image of whom and what the Peacekeeper were was finally becoming clear. John knew that they had been filling him with half-truths but to have this slave in front of him was a devastating realization for John.

"Yes and No. You see John, she was fitted with a control bracelet. It makes her completely susceptible to commands and it suppresses her own identity."

John said it slowly as if it would make it less repulsive. "She's a slave? I mean she is your slave?"

Tauvo's smile faded with John's statement, he took a deep breath. "Yes John, she was taken as part of the conquest and Annexation of her home world. She is my personal Attendant."

"Call it what you want." John spat out. "She is a slave! You support slavery?" He laughed sarcastically. "What else am I going to find out about the Mighty Peacekeepers that wasn't in the travel brochure?"

Tauvo stood slamming his fist on his desk, "That's enough John!"

"Yes it is Tauvo." John walked back towards the door. "I just lost my appetite. If you will excuse me, Commander Crais." John turned and exited Tauvo's office.

John stood at the base of a transport pad waiting for a transport. His mind raced, What had he fallen into? He had never felt so alone than at that moment. He knew that they had been hiding something, but he regarded Tauvo as a friend. How could John have been so wrong? The sickening feeling in his stomach grew stronger. "Yeah Dad, those rattles are a killer and I seem to be getting them a lot lately!" John said aloud, as if his father could hear him. He thought he had been alone until he heard the voice from the adjoining corridor.

"Calm down John, or you could end up like Enra." Devon stepped out from around the corner.

"Devon! How did you know?" John realized he was bugged. They would never let him go out on his own. "You are so stupid John!" he said and the anger that John felt swelled as Devon approached.

"Walk with me John." Devon smiled slightly.

"What is going on Devon?"

"Walk with me. We will not be monitored if we walk." He started slowly down the long corridor that ran next to the transport. "You and I are very much alike John Crichton."

"Yeah sure. You beamed down to observe all this for the United Federation of Planets, right!"

"You say the most perplexing things sometimes John." Devon chuckled. "Bialar Crais saved me over ten cycles ago. His transport crashed near the base I was stationed at." His smile grew. "Isaved his life; he rewarded me by making me his personal Physician." He stopped walking and turned to John. "I was a Medical Attendant at that base John." Devon's face seemed to darken as the normally present smile disappeared. "I was what you called a slave."

"What! I don't understand…?" John's anger turned to sadness as he talked to Devon.

"Do you know, my friend, that I was ready to terminate you?" Devon smiled slightly. "It was Tauvo and Bialar who wished you saved. They have given you your life now, it is up to you to keep it." He looked down the corridor. Devon started walking again.

John was shocked by Devon candor. "What are you saying? I should play along with all this?"

He looked away from John. "Yes and more. You must show them you are willing to follow them. That you are loyal to Bialar." He looked back at John with a sly expression. "For now."

"Why should I Devon? I mean this is wrong."

"They will give you what you want John." He looked around to see if they were being watched. "You just have to play their game."

"The Peacekeepers know more of wormholes than they are telling you." Devon turned cold. "It's your choice. You have been given a gift, John. You need all the friends you can get. Or you could act like you did with Tauvo. I will guarantee that you will end up like Enra. It is up to you."

They walked in silence for a while. John knew, that to survive, he would have to do what Devon suggested. He had started to like these people and that is what bothered him the most. He would play their game for now. He stopped walking. "Devon I will follow your suggestion. But I have a question for you. If Captain Crais asked you to terminate me tomorrow, would you?"

When Devon moved close to John his face was like stone. "In a microt, John. Never forget that."

John felt a sense of hopelessness and fear weld in him. He had to break Devon's icy stare.

Devon sensed John's fear and understood it all too well. He cleared his throat. "John, Tauvo is whom you can trust. Tauvo is like no other on board. He is your best ally. Now if you will excuse me John I have a few things to do." Devon turned down the corridor. He turned back to John. "I would suggest you get rid of that Lieutenants bar John." Devon pointed from John's arm to Devon's ear and smiled. "That's how I know."

