Author: Karl
Rating: PG - 13

I wish to thank Browny of the great (Browny's Farscape Page) for her input and help. I would also like to thank Firefly and Quiltlady for the tedious task of Beta-ing my story. If you like this story try Passage you will find a lot of crossover between both stories.

Summary: If given the chance to change one event in your past, would you?
Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

If you like this story try Passage you will find a lot of crossover between them.

Part One: 
A Second Chance

John Crichton stood in the entrance to the concrete bunker of the spaceport. The city of Becca was another enigma in the Uncharted Territories. There had been a beautiful glass and stone city here once. Now it had fallen to decay. John noted that this was a common sight. There must have been an amazing civilization that spread though out this region of space at one time. What caused its collapse?

The new city sprawled at the foundations of the old and was completely different, being low concrete structures with large windows. But the strangest thing about the city was the trees. Unlike the sterile ruins in the center of the city, the outskirts were covered in foliage. These people embraced the jungle that surrounded them. Every street and passageway was lined with trees. Every rooftop was like a large planter for some type of vine, which hung down over the plain concrete structures. He looked through the crowded street in front of him, trying to see Zhaan or Rygel. It was hot. He could see the humidity hanging like fog under the canopy of green that covered the streets.

Thank God Aeryn isn't here. This heat would kill her in a microt! John smiled.
"Seconds," he said out loud. A few of the indigenous population passed him, all dressed in long heavy coats. They regarded him with strange stares. Not because he looked that different from them, but because he was wearing only a tee shirt and pants.
They had spent too much time here. John was itching to get moving. They had filled the transport with supplies but Zhaan and Rygel had not finished. What had been planned as a 'get in - get out' supply run, had turned into a day-long shopping spree. As it was, they were going to need to make two trips to get everything up to Moya. The memory-fiber maps that Pilot had been recording since entering the Uncharteds had come in handy with these people. They, for the first time, had more money than they knew what to do with.

"Crichton!" D'Argo yelled from the hangar. "Get in here!"

John turned around and looked into the bunker. He held his breath and looked down, hesitating at its entrance. An all too familiar knot formed in his stomach as he walked down the rows of hangars. I hate being in here. A flash of his cell on the Gammak base shot through his mind. Then an image of the chair. John stopped and closed his eyes. He succeeded in pushing the nightmare back. "Let's not go there today!" He took a deep breath and continued.

Transport Pod
He rounded the corner to the bay where one of Moya's transport pods sat quietly. D'Argo was standing next to the half full Skid Runner.
"Where have you been?" Without waiting for an answer, he added. "I need a hand."
Only at John's continued silence, did he look up. He stared at John who was white as a dentic. "What's wrong with you?" He asked gruffly.
John looked away from D'Argo's stare and ignored the question. "D'Argo! All that is not going to fit. The transport is full. What! Are your translator microbes taking a holiday?" He walked halfway up the ramp and peered into the hold. "How the hell are we going to get all of us in here too?"

D'Argo put the case back on the Skid Runner and walked past John. He peered into the hold, then turned and looked at John with a hint of anger.
"I don't know!" D'Argo said, reluctantly admitting defeat.
"You know what they say. Can't put ten metras of dren in a five metras container."
D'Argo ignored the very old joke. "Help me unpack the large trunks on the right." He slowly climbed through the cases.
"Wait! I have a better idea. You wait for the others and I'll fly this load up to Moya." The darkness of John's mood dissolved at the prospect of flying solo.
D'Argo turned around to face John. "NO! Absolutely not. Aeryn says you are not ready."
A smile crept across his face as he remembered his conversation with her. "D'Argo don't get me wrong. It's not that John's a bad pilot. Look at that piece of dren that he flew here in. He is just so frelling slow at picking it up." D'Argo had watched her frustration replaced by a slight smile.
John stood in a face off with D'Argo. "Come on! You know I can do it." He stood back from the Luxan and folded his arms.
"No. You are not going to take this transport up alone. We will wait for Zhaan to return." He folded his arms in mocking echo of John's stance.
"Look. We have what? At least two more trips to get everything up to Moya? I for one don't want to stay here any longer than we have to." John thought back to when he was a teenager trying to get the keys to the 4x4 on a Friday night. He fought the small grin growing on his face.
D'Argo looked at him for a long time. This was the lightest he had seen John since his escape from the Gammak base. He sighed deeply, and without looking back at John, he growled. "Go."
"Thanks, big guy. I'll take care of her." John jogged up the ramp past him.
"This is a mistake I know I am going to regret." D'Argo muttered, as he moved the Skid Runner out of the hanger and sealed the doors behind him.

The transport pod ascended through the thick lower atmosphere of the small planet. John hadn't stopped grinning since he'd taken off.

"Hey Pilot, I need a vector lock for orbital insertion."

"John Crichton, where's D'Argo?"

"He's watching the rest of our supplies back at the space port." John's grin widened at Pilot's holo image.

"You are flying the transport?" He had a slightly alarmed tone to his voice. "No one is with you?"

"I am flying solo my friend." He increased the ascension angle and accelerated, feeling the gravitonic emulators trying to compensate for his actions.

"Commander Crichton, I hope you are aware that it would take one hundred and ninety arns and valuable resources to grow a replacement transport if you damage that one."

"Thanks for the concern Pilot, I'll be careful." He lowered his ascension angle and slowed his climb. "Just tryin' to have a little fun."

"John what are you doing?" Aeryn called from Command.

"I'm just coming back from the supermarket with a transport full of groceries Ms. Sun." John knew he was going to get it when he arrived. He suddenly became aware that the sky was getting darker and the cloud cover was become denser.

"Did D'Argo let... I told that frel ... his mivonks ... You are not... Don't ... play your stu... Joh..." Signal lock with Moya was lost.

"Pilot can you scan the weather in my immediate area? It's getting messy up here. Pilot? Aeryn? Come on guys now is not the time for radio silence."

He could see flashes of lightening through the dense clouds. "Damn I'm flying her into a freakin' thunderhead!"

"Pilot can you scan the area?"

John knew better than try to reach orbit in this weather and he turned the transport pod back. He programmed the course for Becca...

...Then it happened. A bright flash blinded him for a second then the transport rolled to its starboard side. John's heart was racing as he heard the sound of escaping air. The lighting strike had hit the starboard Hetch drive field coil and the drive manifold had exploded, rupturing into the cabin. John struggled with the controls as the transport started to fall from the sky. The loss of cabin pressure pulled at his skin and eyes making concentration almost impossible.

The sub-zero cold of the upper atmosphere stung his skin. He exhaled slowly, hoping his power dive would bring him deep enough into the atmosphere that he could breathe again. It failed. The cold sunk deep into his body. This'll be the last time they'll let me borrow the car. He smiled and lost consciousness.

Tauvo Crais
Tauvo Crais was on his back under the airframe of his little craft. He had absconded with a few control lines from the maintenance bay the day before, and he passed the few arns he had off, installing them into his baby, an AD5 planetary assault craft that he was rebuilding from scrap. He was playing a dangerous game. Tech work was considered to be beneath him. Tauvo was a Warrior, not a Tech. If knowledge of his little project ever came to light it would mean disgrace for him and his brother. But Tauvo continued, knowing that this was his true calling. It was Bialar who had forced him into pilot training. His words still echoed in Tauvo's head. "No brother of mine will be a Tech! I will not stand for such a disgrace!" Suddenly the alert rang though the Command Carrier. He pulled himself out from under the craft and looked at his data plate. His wing was being scrambled. Three Leviathans from the convoy were attempting an escape. Tauvo quickly cleaned the grease from his hands and made his way up from the drive section to the Command Hub. His wingman Jessib Tel was waiting for him.

"Where the frell were you Tauvo?" He whispered.

"Sorry. Overslept." He slipped his thermo-vest on and they walked onto the central access of the Command Hub. They stood at attention.

Bialar looked at them. "You're late!" He moved to face his younger brother. Tauvo was about to speak, but Bialar raised his hand. "I want you to take your assault wing into the asteroid field and retrieve the three Leviathans. I want them returned alive." He shot Tauvo a stern look. "Alive!"

They both sounded off. "Yes sir!"

"Dismissed." Bialar watched with pride as his younger brother, Assault Commander Tauvo Crais exited. Bialar thought of his father. How proud he would have been at Bialar's accomplishments. He smiled as he moved to the center of the Command Hub. Yes father, I have molded Tauvo into what you knew he could be.

