W h e n L o v e A n d H a t e C o l l i d e

Author: Johryn
Rating: PG-13 
Notes: An extra special Thank You to QuiltLady and JilaCosa for beta-reading. Their suggestions and careful proofing are very appreciated. Thanks ladies! Couldn't have done it without you.
Summary: The crew visits a Commerce Planet where trouble finds them yet again (surprise, surprise).
Time Frame: Somewhere between Mind The Baby and The Way We Weren't
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Chapter Six: Rage

"Is our shadow still there?" John said as he paced across the room for probably the fiftieth time.

"If you mean our surveillance, yes, he is still there." Aeryn replied impatiently. "Will you please sit down."

He stopped pacing and looked at her sitting on the side of the bed. "Sorry," he said sarcastically, "am I making you nervous?"

"Not at all," she replied, forcing her voice to remain calm, through she was seething inside, "you are wasting energy, that is all."

"Forgive me, Officer Sun. I didn't realize my wasting energy would upset you so much." He said, bowing from the waist, a cold grin on his face.

"What the frell is wrong with you Crichton? Are you deliberately trying to pick a fight with me?" She was unable to keep the anger from her voice any longer. She stood and grabbed him roughly by the shoulders, looking into his eyes.

He stared down into her eyes. The dark sapphire was almost black from the anger that smoldered there. Seeing her anger, diffused his own and he chuckled. "No. No. I am not trying to pick a fight; 'specially not with you." He gently removed her hands from his shoulders and began pacing again. "I'm just worried about Zhaan and Chiana. And I want to get off of this planet as soon as possible."

"Then explain why you are acting like such a fool."

"I just don't understand why we need to hold up here. Why don't we go get Chiana, Zhaan and the others and get the hell out of here? Why wait until morning?"

"We are not going to wait until morning Crichton. We'll rest for a couple of arns, then go after them."

"But why wait?"

"Because in just over two arns, the night duty cycle will be more than half over. The guards will be less attentive. We will have a greater chance of success."

"Why didn't you just say that to begin with?"

"Because you didn't ask." She smiled, relaxing slightly. "Now, lay down and get some sleep. We'll need to be as rested as possible."

He turned away from her and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he swallowed hard and said, "You go ahead. I'll keep watch."

"John. You need to rest. You need some sleep."

He snorted humorlessly. He knew he needed sleep, but he also knew it would not produce the rest that Aeryn suggested. "Don't you think I know that? But I don't want another trip to the Twilight Zone right now. You go ahead, get some sleep."

She looked at him, unsure once again what he meant. "We need to talk."

"I know Sunshine. But not here, not now. When we get back to Moya. If we get back to Moya. We'll talk. I'll try to explain what's eating at me."

She sighed deeply. She knew she'd get no further with him so she walked back to the bed, removed her boots, lay down and closed her eyes. Well, at least he's agreed to talk. I wish he'd do it now, but I'll settle for when we get back to Moya. She doubted she'd sleep much herself, but she would rest and do a mental run through of their upcoming assault on the Peacekeeper garrison.


Chiana sat in her darkened cell, listening to the meditative chants coming from the Delvians' cells. When it had started, only Ta'al's voice could be heard, but soon she heard Zhaan's voice join the chorus. They chanted in unison, as if of one mind, one spirit. It was comforting to hear and she leaned back against the wall, a slight smile on her face. Zhaan would be alright, she was sure of it. And she had Ta'al to thank for it. She closed her eyes and listened to the calming sound.

Suddenly the chanting stopped. And she heard another sound. The containment area door was opening. She hoped it was John and Aeryn, but she had a feeling that it was someone else, and that trouble was about to come her way.

Chiana looked up to see Gavyk stop outside of her cell. I hate it when I'm right. She didn't like what she saw in his face. She had seen many things in her time of wandering, and this was one she had hoped never to see again. This one's dangerous. Gavyk's eyes held a mixture of lust and anger. She knew that he wanted her to fight him. He wanted her to resist him so that he could hurt her.

Looking into his eyes, her breathing became more rapid. Though she tried to swallow it, she couldn't hide her fear from him and he smiled what could only be described as an evil smile. He moved to the gen-scanner and keyed in the proper codes for the door to open. As it did, she backed as far into the cell as she could even though she knew it wouldn't help. Crichton where are you? I need you! I need you NOW!