It took John a second to realize what Devon was talking about. The rank bar on his wrist was the bug. He pulled it off and tossed it onto the coils of the transport tracks. He turned back to thank Devon but he was gone.

John sat at the bench in his makeshift lab. He was trying to formulate a plan. He was way over his head, but Devon was right. It's time to sink or swim. He looked down at the replicated motherboard for the Farscape 1 flight system. He tried to start working a number of times but had found he could not concentrate. The door to the lab opened and Tauvo entered. John stood at his entrance. "I wish to apologize for my actions eirlier Commander." He looked to the floor as he spoke. "It is not my place to judge you or your culture. I acted inappropriately."

Tauvo leaned back against one of the make shift benches. He grinned ear to ear. "Are you done John?"

"Ya - Yes sir." He still could not look up at his friend.

"I have never heard such a pile of dren in all my life." Tauvo started to laugh.

John looked up at him stunned; he could not understand Tauvo's reaction.

"Let me ask you something John. I take it slavery is unheard of on your world?

"No Not at all." John turned away. "I mean there are all different types of slavery. We, in the United States, used to have slaves. But that was a long time ago." Tauvo watched as John picked his words carefully. "There are places on my world where people are suppressed and are told what to think and what to do, so to answer your question, no slavery is still quite prevalent on earth. It's just a different type of slavery. I guess after all that you showed me of the Peacekeepers, it just came as a surprise."

"John you still don't approve of the practice correct."

John became more uncomfortable. "No, you do as you please. I cannot be your judge."

Tauvo smile faded from his face. "Stop it John, tell me the truth!"

John looked at the floor again. He could understand what Tauvo wanted him to say. His mind raced trying to figure a way out of this odd interrogation. "I don't understa…"

"Speak your mind."

"No. I don't approve." John choked on the words as he spoke them.

Tauvo stood from the table. "Good." He took a deep breath. "You are to be honest with me John. I will not stand for you trying to conform with me. Save that for Bialar and Teeg." Tauvo laughed slightly." Has anyone ever told you -- you are a lousy liar?

"Yeah. My Dad."

"He is a wise man John. Now I am going to be honest with you." Tauvo slapped John on the back and headed for the door to the lab. "Come with me, we are going on a little trip." The two men headed for the central corridor. It was flanked on both sides by transport track. It ran the entire length of the command carrier and they walked three quarters of the way to the rear of the huge ship. They came to a small access port and descended to a low ceiling corridor. They continued to walk.

"Where are we going anyway?"

"I told you I have something to show you."

As they continued to walk, they would see a Tech from time to time as they scurried past them, eyes always averted to the ground, as if afraid they might catch something from John or Tauvo. That strange action reminded John about something Jessib said to him. "Hey what did Jessib mean about that irreversibly contaminated business?

Tauvo stopped walking and looked back down the long dark corridor. He spoke softly, " We live and die as Peacekeepers. We follow the word of the Decca. If it is determined that you have been exposed to Alien influence you can be considered irreparably contaminated. You will be court marshaled and then retired. This should give you an idea of how dangerous it is for us to try and save you."

John couldn't speak. This added to his suspicions about the Peacekeepers. They are Xenophobes; not the type I would want policing my neighborhood. "So then why take such a big chance on me?"

"I had to John. I would be dead if it weren't for you." Tauvo looked back over his shoulder again.

John felt the familiar wave for sadness he had felt before. It dug at his stomach. He wished he was home again, as the recurrant voice in the back of head spoke again. 'You don't belong here.'

"Come, we are almost there."

"So what is this great secret you want to show me."

"Don't you ever get tired John?"

"Tired of what?"

"That incessant talking?"