Farscape 1
As John struggled to keep from hitting the blue barrier, he made out a black opening ahead of him. He had no idea what was happening. Astronaut John Crichton had lost contact with Canaveral and the shuttle. Farscape 1 shot from the mouth of the blue whirlpool and as he past its event horizon, it appeared to vanish. But, in reality, it was still there, waiting for someone to pass within its grasp. If John had stopped Farscape 1 and reversed his course he would have passed back through the wormhole to the small blue planet he called home.

"Discovery…this is Farscape 1. Canaveral… This is Farscape 1. Did you see that?" He exhaled as the adrenaline rush started to fade. "DK, Dad, where are you guys?" He checked his transmitter. His headset emitted only the hiss of white noise. He was receiving nothing. John looked up through the canopy of Farscape 1. A huge asteroid slowly rotated in front of him and John felt a knot growing in his stomach. Oh yeah Dad I got those rattlers now! "Where the hell am I? Where's ...Earth?" He started to turn Farscape 1 back toward the blue distortion. He stopped and looked over his shoulder. John sensed its approach; his radar announced what he knew already. "It's going to hit me." He said in an unemotional tone. As the prowler closed on him, he found himself wondering what kind of Technology could fly a ship like that in space. Then the feeling crept though him that he had seen this ship before. As the arrow shaped vehicle passed, it clipped Farscape 1. John recovered quickly and chased after the ship. He fired all engines and closed on the Prowler as it spun toward the huge asteroid. Farscape 1 nudged the spinning Prowler off its collision course with the Asteroid, but it was too late for John. He questioned his own actions in that second. How did I know? Why did I?

The Farscape 1 module slammed onto the asteroid. The collision crushed the delicate test vehicle. John Crichton was exposed to the vacuum of space and died quickly. Tauvo regained control of his prowler and he returned to the asteroid. He called for a recovery team. His prowler could make it back to the carrier but he wanted to know more about this little craft and even more importantly - why it had saved him. He would have them recover the strange white and black ship and its occupants.

The large recovery ship descended on them and it quickly reclaimed Tauvo's damaged prowler. He argued with the Captain of the recovery ship about the Alien craft. It was against Peacekeeper protocol to bring aboard alien craft during a crisis situation. It was only Tauvo's station aboard the carrier that made the Captain give into his demands. Again Tauvo did what he did best; he made a new enemy.

Raising the dead
The recovery ship docked in the forward hangar of the Command Carrier. Tauvo raced down the ramp toward the nearest transport. He needed to find Bialar. During the escape attempt he had been recorded as lost and he had been unable to get a com channel through to the Command Hub.

From the ramp of the recovery ship the Captain yelled. "What the frell are we supposed to do with the alien ship?"

Tauvo stopped and turned to the Captain. Frelling techs can't think for themselves. "Put it in a stasis casing and send it to Tarf." He turned and headed for a transport.

He pulled off his glove and placed it in the scanner. "Command," He yelled into the lock. The voice confirmed who he was and the transport accelerated toward the Command Hub.

Captain Crais' personal physician, Devon Tarf, sat at his viewer and watched the small battle. He was silently cheering the three Leviathans as they tried to break their control collars. Devon watched as a prowler fired at one of the majestic beasts. In all his years of service, Devon had never been on one. He found the idea of boarding a Leviathan repugnant. We are like a virus to them. We thrive in them. We infest them. They have no protection from us. Devon watched as a troop ship boarded one of the Leviathans. "One down, two to go," as he talked to himself, his voice echoed though the large circular operating theater.

He was interrupted by the sound of the large access hatch opening. Devon watched as Captain Stonn entered cautiously.

"What can I do for you Captain?" He turned off his viewer.

The man seemed nervous. "Commander Crais wanted me to deliver this to you." Two techs followed behind him, pulling a huge stasis casing through the hatch.

"What is this?" Devon got up from his desk.

"I don't know sir. Some type of alien space craft." The man became more nervous as Devon approached.

"Commander Crais you say?" Devon moved back to his desk. "You are dismissed gentlemen." He waited for the men to leave then sat back down. He tried contacting Tauvo, and when that failed, he tried Bialar but standard coms were off-line had been rendered so until the uprising was over. Devon thought of using his priority code to contact Bialar but knew better; this was no emergency. He sat back and called up the scanners. The huge arms descended from the ceiling and Devon watched as they scanned through the large white and black mass inside the stasis casing.

"What's this?" He found that there was one occupant in the small craft. Definitely not Sebacean. "What are you my friend, and where did you come from?" Devon looked around the operating theater. "Well I like a challenge." He smiled as he sealed the doors and made sure there were no recording devices active. It was time for him to play. "First let's separate the being from ship."

There were high levels of volatile compounds present from its propulsion system. Carefully he cut away the remains of the ship from the body. As each section fell away it passed out of the stasis field and slammed onto the floor until all that remained was the suspended body that had been this craft's pilot. Devon stopped long enough to have Peacekeeper Tech Vollis and his crew come and remove the remains of the craft. He instructed him to evaluate the Technology. Once they were gone he started again. He thought of trying Crais again but he was too busy now. Hmmm ... let's start with its DNA.

"Double Helix. Similar to, but definitely not Sebacean. How long were you exposed to space my friend?" His tests showed he was borderline; forty percent down; cellular degradation to the brain. The computers recommended termination of subject. "Frelling machines!" He overrode their recommendation. Devon knew he would hear from Central Command but if this being was viable it would be worth it. He started cellular reconstruction, the first stage of which could be done inside the stasis field. If reconstruction worked on its brain, it would be worth repairing the rest of the damage sustained in the collision. The vacuum of space can be a blessing. This being was lucky.

Command Hub
Lieutenant Teeg kept looking up from her station. She knew that Bialar had seen the report on his brother, yet he did not react. Captain Crais stood at the center of the Command Hub barking out orders as they quelled the uprising. He shot a glance her way. She saw the agony, buried deep in him, over the possible loss of his brother.

Captain Crais walked over next to Teeg. "Is there a problem Lieutenant?"

"No, sir." She dared not look into his eyes again.

He moved closer. "There is a time and place for everything! Remember that!" He turned and walked back to the center of command.

"Get me Captain Lan of the Mordin." He turned to face the main viewer

Captain Lan stood on the Command Deck of the Peacekeeper Battle Fortress Mordin. Her impatience was starting to show. This is no duty for the Mordin. Escorting prisoners to the work camps on Delaris - what a waste! The image of Captain Crais filled her main viewer. "What can I do for you, Captain Crais?" She smiled lightly.

"You will move your ship back to its standard position at the rear of the convoy Captain Lan, or I will send someone there to relieve you, who will follow my orders." He watched as the smile on her face turned to stone. "Well!"

Captain Lan felt blood in her mouth as she bit the edge of her lip. "Yes, Captain Crais." She bowed slightly. Her image disappeared from the screen.

Frelling tralk! Crais took a deep breath. He moved to the overseer's console to see if the casualty list had been updated.

Teeg saw him first. Like a ghost from the dead he walked into the Command Hub. "Tauvo!" She said in a half whisper. Teeg watched as he approached Bialar.

Tauvo stood at attention behind Crais. "Captain, I wish to report an error in the casualty report." Bialar straightened quickly and turned very slowly. He faced his brother and he had to clear his throat before speaking.

"Thank you for that report Commander Crais." Bialar noticed how quiet the Command Hub became. He looked around at his officers. "This is not a rest period. Back to work!" Bialar turned back to his younger brother. "I expect a full report, Commander."

Tauvo's grin was quickly wiped from his face by Bialar's reaction. "I will have a full report for you in an arn, Captain." He bowed slightly and turned to exit.

Bialar spoke quietly. "I will have you join me for dinner this evening, Tauvo."

Tauvo stopped but did not turn around. "Yes Captain!" He exited the Command Hub.

Teeg followed the reports from the two Leviathans. One had removed its control collar and had moved out of the asteroid field.

"Captain one of the Leviathans is attempting to Starburst."

"Show me." Crais moved to Teeg's console. He watched as it projected its escape route in front of it and in a blue flash, it was gone. "Increase the attack on the second one. Kill it if you have too! I don't want it to escape." He stepped down from Teeg's console. "Get me the name of the escaped Leviathan."

"Yes Captain," She looked at her console. "It is the Leviathan Moya that escaped Captain."

Crais felt a chill wash over him and a shudder passed though his body.

Teeg opened the com to the Mordin. "Shall I have the Mordin go after her Captain?"

"Yes" Bialar Crais was staring off into space trying to understand the strange emotions that were assaulting him. "No! Wait. We will go after that Leviathan."

"Captain?" she was shocked by his comment.

"Did you not understand me Lieutenant? We will go after Moya."

"Yes Sir!"

"Tell Captain Lan of the Mordin that she is in charge of the convoy until I return."

They watched as the second Leviathan's control collar slowly fell away. As it moved from the asteroid belt, it was struck in one of its starburst talons. The Leviathan spun frantically though the asteroid field trying to avoid the assault from the waves of Prowlers.

Lieutenant Teeg looked at Crais with a small grin. "It is signaling its surrender Captain."

"I want it boarded and its Pilot retired immediately."

"Yes Captain!" She contacted the troop carrier that was on final approach to the damaged Leviathan with their new orders.

"Send out trackers to the local systems. Moya can't get far. Without the stores of Iriscentent Fluid in the control collar, she will need to replenish before she can starburst again. He stared out into space. He could not shake the strange feeling. He turned back to Lieutenant Teeg. "I will be in my quarters if you need me."

She watched him leave. She had never seen him like this and she could not imagine what would cause him to break with protocol this way. But she would follow any order he gave.

Not bad for an old hack!
Cellular reconstruction was viable. "Excellent! You are a fighter my friend!" The scanner retracted into its home in the ceiling as the AutoDoc descended from the central axis. The four-armed device passed through the stasis field and slowly enclosed the Alien. The Alien's body, wrapped in the robotic arms of the AutoDoc slowly exited the stasis field and Devon was able to see his subject clearly for the first time.

"Amazing! You are not Sebacean my friend, but outwardly you could fool anyone." He had really stumbled across something here. The AutoDoc lowered John's body into the ProtoBiotic fluid tank that had been raised from below the floor at the center of the circular operating theater. Devon allowed the AutoDoc do the simple tasks on its own; repairing his shattered spinal column and the cellular repair of his major organs and the tedious task of resuscitation.

He returned to his desk. Four arns? He had lost all concept of time. He sat at his desk and pulled up the ship status. He laughed as he read the initial report. "One Leviathan escaped." He could see Bialar's face now. "I think I will give him a wide berth tonight." He looked back at the report. "Good luck to you Moya!" What a strange name for a Biomechanoid.</>

He sat back and watched the AutoDoc as it cut and sealed incision after incision in the seemingly lifeless body suspended in the translucent tank. The monotony of the tasks caused Devon to slowly fall asleep at his desk. He awoke to the sounds of the AutoDoc raising John from the ProtoBiotic fluid tank. Devon looked down at his screens.

"Heart! ... Respiration! ... Brain activity! You frelling old hack, you did it!" Devon smiled at his accomplishment. Not bad for a day's work. Now all we need to do is see if it wakes. He walked across the operating theater to one of the six isolation chambers at the opposite end of his realm. He pulled a BioBed out and moved it up next to the huge arms of the AutoDoc, still encompassing John's body. He keyed the command for the AutoDoc to release its grasp on the being. The arms carefully placed John's repaired body on the BioBed, and then its retractors slid from his body and sealed the incision.

With the AutoDoc released, John's body convulsed under the sudden need to breathe on its own. Devon moved back slightly, as this process could sometimes be messy. The body arched and heaved as John Crichton took his first deep, raspy breath, like a child at birth. As his breathing stabilized Devon wheeled the BioBed into a containment cell. He checked its life signs again then sealed the alien in the cell. "Don't worry my friend, I'll be back shortly."

He walked briskly from the operating theater. Now to find Tauvo. He stopped outside the huge doors, making sure they were locked. He didn't need any prying eye's stumbling across his discovery.

Missing Battle Fortress
Commander Ulric Selton stood at the overseer console. They had taken center point in the convoy. Ulric watched as the squadrons of prowlers swept past each Leviathan; as if to remind them who was in power.

Ulric reviewed the prisoner logs of the transports. He found it strange that some of the transports were filled to overflowing with prisoners, while others had only a handful. It occurred to him that those with few were probably political prisoners. Don't want them stirring up trouble with the common felons.

The helmsman turned to face the Captain. "Excuse me Captain. We are picking up some strange reading off our port."

"What kind of reading?" Snapped Captain Lan.

"I don't know, some type of optical distortion. "

She looked at Ulric. "Could it be camouflage generators? The Tarleks have been using them to raid freighters in this area. Bring the data up on the main display."

Commander Selton turned back to the Captain. "There would be a detectable energy spike. It is not very large, only 4 drelts in diameter." The main display showed a small area where stars seemed to be moving. There was a blue hue to the area like smoke or water.

Captain Lan moved back to the center of the Command Deck. "Bring the ship in closer. I don't need anymore surprises today."

"Turning to heading 343 by 324 by 002," Yelled the helmsman.

"Forward guns to bear and auto track that sector."

"Yes Captain!" Commander Selton yelled over the increasing noise of the command deck.

Unknown to the Captain Lan she headed the huge fortress into the wake of a collapsing wormhole that had been created by Farscape 1 just three arns earlier. As the Morden passed through the event horizon, the ship was instantly cut in two by the receding space-time distortion of the collapsing wormhole. The bow of the huge ship seemed to puncture space-time and was gone. The aft drive section spun in a slow arc perpendicular to its original course. The end was near; and those who might have survived the initial vivisection had no time to escape their stations as long plumes of plasma poured from its mortal wounds. The hetch drive generators that had been fully charged lost their shielding and, in the vacuum of space, what was once one of the most powerful ships in the Peacekeeper arsenal was gone.

The Alien
Devon stepped up onto a transport "Command level two."

"Insert hand for genscan." The mindless voice from the device droned on...
Devon removed his glove and placed his hand in the scanner. Must still be on alert status if security safeguards are still in place. "Command level two, you useless machine!" He yelled into the lock. The voice confirmed who he was and the transport accelerated toward the command section. He walked down the corridor toward Tauvo's Office, stopped outside the door, and placed his hand on the ID scanner.

The hatch announced his arrival. Tauvo looked up from a holo image on his desk. "Devon come here, you have to see this." He smiled at the old doctor. "Watch this." He replayed the recording of his collision with the black and white alien ship. Devon watched as the little ship chased after Tauvo's prowler and nudged it out of the way of the asteroid.

Watching the holo image gave Devon a shudder down his spine. "So he sacrificed himself to save you." He stared at the empty viewer. "Amazing!"

"Yes it is." His voice trailed off. "I wish I had the chance to thank..." His mood changed. He looked up at Devon. "He!"

"Yes Tauvo, 'he', and you will have a chance to thank him." A smile grew across his face as he let slip the good news. "You see I resuscitated him for you." Devon was grinning ear to ear. "I didn't think it would work but... " Devon let out a crazy little chuckle.

"What! You did what! Who the frell told you to do that? Devon what were you thinking? How am I going to explain this to Bialar?" Tauvo's mind was spinning.

"I thought you would be pleased." He was shocked by the younger man's reaction. "I will go back and terminate him immediately! I just thought..." Devon was crushed by Tauvo's reaction. "I am sorry sir." He bowed slightly and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Tauvo stood and walked around his desk. "I wish to see him."

Back in the containment cell the lone human begin to stir. "Noooooo!" John screamed as he sat up in the BioBed. His brain jumped into consciousness and his arms flew out from his sides as if to keep him from falling. He opened his eyes, slowly focusing on the room. "Hospital? What the..." A reassuring wave flowed over him and he smiled "You always said Dad ... any landing you can walk away from..." As he fell back onto the bed and pain shot through his back. "Ye-ouch…" John realized he must have had one hell of a nasty landing. His shoulders ached, his lungs were burning and he had a major, brain-busting, headache. He closed his eyes and slowly fell back to sleep. What a strange dream.

Tauvo and Devon descended from the transport pad. They hadn't spoken during the trip here. Tauvo looked at the huge door to Devon's realm, uncertainty gnawing at his stomach. Devon inserted his hand in the lock and the huge door receding into the floor. They walked into the dark Operating Theater. In all the years that he had known Devon Tarf, this was the first time he had been in his theater. Tauvo followed Devon to the furthest cell where the physician quickly activated the viewer. Tauvo's jaw dropped. "He's Sebacean. What kind of game are you playing Devon?"

"It's no game Tauvo. He looks like us but is quite different."

"Different how?" Tauvo was trying to figure out how he could get out of this mess he made.

Devon pulled up a holo image of John's body. "His physical ability is poorly rated at sixty-two of norm, and his mental ability is pitiful. A young child could out think him."

Tauvo became suspicious. "Wake him."

"I would wait Tauvo, he needs to heal…"

"Wake him now!

Devon looked at Tauvo, knowing better than to argue with a Crais.

He activated the com. "Wake up. We have questions for you!"