"Sorry…" They walked what John estimated to be a kilometer. The sound of the Hetch drive echoed all around them. They finally arrived at the large pressure door and Tauvo placed his hand in the genscan. The huge locks released on the pressure doors and they slid back then rose to the ceiling revealing the chamber beyond. The lights came on in the center of the room was a spacecraft. The two men entered and the doors closed behind them.

"Welcome John, to my little secret. This is a PAC AD-85 a Planetary Assault Craft." Tauvo walked up and patted it gently. "I have been working on her for almost three cycles. She is almost done." Tauvo smiled proudly at John.

"Jesus Tauvo! You built this? But this is Tech shit! Like what I did to build Farscape 1."

"Yes! I have collected the parts from the recyclers and from a few friends."

"Vollis!" John grinned.

"Sometimes you surprise me, Human."

"But I thought you said that only Techs are suppose to do Tech work. I mean won't they court marshal you for Tech work?"

The smile drained from Tauvo's face." No worse, I would be demoded and my family disgraced."

"You mean Bialar could lose his command over your actions?"

"Yes of course."

"So why do you? Never mind… Look why tell me?"

"I give her to you, John. If you can develop a way to go home you will need a ship."

John walked past Tauvo. The arrow shaped craft was about twice the size of the Farscape 1 module. "I don't know what to say Tauvo." For the first time John felt as if there were a glimmer of hope that he might be able to return to Earth. "Thank you."

They were interrupted by the sound of the general quarters klaxon. Tauvo looked at John. "General quarters; something big's going on." Tauvo carefully sealed the doors to his workshop and they ran back up to the nearest transport pad level. Tauvo allowed John to come with him to command as long as John promised to keep his mouth shut. Tauvo knew it was a mistake but he didn't have time to get him back to Devon's.

Tauvo and John entered the Command Hub. They stood out of the way. Bialar was at the center of the huge command suite and Teeg was stationed just behind him at the primary overseer's console.

Teeg grinned slightly as she spoke. "Tracking locked Captain. We have her." The command carrier approached the unknowing Leviathan from a lower orbit, the curvature eclipsing their approach.

"Put her on main viewer." Crais ordered as the forward half of the command hub filled with the image of the Leviathan.

"What the hell is that?" John spoke under his breath not expecting Tauvo to answer.

"It's a Leviathan, John. A Biomechanoid ship."

"Biomechanoid?" John tore his eyes away from the strainge vessel and looked at Tauvo as if he couldn't believe his eyes. "You mean it's alive?"

Tauvo move forward away form the nearest station. He did not want the others to hear John comments. "Yes!" Tauvo hissed. "Now be silent!"

John looked back at the main viewer. He felt a strange longing as he looked at the mighty ship. His brain was in overdrive with questions about the craft.

"They haven't spotted us."

"Standard approach valka decca four. Lieutenant Teeg. Lieutenant Mace Charge, Frag cannons." The Command Carrier ascended from the lower orbit towards the fleeing Leviathan.

Bialar looked back at Teeg. "Are we too late?

Teeg was scanning the ship. "If they have refueled then we have no chance of stopping them."

"How can they escape? I thought nothing was faster than a Command Carrier?" John looked back at Tauvo.

"They have the ability to Starburst!" Bialar said without looking back at John. John was surprised that Bialar could hear John's question.

"Starburst is a dimensional passage that they can travel incredible distances through. Hetch drives can distort space-time. They allow us to travel faster than the speed of light. But these things, these creatures can cut through space-time instantaneously."

"They have broken orbit Captain!"

"Attack vector Decca three Lieutenant Mace." Bialar turned to John. "You my stay but you will be silent." Bialar shot Tauvo an angry look.

Captain Bialar Crais looked at his first officer and smiled. "Lieutenant Teeg, fire at will!" The Frag cannons began to glow as the anti particle collected in the firing chamber. As each Frag cannon fired their recoil could be felt throughout the ship.