John almost jumped from his skin when he heard the sounds. He sat up quickly, rolling off the bed and his feet came into contact with the icy floor. His head swam as he tried to adjust to a standing position. "Hey what's going on?" He looked around the room as the strange sound began again.

"Uh come on guys." John rubbed his eyes. "Cobb, if that's you, I'm going to kick your ass when I get outta here." He had to hold onto the side of the bed. He felt heavy. "I really don't need this. I got a big enough headache as it is." John got the strange feeling he had never heard sounds like this before. He looked around the room. Dark gray like the jump suit he was now wearing. "A ship but what Navy?"

Devon looked at Tauvo with a big grin. "He doesn't have translator microbes."

"What? That's impossible! Every back wash planet from the core to the rim has them." Tauvo's suspicion faded, as he realized that this was no trick. This creature looks Sebacean, but isn't. It doesn't even have translators. No, this alien is new. Why did he save my life? What is he doing here? Tauvo's mood changed.

Devon keyed the dispensary and an injector dropped into the slot. He picked up the injector and headed for the door to the cell.

Tauvo stopped him. "Do you think it's a good idea to go in there by yourself?"

Devon smiled. "Ah Tauvo, have you forgotten my past?" His smile turned cold. "I can handle him, don't worry." He opened the door and walked into the cell.

John noticed the hatch as it slid open and an older man walked in. He was smiling slightly. John exhaled. "Thank God! Look, I know isolation protocol but how about a few…"

The man kept walking closer, the smile seemingly locked on his face. The rattlers in John's stomach started up big time. "Hey Doc say something!" John raised his voice. Devon moved closer and John backed away from him. Devon raised his hands slowly as he approached.

"Who are you? Where am I? I want some answers!" His voice rose to a scream. What happened next was so fast that John's mind didn't have time to react. Devon lunged at John, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him forward with one motion. In that one swift movement, John found his hands locked behind his back. Devon used his free hand to pull the injector from his pocket and he deftly shot it into John's neck. "Hey… Ouch! Jesus Christ!" He felt a burning sensation that spread through his head. "What the hell was that?"

"Brelax vit wurs Ftaslater Microbes my tfrind once they get to the base of your brain you will understand what I am saying." Devon spoke calmly to John. "Do you understand me now."

"Yeah. Where am…"

"All of your questions will be answered in time my friend. Now I am going to let you go. Please don't struggle. I do not wish to hurt you. Do you understand?"

"Yes." John was breathing heavily. He couldn't believe the speed of the old man.

Devon released his arms and John slipped forward on to his knees, dizzy from the exertion. Devon helped him back onto the BioBed. "You must rest."

Tauvo stood at the doorway. "Very good Devon. I have never seen you in action. Quite impressive." Tauvo walked into John's cell and gazed at John. He was stunned. "What the frell!" Tauvo walked over to Devon, his eyes not leaving John. "Devon do you know the first officer of the Mordin, Ulric Selton?

Devon did not look up from the sensory display on the side of the BioBed. "Sounds familiar, but I can't place him, why?"

"Your friend here could be his twin." Tauvo smiled at John. "Amazing, I'll have to get him over here."

John sat back up on the bed. "Look, will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" He looked at the two men.

Tauvo became cold as he spoke. "I will ask the questions. Name, rank and division."

"Fine!" John spat. "John Robert Crichton Jr. Commander, International Astronautic and Space Administration. Registration 1280-244-1719-7." John got up from the bed again. "Now where am I? I wish to speak…"

"Silence!" Tauvo stepped back from him. "What are you?"

"Wait this is some kind of joke, right? I mean every one has heard of the IASA? Look I would like to speak to some one from of US consulate or a UN representative."

"You are in no position to make demands." Tauvo's anger was beginning to show. His hand moved down to his Pulse gun. Devon stepped over to him. "Relax Tauvo, I don't think he realizes where he is."

"Hey Doc, look - just get me a phone so I can take care of all this." John smiled.

Devon pulled out his scanner as he walked slowly around John. "John Crichton. What is the last thing you remember before waking here?

John thought back. He spoke slowly. It hurt to remember. "I was trapped in an energy vortex that had engulfed my ship." He stared at Devon as the memory became more focused. "Earth! Where's Earth?"

"John Crichton. Do you remember anything else?"

"Yeah, I saw a strange ship." John looked at them with a stunned expression. "It hit me! It spun out of control and I went after it. I caught the tip of its wing. It was enough to prevent it from crashing into asteroid." He smiled at Devon. "I pulled up but… everything went black." The bleakness of the memory hit him. "That ship! It's pilot - is he safe?"

Tauvo moved forward and his hand slipped from his pulse gun. He had to swallow hard before speaking "Yes he is fine John Crichton. Why did you save him? We must know?" Tauvo moved closer.

"I don't know, it was like I knew it was going to happen and I had to stop it no matter what." John chuckled. "Strange huh? Earth! Where are we?" The color drained from John's face as he spoke. He stepped back to steady himself on the side of the BioBed. "There are no ships like that on…" His voice trailed off as he realized that these people were not from Earth.

Tauvo cracked a small smile. "No John Crichton there aren't. This Earth - is it your species' home world?"

John just stared at Tauvo. "Species?" John's mind tried to comprehend what had happened. "Ah. Yeah I'm from the planet Earth. My species is Human. Homo sapien sapient."

Tauvo's smile grew. "John Crichton, I am Assault Commander Tauvo Crais." Tauvo bowed slightly. "I am the pilot of the other ship. I owe you my life."

"You... it was you! Thank god! I thought I let you…" John felt that nervous feeling again, he didn't understand it. He thought he was going to be sick.

Devon moved closer. "Are you alright John Crichton?"

"Yeah, just a little dizzy, that's all." He took a deep breath. "Now how about telling me where the fuck am I?"

Devon and Tauvo looked at each other with a strange expression. The translator microbes gave up in their endeavors to explain the profanity. They spent the next arn explaining where he was and how Devon had resuscitated him. John seemed to dance on the edge of shock. Finally, Devon felt he'd been through enough for one day and sedated John so he could rest. He and Tauvo walked out of the small containment cell, leaving John in a deep sleep.

Devon sat down behind his desk. "So, what do you want me to do?"

Tauvo smiled at the old man. "If I hadn't come and spoken with him it would be easy. Terminate him." Tauvo stared off into space. He could see his collision with John's strange white and black ship.

Devon sat back in his chair and smiled slightly. "And now?"

Tauvo looked at Devon. "And now … now I have met the man who saved my life." He took a deep breath and shook his head. "No Devon, you will not terminate him." Tauvo looked back at the open cell door. "Now I have to figure out how to tell Bialar about all of this."

"I don't envy you that task." Devon stood and walked with Tauvo back to the large door of his operating theater.

Tauvo looked back at John's cell. "You left the cell door open Devon."

Devon Tarf smiled at young Crais. "He is our guest now Tauvo. I will leave that cell door open until he gives me reason to do otherwise."

The Brothers Crais
The Crais brothers sat in silence during dinner that evening. Bialar noticed on a few occasions, Tauvo started to speak but then fell silent again. Bialar sensed that something was wrong. "I read your report on the alien craft. Any idea what it is?"

Tauvo continued to push his food around his plate.

"You were wise to salvage the wreckage. It may hold some clues." Bialar raised his hand and one of his attendants approached. The Delvian cleared his plate. "Okay that is enough Tauvo, what's wrong?"

Tauvo shoved his plate forward. He looked at his brother. "I have something to show you." He stood and walked from Bialar's quarters.

Bialar followed after him. "What is this about Tauvo?" He was becoming angry once again at his little brother's acts of independence. "Tauvo!" He raised his voice.

Tauvo stopped and looked back at Bialar. "It will be easier if I show you." They rounded the corner to Devon's operating theater. Tauvo placed his hand into the lock and the huge doors opened. Bialar was surprised that Devon would allow him access to his theater. The two men walked in. Devon was suspiciously absent.

Tauvo walked up to Devon's desk and activated the large Holo array. He slowly turned back to his brother. "I lied in my report. I did not shoot down the alien ship. I collided with it."

"What!" Bialar became furious. Falsifying reports came with heavy penalties. "Why Tauvo? What possessed you to do that?"

"This!" Tauvo keyed the sequence from the sensor logs.

Bialar stood in amazement as he watched the small craft floating among the asteroids. He watched as it was struck by Tauvo's prowler and then how the strange ship recovered quickly and chased after the spinning prowler. He was shocked as it struck Tauvo's prowler, nudging it out of the course of the oncoming asteroid. "Incredible! It almost looks like it sacrificed itself for you."

"He did my brother." Tauvo stared at Bialar. "He sacrificed himself to save me."

Bialar had a stunned expression on his face. He had seen self-sacrifice among his own solders but never from an alien. "Why have you shown me this Tauvo?"

"Devon has reanimated him." Tauvo spat out.

"What! That old fool! No wonder he is hiding." Bialar's mind raced. He knew what Devon could do. "Where is this alien?

Tauvo walked down to the last cell he turned on the light. The heavily sedated John Crichton lay sleeping.

"He's Sebacean?"

"No. Devon assures me he is quite different."

"Tauvo how do you get yourself in these messes?" He exhaled. As he looked at the alien he felt he was somehow familiar. "Where did he come from?"

"We don't know, he says he was testing a theory for gravitational boost above his home world when he was pulled through an energy vortex."

"What kind of energy vortex?" Bialar looked at Tauvo dismissively and turned back to the sleeping alien.

"He called it a Wormhole."

"Wormhole!" Bialar looked back at his younger brother again. "What else did this alien say?"

Tauvo tried to smile. "Nothing really. John Crichton, that is his name, thought he had somehow stumbled into the vortex. He is still disorientated. Devon thinks it will be a few more days before he's fully recovered." His smile faded. "Bialar, have you heard of these wormholes?"

He looked at Tauvo for a long time. He knew better then tell Tauvo the truth. The truth can be a dangerous thing. "No Tauvo, I have never heard of wormholes. Now. What do expect us to do with him?"

"I leave that in your hands my brother. But…" Tauvo looked down at the floor. "But I want you to know I owe him my life. He was willing to sacrifice his for mine."

Bialar looked at the Alien for some time. This alien might have Technology that would be useful. Bialar's plan unfolded in his mind. He looked back at Tauvo "You feel strongly about this do you?" Bialar moved closer to his younger brother, a grin appearing on his face. "We will treat him like a brother Tauvo." Bialar gave Tauvo a hug and spoke quietly. "He has saved the most important thing in my life." Bialar released him and started to exit the cell. "But you will be responsible for him. Is that understood?"

Tauvo smiled. "Yes Bialar." Tauvo walked his brother to the hatch of the theater.

Bialar stopped at the threshold and turning back, yelled into the large room. "You can come out now Devon. I am leaving. I expect a full medical report on our guest on my desk in the morning." He laughed slightly. "Impressive work you old hack!" He turned back to his brother and smiled. "Good night Tauvo."

Tauvo walked back to Devon's desk. Devon was already sitting there. "Congratulations Tauvo. I am frankly shocked."

"There is one thing you can say of Captain Bialar Crais." Tauvo smiled at Devon. "He is full of surprises." He dropped his smile. "Thanks for your support Devon."

"What?" Devon laughed. "I know better than to get involved between you two. I would end up with my head at the end of a Jinka Pole in your brother's office."

Tauvo walked back to the exit. "Good night Devon."

Lt. Zina Teeg
Captain Bialar Crais walked quickly back to his quarters, his plan fully formed by the time he had reached his desk. I won't be able to do this alone. Bialar keyed the com. "Lt. Teeg please come to my office." For this to work I will need Zina's help. He smiled at the prospect as he waited for her arrival

A few microts later Lt. Zina Teeg entered Bialar's office. She was still closing her uniform collar as she walked in. "Sorry for the delay Captain!" She looked straight forward.

"Quite alright Lieutenant." Bialar stood from his desk and walked up to her. "I am sorry for calling you during your off duty period. Please, will you join me in a drink?"

She looked at him questioningly. She stuttered over her response. "Ye-Yes that would be ... Yes, thank you, Captain." She followed him to the raised seating area of his quarters and watched in silence as he filled two cylinders with Phelep Nectar.

"How is the search for the missing Leviathan going?" He asked as he turned and handed her one of the cylinders.

"Four systems covered; no trace. Tracker 1233 has picked up something and is investigating. We won't know for fifty or sixty arns. "

"Very good Zina." Bialar smiled. "May I call you Zina?"

She looked at him stunned "Yes Captain!" A small grin started to form on her face. She took a big gulp of the Phelep Nectar.

"Please, when we are alone, it's Bialar."

"Yes Bialar." A smile exploded across her face.

Bialar sat down next to her. "How long have you served with me Zina?"

"Four Cycles as senior hub officer and one as your second." The smile on her face faded slightly. "Why?"

Bialar laughed at her reaction. "I have wished to bring you into my confidence for a long time. But the time has never been right… Until now." He stood and walked across the seating area to one of his prized Hynerian Senate heads. "I need your help, Zina." He almost choked on the words and his mood darkened as he spoke. "My brother has stumbled across an alien that may hold the key to some new technology."

"What kind of technology Bialar?"

He turned toward her. "It is believed that this alien has developed wormhole travel."

Zina was stunned. She had followed all New Tech research that her clearance would allow. Wormhole Tech had been the most elusive of all the research. The stunned expression on her face turned to a sly grin. "To hold the key to wormhole technology would make you, Bialar Crais, the most powerful man in Peacekeeper history."

"Yes. It would." He smiled at her. "That is why I need your help Zina, if I am to make my plan work." He walked up close to her. "As I said before. I have been looking for a reason to bring you into my confidence."

"What can I do, Bialar?" She moved slightly closer to him.

"I need a false Ident chip for the alien. A good counterfeit, strong history something that others would not question. You have access to these resources." He grinned.

"I do?" She grinned more. "You are good Bialar. I will do whatever you ask. But… " She pulled away slightly from him. "But why not just extract the information from him?"

Bialar's grin was replaced with a hollow painful stare. "He saved my brother's life. I will not allow him to be injured." He looked back at Zina.

"How noble." She whispered. Bialar bent down and kissed her softly. "I will do whatever you ask, Bialar."

Into the fold.
Tauvo found his new assignment on his desk the next morning. Tauvo Crais had been transferred to Special Ops for the rehabilitation of one Lieutenant Jon Cryton of the Ravstar Regiment."

"Ravstar!" Bialar wasn't playing around. No one on the command carrier would question anyone from the Central Command elite. Tauvo picked his new Ident chip off the desk. "Decca 12 clearance!" Tauvo smiled he had been a Decca 7 before. The door announced Lt. Teeg's entrance.

"Good Morning Commander Crais. I see you have received your new orders."

He looked at Teeg suspiciously. "Yes I have Lieutenant. How did you ... ?"

"The Captain has brought me into the fold." She smiled brightly at Bialar's younger brother. "I have created an entire identity for your friend. I will need to do some Dat manipulation for the Genscans nothing I can't handle."

"I will, of course, confirm this with Bialar." He still looked at her suspiciously.

"Yes of course Tauvo. I will meet you in one arn outside of Devon's operating theater." She turned to leave. "I look forward to meeting this strange alien Bialar spoke of."

Tauvo contacted Bialar on his private link. Bialar confirmed everything that Lt. Teeg said and seemed genuinely pleased at the amount of work she had already completed.

One arn later, Tauvo stepped down from the transport pad. Waiting for him by the door to Devon Tarf's operating theater was Lt. Teeg.

"I am impressed Lieutenant. Bialar is not one to normally share information with anyone." Tauvo smiled slyly at her.

Her expression became cold. "I will do anything for the Captain, Tauvo." She turned toward the door. "Anything!"

Tauvo walked past her and placed his hand in the Genscan lock. The door would not open. Tauvo looked at Teeg with surprise. Devon called from his com. "Who is your friend Tauvo?"

Teeg moved forward and placed her hand in the lock. She looked back at Tauvo. "Not very trusting is he?"

The voice chimed in. "I am cautious my dear. Very cautious."

Tauvo smiled at her. "He hears everything Lieutenant. You'd best remember that."

The massive doors parted to reveal the dimly lit room. It took a few moments for their eyes to adjust as they made their way to Devon's desk at the side of the large circular theater.

Devon stood from his desk. "Lieutenant Zina Teeg. Welcome to my world. I must say I am surprised that Bialar would…" He smiled at the young blond. "That is not important."

Tauvo walked past Devon's desk in the direction of John's cell. "How is he this morning?"

"He is still sleeping." Devon continued to smile at them.

"We need to review the findings on his ship. I want him to go with us."

Teeg seemed surprised at Tauvo comment. "Do you think it's wise to allow the alien access to other areas of the ship?"

From behind them the groggy voice of John Crichton, "Don't worry miss. I don't bite." He smiled as he approached Devon's desk. The sight of the female Peacekeeper was a pleasant surprise.