John had that same feeling again; flashes of knowledge. He knew what came next. The ships hull would charge with energy and a blue distortion would open in front of it and the ship would pass through, Starburst! That's it! He moved up next to Bialar. "Captain Crais, Stop trying to hit the Leviathan. "

"What? I have no time for this! Tauvo get him off the Command Hub."

Tauvo moved up next to John and motioned him towards the door. "Wait! Listen to me Captain Crais! Aim for the portal that she develops. Fire your Frag cannons at the distortion as it forms in front of the ship. It must be at least twice the size of the Leviathan itself." He looked at Tauvo then back at Crais.

Bialar stood there looking at John. A suspicious feeling grabbed Bialar deep in his stomach. "Commander Teeg, will we be with in range before they Starburst?"

"No Captain, we are reading an energy spike. They are preparing to Starburst." Tauvo moved in front of John. "What do you have to lose my brother?"


Moya strained as she readied for Starburst. D'Argo stood at the central control port of the command tier trying to dodge the Frag cannon fire that flew past them. "Are we ready Pilot?" D'Argo winced as the energy sphere Frag pulse past Moya. They were so close to escape. I would not be captured again. He had readied himself for what fate had in store for them. The anger seemed to fade at the monent. He was resigned to the fact that they were going to die.

"She needs more time."

Zhaan moved next to D'Argo. "Pilot we have no time. We either Starburst now or die."

"Moya will try... Hang on this will be quite turburlent." Pilot yelled as they felt the disorentation of starburst.

The talons closed together at the rear of the Leviathan. Energy arched between them the talons separated and long arks of energy jumped between them. A pale blue distortion appeared ahead of the Moya. It's skin irritated with energy that flowed from the talons to the nose.


"Redirect Frag cannons at that distortion and fire!" Crais yelled.

The two pulses raced past Moya. The first missed the distortion; the second struck the rim of the energy wall. They all watched from the command hub as the opening collapsed in on itself. The Leviathan struck the remnants of the energy conduit. Moya was not going anywhere.

"Nice job, Lieutenant Cryton." Tauvo smiled at John.

"Like shooting fish in a barrel." John grinned, but as he watched the damaged Leviathan spin slowly off its original course he was struck by the gravity of his actions. What have I done? The excitement of the moment was smothered by wave after wave of regret.

"The crowning glory for all!" Crais said quietly as he turned from the main viewer. He said nothing else as he looked at John. The fear in his eyes spoke volumes. How did you know to do that ,Alien? Bialar quickly turned back to face the main viewer.

The color drained from John's face. "If you will excuse me Captain." He bowed slightly and headed for the exit.

Bialar conducted the capture of the Leviathan. First the carrier fired Clorium torpedoes deep into its hull. Once the beast was sedated, they would send a boarding party to retire the pilot and collect the prisoners. The recapture of the beast was soured by his thoughts of the Alien. What are you, Crichton? Why are you here? How did you know how to stop the Leviathan?"

John moved quickly down the passageway looking for a recycle room. His hands were cold and clammy his head was swimming. He turned down a small access way and stopped, lowering his head trying to keep for passing out. He held onto the wall as if the ship was swaying and proceeded to lose his breakfast and lunch. He stood slowly looking to see if he was being observed and wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. "I'm sorry Moya! Oh God I'm sorry!" he whispered, as though she could hear him. Once John calmed down, he headed for his quarters. He tried to comprehend all that was going on in his head. It was as if he should be on that strange ship. He found just the thought of being on it - on her - Moya -- was almost comforting to him. What is going on?

Aeryn Sun
The command carrier slowly made it's way back to the convoy, the Leviathan locked tightly to its midsection. Techs assembled a new control collar on it. They could maintain a speed of Hetch two with the sedated Leviathan attached. It would be three-weeks before they would reach the Mordin and the rest of the prison transports. Life on board the command carrier returned to its daily routine.