They were startled by his approached. Tauvo turned to face John. "How are you feeling today John Crichton?"

John yawned and scratched the back of his head. "Better, though I could use a bite."

"A bite. A bite of what?" Tauvo looked confused.

John laughed slightly. "A bite to eat. Food, breakfast or what ever you call it here."

Devon moved closer to John and pulled out his scanner, running it across John's stomach. "Good. I was hoping you would be ready to eat solid food. I will get you something." Devon left them.

Tauvo moved forward. "John Crichton I would like to introduce you to Lieutenant Zina Teeg, First officer of the command carrier."

John stepped closer. "It is very nice to meet you Lieutenant." John smiled at her. "After only seeing Devon and Tauvo for the past two days you are a sight for sore eyes." His smile widened.

Teeg's jaw dropped as she realized he was the alien they had been speaking of. "Amazing!" Teeg moved closer and slowly circled John. She did not hear a word he said. "He is not Sebacean? I can't believe it."

John's smile faded as he realized she was ignoring him. "Hello ma'am, didn't your mother ever tell you it is impolite to stare?" John quipped as she continued to stare at him.

Teeg realized he was speaking to her. "What? I'm sorry John Crichton you were saying?" She answered as she stared at him, her mouth still open slightly.

"Let start with John, Okay." He looked back at Tauvo. "It's just John."

"Very well John." Tauvo looked back at Lt Teeg. "John we would like you to come with us to review the remnants of your ship."

"Lets go!" He laughed lightly at them. "Any chance to get away from Baron Von Frankenstein sounds good to me." He frowned slightly. "Don't get me wrong Tauvo, I like Devon but this place gives me the creeps."

Tauvo looked a Teeg. "Creeeeeps?"

"Don't look at me. I have no idea." Teeg moved forward "Eat first John, then we will go. I will call for General Quarters so we won't run into anyone on the way."

Tauvo looked at her questioningly. "Is that necessary?"

Teeg called on her link. "Vollis have you finished you review of the alien craft?"

"Yes Lieutenant Teeg I…I have just finished. "His nervous tone echoed throughout the operating theater.

"We will be down in four hundred microts. I don't want any one else there. Is that understood."

"Yes Lieutenant Teeg. Vollis Out!"

John stepped down from the transport pad and looked down the huge empty corridors. Why don't they want anyone to see me? What are they afraid of? He was disappointed in what he had seen on the trip. A subway ride in Manhattan was more exciting.

Teeg turned to John as they walked down the dark gray corridor. "John, you must not speak in front of the Tech, do you understand?

"Sure Lieutenant, not a word." The suspicious feeling in John's gut, grew ten-fold as they walked. "But why?"

Tauvo stopped walking. "You are a guest here, but before you can walk freely among us you must become familiar with our customs and culture." Tauvo hesitated slightly and John saw the hint of pain in his eyes. "You must conform to our rules. I know it sounds strange John, but trust us. It's in your best interests."

Peacekeeper Tech Tormas Vollis stood at the entrance to Bay 13. As they approached, Vollis stood at attention eyes to the floor.

Teeg looked at the Tech. "Well" she spat acidly, "Don't just stand there, open the door!"

"Yes Lieutenant!" He turned and placed his hand in the lock. It confirmed his identity and the large pressure door slid to the side. Teeg walked in past Vollis followed by Tauvo and John. Vollis locked his view to the floor as they entered the cavernous hangar. John felt a sharp pain of despair as he saw what was left of his ship. He walked past them slowly and stood next to the remains of his mighty little test module. Farscape 1 had been cut into six sections. He bent down and patted the wreckage. "Thank you girl, you did good." John's hand ran over the Farscape 1 logo. He could still make out the flight team's signatures just below it and he found himself fighting off the loneliness that descended on him as he stared at the names. He turned and realized they were looking at him and without speaking, he returned to the small group.

"Tech Vollis report." Teeg ordered.

John found her treatment of the Tech strange. She had seemed quite friendly on their way down here but she spoke to him it was as if he were a second-class citizen.

"We have not been able to activate the computational systems. I have reviewed all our Prehistory Tech and can find nothing like it." He shuffled through his transparencies.

Tauvo looked at John. "That will be a task you are best suited to John. Continue Vollis!"

"The frame is a simple aluminum structure with some type of cohesive bonded carbon substrate. Considering the technology, this construction is quite advanced. An Industrial Level Two. The skin is similar with some areas using a form of silica-based ceramics. Quite crude. I would estimate industrial level one." He dropped one of his pages on the floor. "This brings up an important point Commander Crais. The imperfections in the ceramics have a natural scattering effect on our scanners. This ship would be almost invisible to your prowler's scanners. That's why you didn't detect it in your kill zone."

Tauvo smiled and spoke quietly to John "Lucky for you!"

John interrupted. "Please refresh my memory Tech Vollis what are the Industrial Levels?"

Vollis looked shocked. "You are joking?" He smiled nervously as he looked from Zina to Tauvo then back to John.

Tauvo looked at John. He had been told to keep his mouth shut and yet, here he was, asking questions. Tauvo looked back at Teeg. She was obviously angered by John's disobedience. Tauvo spoke calmly. "It's alright Vollis, answer his question." He tried to smile at the Tech.

The Tech straightened slightly. "Industrial scale is broken up into nine levels of evaluated worth: Industrial Level Negative Four: No refined metals or ceramics… Industrial Level Negative Two: Industrial society… Industrial Level Zero: Atomic energy control fission and fusion… Industrial Level Two: Hetch drive capabilities… Industrial Level Four: biomechanical replication."

John was about to ask another question when he looked to Tauvo. Not a good idea, John. Don't push your luck. John cleared his throat. "Thank you, Tech Vollis, very good."

Teeg moved forward. "Continue Vollis." She shot John a look that he understood all to well.

"Propulsion system is Industrial Level Negative One. Chemical propellant." The Tech grinned slightly. "I never thought I would actually see one."

Tauvo looked at Vollis. "Is there anything worth noting Tormas?"

"Yes Commander, there is." He walked over to the nearest bench and picked up a large rectangular object. "This is the craft's power source. A calrimiter battery. An Industrial level Three power source."

Tauvo stepped forward he was stunned. "What… how?"

"It was being operated inefficiently with hydrogen instead of Chalkan oil but its design is similar to the ones used in our Prowlers. In fact, if this unit was operational it could power three prowlers easily."

Tauvo turned and stepped up close to John, ignoring the Tech's presence. He was seething with anger and he took a deep breath, closing his eyes, as if he was trying to concentrate. When he spoke, it was in an even monotone voice. "I think you have some explaining to do John."

John looked at Teeg then back at Tauvo. "I don't understand Tauvo. It's a simple fuel cell. It converts hydrogen to electricity. Its byproduct is water. It's a standard off-the-shelf fuel cell. It was developed forty to fifty years ago for the space program. They really haven't changed much since then. In fact that one you're holding was originally slated for a canceled moon shot." He smiled slightly, trying to break the rising tension. "Whoa… Whoa… Whoa. Don't tell me you think I made all this up."

Tauvo turned back to Vollis in a raised voice. "You are certain it is the same."

"Yes sir. It was obviously made by the same race that made the craft but it is the exact same technology. I have to say Commander. If they developed this on their own, I would consider it to be quite impressive."

Teeg turned back to Tauvo. "It wouldn't be the first time Tauvo. Look at the Sheyangs."

Vollis stared at John for a long time. "Do you know who built this craft sir?"

John looked at the Tech. "That is why I am here." John felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. He thinks I'm Sebacean.

"I have seen enough." Teeg walked past Vollis without looking at him.

"Lieutenant Teeg, wait!" John knew he was going to in deep shit for not following their orders but he needed to know if it was there. "Were there any belongings left inside the craft?" Teeg stopped in place and as she turned John could see he was right about her reaction.

"Yes sir." Vollis walked over to the wall and pulled out a small box.

Vollis speculated on each item as he pulled them from the box. "Some type of magnetic recording device." He then pulled a Phillips head screwdriver out. "Some type of fastening tool."

Then he pulled out a bag with the remnants of John's flight suit. "This was an article of clothing. It is heavily contaminated by the propulsion system." Finally he pulled out the ring on a chain. "We don't know what this is but we think it some type of religious icon. Purely conjecture of course."

John stepped forward. "I wish to examine these items more closely." He turned back to Tauvo.

Stress showed heavily on Tauvo's face. "If they will help you John, I see no reason why not."

Looking down at the floor Vollis handed the box to John. "Thank you Vollis." John smiled at the Tech and Vollis looked up at him with a questioning glance, then quickly redirected his view to the floor.