Tauvo and John headed for the mess hall. Tauvo was trying to explain a very bad joke to John and he was only half listening when he saw her. He stopped cold. His mind filled with flashes of images. John saw himself with her on Earth; they were being chased. They were in... What the... Then he saw the cottage in Sydney, it was raining.

"Aeryn?" He whispered.

Tauvo stopped and looked at him "John... John!" He followed John's stare. Officer Aeryn Sun was across the access way walking in the opposite direction. Tauvo smiled and laughed slightly at John. "Sorry there, John. That piece of tail, Lieutenant Crichton, is off limits to slugs like you and me. She's pure breed. I would give up while you still have your minvoks intact." He slapped John on the back.

John grabbed Tauvo by his jacket. "Who is she, Tauvo? I need to talk to her. Now!"

Tauvo shoved John against the wall and stepped back, adjusting his jacket. He had a stunned expression on his face. "I don't know what your problem is Lieutenant Cryton. But..." He stopped and the anger faded from his face. "What's going on?"

John looked down at the floor. "I don't know Tauvo. I just keep getting this feeling that I don't belong here." He looked down the hall as Aeryn turned the corner and was gone. "I cant explain it but something is not right." He turned back to Tauvo. Close your mouth John before you get yourself into more trouble. "I'm sorry Tauvo. Please excuse the outburst."

Aeryn would not react in front of them, especially in front of the Captain's brother. She waited till she rounded the corner of the next access way, where she stopped and placed her hand on the wall to steady herself. She felt confined, trapped. She tried to clear her mind. She did not know who he was, or why she felt she should. She didn't want to know. It would only get in the way. She started walking again. Let it go! She demanded of herself. You need to be focused for the examination.

She waited in line with the other applicants. The physical examination for Commando training would be her final test. If all went well and she got final approval by Captain Crais, Aeryn would be on a transport within forty arns.

In His Best Interest
Doctor Devon Tarf walked slowly down the corridor to Bialar's office. He was tired, having spent the day repairing the damage that always accompanied Commando Training Examination. He walked into Bialar's office and dropped the transparencies of the applicants that past the examination in front of Bialar.

Bialar looked up slowly from his work. "So, Devon, how did we do?"

"Sixteen past out of seventy-two. We had a number of injuries, only two fatalities. I would say it is a good crop this cycle."

"You look like you could use a drink."

"I could use more than one." Devon smiled at his old friend. He walked over to the shelf and poured a glass of fellip nectar. "What's wrong Bialar? You don't seem your fiery self lately?"

Crais sat back in his chair. "Devon what do we really know of this Alien?"

"What Alien?" he looked up from his drink.

"Crichton!" Crais barked.

"Well… We know he good at stopping Leviathans." He smiled slightly, raising his drink to Crais.

"So you heard?" He stared into the far corner of his office.

"The entire ship is talking about it." He stopped and looked at his old friend. "Bialar what's wrong?"

"I am worried." He took a deep breath. "I am worried at the influence Crichton is having on Tauvo." He stood and walked around his desk and stopped in front of Devon.

"I welcomed him like a brother. I gave him free rein of my ship." Crais started to pace in front of Devon. "I had a counterfeit Identchip produced for him. I had Tauvo teach him our ways. And for what!" His voice boomed. "For him to contaminate my brother with his Alien ideas. No this has to stop."

Devon walked over to the sitting area and sat down. "What are going to do, have him spaced?" He smiled slightly at Bialar. "Or better yet, send him to one of those filthy research bases out in the uncharted territories?"

"Careful my friend. Remember I plucked you from one of those atrocities. I can always send you back!"

"Yes Captain!" Devon stiffened. "I told you in my report. He has no value to us. His Technology is archaic; his physical ability is poor and his mental ability is pitiful. He is no threat, Bialar."

"And yet he stopped an escaping Leviathan today." Crais looked at his old friend. "No, I don't want Tauvo exposed to him any longer."

Devon put his drink down. "I don't suppose Tauvo has any say in this."

"No I will assign someone else to take over tutoring duties." Crais return to his desk. He dug through the transparencies Devon had brought. "A truly loyal Peacekeeper soldier, someone who could not be swayed by this strange Alien. "Someone I can trust." He found what he was looking for and handed the request for Commando training to Devon.

He read the evaluation. "Impressive, but do you think that officer Sun will want to become John Crichton's teacher?

Bialar sat back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. "Frankly, Devon, I don't care! I just want to keep Tauvo safe."

Devon looked at Crais for a long time. "I want you to consider one final thing Bialar. I have never seen Tauvo so at ease, as he has been with John. I think you should consider what is in his best interests."

Fire shot though Crais's eyes and he stood slowly. "A day does not go by that I do not consider my brother's best interests Devon!" He turned away from Devon. "Dismissed!"

Devon turned towards the door. "Yes Captain Crais!" Devon walked out into the corridor the door closed behind him. He knew Bialar was making a mistake and he hoped Bialar would not regret his decision.

A Command of his own
John returned late from his research. Tauvo would not explain what happened but he knew that it had something to do with him. They were close to completing the CPU Emulator, and he was concerned about giving them the data that was held in the drives of the flight computer.

John found the box on end of his bed. On top of it was a new Identchip. He walked over to the reader on the wall and swiped the Identchip though the reader:

Lieutenant Jon Cryton, Special Operations of the Ravstar Regiment.
Congratulation on promotion to rank of Captain.
Orders of transfer encoded Decca 001
Please report to Captain Crais for assignment at Mark 07.75.5632
Captain Bialar Crais 0119-009-1113

"What the hell! Transfer? What is going on?" As if waiting for that queue, Devon appeared at the entrance to John's cell.

"Well John. I will hand it to you. You fit in a little too well."


"Bialar is suspicious of you. He doesn't want Tauvo under your Alien influences anymore." Devon chuckled slightly as he spoke. "From what I understand you will be getting a new teacher and your research will be transferred to your new ship."

"Look doc, what are you talking about? New ship?"

"Open the box."

"John opened the box in it was a red and black uniform. "Devon I don't understand."

"You will tomorrow." He turned and left the doorway.

"No! No you don't Devon! No Houdini act this time!" John dropped the uniform and sprinted out into the operating theater. As usual, Devon was gone. "How does he do that?" John headed for the outer doors of the operating theater. He walked up to them but they would not open. "Locked… Shit!" John walked back to his cell. So much for geting out of here tonight.

Aeryn woke from a restless sleep cycle. She had had the dren kick out of her during the examination. She moved slowly form her bunk and looked at her locker. There was a box with a new Identchip on top of it and she felt her stomach turn. She snatched up the chip and ran to the reader on the wall, swiping it though the reader.

Officer Aeryn Sun, Icarian Company of the Pleisar Regiment.
Data has been Coded Decca 001
Please report to Captain Crais for assignment at Mark 07.50.5632
Captain Bialar Crais 0119-009-1113

Aeryn knew there was something wrong. This was not standard procedure. She hated it when things didn't go by the book. She walked over to the box and removed the cover. Inside was a Lieutenant Commanders uniform, the type worn on small ships. "What the frell!" The knot in her stomach tightened.

He slept poorly that night, images of Aeryn and the Leviathan filling his dreams. He thought he heard a voice; it was that of a little girl, calling him. Twice the dream was strong enough to wake him. The next morning he woke, got cleaned up and put on the new uniform. He fitted it and headed out into the operating theater. Devon was nowhere to be seen. He headed towards the outer doors and as he approached, the large door opened. "What a surprise!" John turned back to the theater. "The least you could do Tarf, is wish me luck. " John stood there for a moment. He turned and started down the corridor. From the shadows of the operating theater Devon emerged. " Good luck my friend."

Part 3


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