Tauvo moved next to John. "Time to go." He directed John toward the door. Tauvo stopped at the door without looking back. "You have a question Tormas?"

The Tech kept his stare locked on the floor. "He is the pilot of this ship?"

"Yes Tormas he is." Tauvo spun on his heels quickly to face the Tech. "Now that I have told you. What are you going to do?"

"I will do nothing, Sir. I will tell no one." The Tech smiled slightly as he looked up at Tauvo.

"Very good Tormas." Tauvo smiled at his friend.

As they exited Bay 13, John looked back one last time at the remnants of his ship. He watched as the doors closed. I'll never see Farscape 1 again, or will I? Tauvo and Teeg took turns explaining the need for self-control and the importance of listening to orders in their society. John felt more alone with each passing moment. They left him in the MedBay. Well John, so much for making a good impression. He looked down at the box of his belongings and felt a twinge in his stomach again. Rattlers "I don't belong here." John said quietly as he looked at his father's ring.

Tauvo and Teeg walked in silence back to the transport disk. They headed for command.

"Do you think it wise, telling the Tech about Crichton?"

"Lieutenant Teeg, Techs are not our enemies. They can be a great asset." He turned toward her. "You should consider that in the future."

Zina Teeg kept her eyes forward as she spoke. "Techs are merely another tool at our disposal Just like this ship and its armament. They are no different."

"They are people like you and me and they deserve to be treated as such." She is like all the rest. Blind and ignorant.

Zina turned to Tauvo with a concerned look. "Strange to hear such comments from a Command Officer." Her questioning stare burned deep into him. "I fear this plan is not going to work."

Tauvo remained stone-faced. "What do you mean Lieutenant?"

"Our friend obviously has a problem with authority. I fear he is too much of a free thinker to fit in."

Tauvo moved forward and keyed the transport to stop. The pad decelerated quickly and moved to the side of the transport tunnel. He looked around as if he would be able to spot listening devices that may be in the area. "Lieutenant… Zina. He saved my life. I owe him. He will fit in." Tauvo looked at her for a long time. Okay Tauvo, she's not as perceptive as you had hoped. It's time to play the Bialar card. "Bialar would not have brought you into this if he didn't think you were up to the challenge."

She stepped back from Tauvo. "Perhaps. But I don't trust him. He listens yet still proceeds to do as he wishes. He is dangerous!" She spat.

"I find it refreshing." He regretted the words the instant they spilled from his mouth.

"That's treason!" Zina raised her voice slightly.

"That's the truth!" He turned from her gaze. " Report me if you wish. I don't care. I have always followed the guidelines of the Decca and will die by them. But you will not harm the alien." He looked back at her. "Is that understood?

"Yes Commander." Zina walked past Tauvo and started the transport pad again. They traveled in silence the rest of the way. The transport stopped on the command level and Tauvo stepped down from the pad. "A warning Tauvo Crais. Be careful who you confide in. I don't care what you think but it could affect your brother's career. I will not allow that to happen. Is that understood Commander?"

Tauvo did not respond to her threat.

Log entry: One Day: 4, Lost in space
John walked from his cell into the operating theater; Devon was nowhere to be found. He walked back into his cell and sat on the BioBed. From the day that he had injected the translator microbes into his neck, Devon had never closed the isolation cell door. He reminded John a few times each day that he was a guest, not a prisoner. John looked at the worn IASA logo on the front of his tape recorder and took a deep breath.

"Log Entry One - Day four - Lost in space." John grinned as he started the log.

"Hi Dad, DK. Well it's me. I made it! I mean I survived the trip through the looking glass. Barely. Remember the motorcycle accident I had when I was eighteen? Well let's just say that from what I'm told this was a lot worse. But I look a lot better than the Farscape 1 module. She won't be flying again I'm afraid. Well guys, it worked better then we planned. I am sitting here talking to you from a medical isolation cell on board a kilometer long star ship owned and operated by a race called Peacekeepers. I have no idea where I am. I reviewed their unclassified star charts and have found nothing familiar. Like I would, I know. But it was worth a shot. I hope the IASA doesn't pull the funding because of my little jaunt. Hell if I'm right, we produced a wormhole!" John laughed slightly. "A real freakin worm hole." The excitement drained from his voice as John thought of his father. "The next part of this message is for you Dad." John stopped the recorder and banged it against his chin as he composed his thoughts.

"It's incredible Dad. The Peacekeepers look like us and they seem to think like us but I am told there are physiological differences. They seem to be a bit paranoid if you ask me." John chuckled. "I can tell you this, they are a hell of a lot faster than we are." John rubbed his shoulder where Devon had restrained him while receiving the translator microbe injection.

"Anyway I wanted to make a record of all this so if I ever do make it home…" He stopped the recording, trying to push back those all too familiar feelings of loss. He looked down at the recorder and took another deep breath. "It will make a good record for me. The Peacekeepers are like an intergalactic police force. You should see their Technology. They say they help spread order throughout a portion of this galaxy. All I know Dad, is that they are treating me well. They seem to have no interest in figuring out how I got here or how to get me home. Hell, I can't blame 'em; they seem to have their hands full, keeping the peace. So I doubt you'll ever get this but I figure what the hell, you never know. Anyway Dad, if I believe the holos they showed me yesterday, Gene Roddenberry was right. But I have my doubts. I don't know. It's just a feeling. I'm doing fine so don't worry about me and take care of yourself. Oh yeah, before I forget. They retrieved your lucky ring from the wreckage of Farscape 1. The rest of this message is for DK.

"Hey DK, I will record what I can of the telemetry from what's left of Farscape 1 Nav computer once the Techs have extracted it from the wreckage. I need you to do me a favor." He cleared his throat. "I need you to watch out for my Dad for me. I know it's going to be tough on him, being alone. Thanks DK." John stopped recording and wiped his eyes.

Devon Tarf stood outside John cell listening to him making the recording on his archaic recording device. Devon felt sorry for the young man. He stepped back from the doorway quietly. He hadn't felt sorry for anyone in a very long time. How strange ...

A Great Debt
John sat on the edge of Devon's desk when Lieutenant Teeg entered the operating theater. She was carrying a large box.

"How is your patient today Devon?" She looked at John as if trying to find something which she could recognize as not Sebacean.

"He's a frelling pest! He does nothing but ask questions! I can't get any work done."

"Devon. I thought we were pals." He got up from the desk and took a step closer to the Lieutenant. "Good morning Lieutenant Teeg."

She smiled at John. "Captain Crais requests both of you to join him for dinner this evening." She handed the box to John. "Here is something a little more appropriate for you to wear."

John opened the box. Inside was a black uniform similar to hers. "Hey I have been told I look great in black." He smiled at her.

"Yes, well he will expect you at Mark seventeen gentlemen." She grinned at Devon as she turned and exited.

Devon sat back and laughed at John. "Nice try my friend, but she only has eyes for one thing in this Universe.

"Don't tell me. The Command Carrier?" John thought, "What a Star Trek cliché!"

"No John," He smiled, "Its Captain. Now go back to your cell and leave me alone."

"I have to say Devon, I for one will be glad to see anything outside this little house of horrors of yours." John walked into his cell. He changed into the uniform. "What! Is this some kind of joke?" He walked out with the uniform on but it was about three sizes too big.

Devon looked at him. "You have to fit it!" He said impatiently. "Here, let me show you."

Devon brought him to the recycler area of his cell. "Stand on the black plate and press the red tile until it feels comfortable."

John pressed the tile. He felt the clothes shrink around him. He let the tile go and the uniform stopped shrinking. "Amazing you could put a lot of tailors out of work with a toy like that. How does it work?"

Devon looked at him with his usual annoyed expression. "It's magic!"

"Come on Devon." He cracked a smile at the old man. "You say the most important thing is for me to fit in. How can I, if I don't understand."

"I am getting too old for this. All right! The plate on the floor emits a sonic pulse that harmonically adjusted the fiber density. As the fibers constrict they are dampened by their proximity to your body. Is that good enough for you?

"Yeah sure, it's like magic!" He smiled at the older man.

John was looking forward to getting out of the Operating Theater again. He had been given a data spool filled with images of the ship, but to finally walk through it was like a dream. They walked slowly though the corridors and Devon had to keep reminding John to stop gawking at everything.

John could not believe they were in space. "Boy you should give the tour with John Williams playing in the background. Move over Death Star here comes the Peacekeeper Command Carrier."

Devon Tarf grabbed John by the arm. "Silence John!" His voice lowered to a whisper. "If you make anymore nonsensical comments we will return you to your cell." He looked around to see if anyone had noticed their conversation. "Do you understand?"

John was shocked by Devon's reaction. "Yea...ah. Yes Doctor I am sorry sir."

Devon released his grip on John's arm and they walked in silence the rest of the way. Devon opened the door to Captain Crais's office and he stepped into the large room. John followed behind him.

Bialar's quarters were huge and spanned two levels on the lower tier. It had a large desk that overlooked a seating area and the upper area was a trophy room and had what looked to be a throne chair at the far end.

Bialar stepped down from the upper floor to greet them. "So, how is your little experiment feeling today, Devon?" He smiled at the older man then looked at John. He stared at him as if trying to see inside.

Devon moved closer. "Captain Bialar Crais, this is Commander John Crichton".

John put his hand out and Bialar looked at it strangely. John realized that the shaking of hands was unknown to them. "I'm sorry Captain Crais. It is a greeting. A sign of respect." John lowered his hand. "It shows that I am carrying no weapons." John grinned uncomfortably at Bialar.

"I see." Bialar moved one gloved hand from his back and John grabbed it. Bialar smiled slightly as he squeezed John's hand. "Welcome John Crichton, to my Carrier. How are you feeling?"

Bialar released John's hand and John tried to not react to the pain that shot up his arm from his hand. "Thank ... Thank you Captain Crais, I am feeling much better."

"Good. Devon will he be able to share a drink with us?

"I don't see why not, his digestive capacity appears…"

"I don't want a biology lesson Tarf a simple yes or no will suffice."

"Yes Captain."

"Good." John followed Devon and Bialar to the upper level of his quarters and John looked around at the strange frog heads that lined the room. He stopped and bent over to take closer look at the nearest one. Bialar approached John with a metal cylinder.

John straightened. "I see you like to hunt Captain Crais." He smiled uncomfortably.

"Yes I do. So is this common among your people as well?"

"Yes some. I personally like fishing better." John glanced back at the head. "I never displayed anything I caught." He smiled at the memory as he looked back at Bialar. "We mostly ate them. Providing they were big enough of course."

Bialar smiled at John "Of course." Perhaps I was wrong about this strange being. "Perhaps in the future you will have a chance to go hunting with me." Bialar raised the cylinder to John. "Here, this is Reslack; a delicacy of ours. I will be interested in what you think of it?"

John had had three days of real food or what the Sebaceans called food. Mostly tasteless military food with some odd spices but nothing that reminded him of home. John felt the container's warmth and he sniffed the top of the cylinder. The smell of home drifted from the cylinder. The shock to his senses was almost overwhelming. He had to raise his other hand to hold the precious cylinder. John looked from Bialar to Devon who by now had joined them. "Coffee?" John said in a very low tone.

"What is coffee?" Bialar looked to Devon.

John tipped the cylinder back the taste was like that of slightly weak coffee. It was hot and delicious. There seemed to be some type of alcohol in it as well. John was smiling ear to ear as he lowered the empty cylinder. "This tastes just like coffee!" He looked at the stunned expression on Bialar's face. "What - What's wrong?" he looked from Bialar to Devon.

Devon smiled. "You just drank all of that!" He chuckled. "That's amazing!"

Bialar looked slightly concerned. "I would be careful John, that is quite strong Reslack."

The door announcing their arrival, Tauvo walked in with Lieutenant Teeg. They walked up to the seating area and Tauvo greeted John and Devon.

"That uniform suits you Lieutenant Crichton." Teeg said, laughing lightly with the comment.

"Thank you Lieutenant, I told you I look good in black." John smiled at her uncomfortably.

Bialar passed drinks to Tauvo and Zina then stepped between John and Zina. John grinned to himself. Don't worry Captain. She's not interested in me.

Bialar directed everyone down to the seating area while they set up for dinner. A large red curtain descended and closed off the upper area. They stood and talked of the daily goings on aboard the carrier. They spoke a little of politics and John found it strange. The curtain raised and Bialar announced dinner. The food was on a raised center table and John noticed a strong smell of unknown spices rising from the different dishes of food. The alien dishes looked delicious and John commented how none of the dishes looked familiar but they all looked 'Quite edible!' Bialar directed them to their seats and Zina ran though the different utensils with John who in turn smiled and thanked her politely. Of course he knew how to use a fork and knife but she was trying to help.

"We are serving ourselves Bialar? Where are your..."

Bialar interrupted Devon's observation with his low tone. "Once again Tarf you speak without thinking." He looked down to the end of the table where John was listening to Zina's instruction. "He knows nothing of Attendants. He has only seen official Peacekeeper protocol." Bialar sighed slightly. "I think it is wise to wait before we tell him of our dirty little benefits." He smiled slyly at Devon. "Don't you agree my friend?"

Devon was chewing on the corner of some fresh Trennic as he spoke. "Frankly Captain, I think he would trust us more if we were honest with him." He looked back at John who was laughing with Zina at something Tauvo said. "He might be inferior Bialar, but he's not stupid!" Devon took another bite from the Trennic. "Just my humble opinion, Captain."

"I think we will do this my way." Bialar raised his voice slightly, "For now!" He stood from his chair. "Excuse me." Bialar cleared his throat. "We share this meal as a sign of trust among new friends." He raised his cylinder slightly to Zina and John.

Tauvo and Devon followed, they too raised their metal cylinders. Zina and John raised their cylinders as well. John had three more cylinders of Reslack and decided that these people were quite susceptible to caffeine. They could not get over the amount of the wonderful Sebacean Coffee he was able to drink. Over the next arn they ate and talked and laughed.

"... so there we were, DK and I, rebuilding the Navigation Gyros on Farscape 1. It was the middle of the night on the Mojave Desert. We were going to try a live drop in the morning. I dropped a wrench into the fuel manifold." John broke out laughing. "You never saw two guys run so fast across the desert." John looked around the table. They were all looking at him slack jawed. "What…What'd I say?"

Teeg wiped her mouth and cleared her throat. "You mean you worked on your own craft… Willingly?"

Bialar stood quickly from the head of the table. "Well I think that will be enough story telling for one evening. I would say Tauvo you will have your hands full teaching John our ways." Tauvo looked at Bialar with a cold stare as he walked around the table to John. Devon, Zina, and Tauvo all stood and John followed their lead. "Commander John Crichton of the United States of Amurrica. For saving my brother, I give you this." He held up what looked like a dog tag.

He handed it to John. John looked around the table. "Thank you Captain Crais… What is it?"

Devon stifled a laugh. "I don't envy you your task Tauvo." He lifted his drink slightly to Tauvo.

They all grinned at John. He had obviously asked a really stupid question. Tauvo spoke quietly, "It is you. It is your Peacekeeper Ident chip. For as long as you are with us you will be viewed by all Peacekeepers outside this room as Lieutenant Jon Cryton of the Ravstar Regiment."

Bialar spoke up. "You must understand that this is serious. You must not let anyone outside this room know that you are not Sebacean. There are those aboard who would use that information against me." He looked at Teeg as if he was speaking to her as well. "I have authorized your Ident chip to have Decca four clearance, John. That will give you access to seventy percent of the command carrier."

John ran the chip through his fingers. "Thank you." He tried to be as gracious as possible. "But I am not planning on staying here."

"Where are you planning to go?" Bialar asked coolly.

"Don't get me wrong Bialar…Captain." John chose his words carefully. "I wish to try to return to Earth." He looked from Bialar to Tauvo.

Bialar spoke slowly as if to allow what he said to sink in. "John we have no way of getting you home. This anomaly that you traveled through is unknown to us." Devon was about to speak until Bialar shot him one of those 'Keep your frelling mouth shut!' looks. "But I am willing to allocate resources with the understanding that this Technology will be shared with no one other than us." A small grin formed at the corners of Bialar's mouth.

John got that all too familiar feeling again deep in his stomach. He knew this was wrong. But he wanted to - no - he had to get home. "Thank you Captain!" He looked around the room at the three of them. "I don't know if there is a Technology to gain. But if Farscape 1 did somehow created the anomaly I will do whatever it take to recreate it. Thank you for this opportunity!" John's stiff fake smile hung on his face like a death mask as feelings of regret filled him. "Now if you will excuse me I am feeling a bit tired."

"Yes of course." Bialar looked at John. He had a gnawing feeling that he was dangerous. He hoped that this was not a mistake as he watched John and Devon leave his office. He wished to speak to Tauvo alone. "You are to be careful Tauvo. There is something I do not trust about him."

Tauvo smiled at Bialar. "You worry too much Bialar."

Part 2


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