Gavyk moved forward menacingly, and stopped just inches from her. He raised one hand and traced one finger very lightly from her breasts to her chin. Though he hardly touched her, she felt her flesh go cold at his touch and she closed her eyes, hoping to hide her fear from him. He leaned in close, his breath searing her skin. She shuddered at his nearness. Her reaction angered him and he grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, turning her around. He pressed her face into the rough surface while he wrenched her arms behind her. Keeping her immobile between his body and the wall, he locked her arms into heavy handcuffs. As he pressed his body against hers she could feel his reaction to her nearness growing. Oh please, not that. Crichton. Aeryn. D'Argo. I need you.

"No. Please." She begged, finally finding her voice. The quaver in her voice only seemed to fuel whatever it was that drove him. He spun her around again, crushing her arms into the wall behind her. She could feel the flesh tearing on the roughness and focused on the pain as a means to survive.

"Look at me, tralk!" He spat at her. When she didn't comply, he hit her brutally across the face. Her head snapped back, impacting the wall with a sickening thud. Everything went black and she crumpled to the floor.


"Aeryn. Wake up. We need to go. Now." John shook Aeryn's shoulder.

Her eyes flew open and she looked up into his bright blue ones. "What's wrong? Has our surveillance ..."

"No." He cut her off. "There's something wrong. I can't explain how I know or what it is, but we have to get over to the garrison pronto."

"Pronto? What's pronto?" she asked as she fastened her gun belt around her waist.

"Fast! Now come on. Something tells me we don't have much time."

"I don't understand Crichton. What is wrong?"

"I don't know for sure. But I have a feeling Chi's in trouble."

"How much trouble can she get into in a locked cell?" She asked uncertainly. Is he hallucinating again?

As if he read her thoughts, he replied, "I know it sounds nuts Aeryn, but I'm not imagining this. I just have a bad feeling." He stopped and turned to face her. "Please, let's just get over there."

The look on his face erased any doubts she had. Call it intuition. Call it a gut feeling. His fear for their crewmate was real.


"Pilot? Are the DRDs finished servicing Aeryn's prowler yet?" D'Argo barked as he strode rapidly through the corridor.

"Yes, Ka D'Argo." Pilot's voice replied over the comms, "May I inquire why?"

"I'm going to the surface."

"Is that wise? Commander Crichton and Officer Sun requested you stay here in the event of a Peacekeeper ship's arrival."

"I can't explain it Pilot." D'Argo replied, climbing into the cockpit of the Prowler. "Chiana needs help. And I intend to be there to render that help."

"Understood. Outer bay doors opening now." Pilot responded. He shook his head, amazed at the bonds that were developing between these varied species aboard Moya. The symbiosis he shared with Moya was a unique bond, but he could see a similar bonding occurring between those who called the leviathan home. He smiled. They really were becoming more than a collection of fugitives, they were becoming a family of sorts.


Zhaan and Ta'al watched as Gavyk dragged Chiana from the containment area. When the outer door slid shut, their eyes met. "This is my fault." Zhaan sighed. "Were it not for me, she would not be in this position."

"The Goddess has a plan for every life, Zhaan. You are not to blame for what is happening here."

"That is a far too easy view of things Ta'al. I must accept responsibility for my actions and how they affect those around me. Chiana would not be in this position were she not trying to help me. To help us. We must try to help her."

Ta'al looked at Zhaan. She had changed from the woman he had known so many cycles ago. She was much stronger now, though she had many demons to fight. As he looked at her, he realized how much he wanted her to let him help her fight those demons and he wanted her to help him fight his own. "I agree." He nodded and returned to the cot to meditate once again.


Gavyk dragged Chiana to his interrogation room where he tossed her roughly across the room. She hit the wall and groaned in pain as she was jolted back to consciousness. As she shook her head to clear it, she heard the door slide shut. Fear gripped her once again, as she realized no one would come to help her. D'Argo! Crichton! Where are you?! As Gavyk approached her, she bit her lip to silence the scream that was forming in her throat.

For all of her tough exterior, this was one thing she had always feared. She'd always used whatever was necessary to get by and in some cases that meant she'd had to use her sexuality to get what she needed or wanted, but she had always been the one to decide when, where and with who. Rape - the very word struck fear in her heart.

Gavyk grabbed her by the arms and wrenched up on them. She cried out as pain shot through her shoulders. He pulled her to her feet and spun her around to face him. He smiled crookedly when he noticed that an ugly black bruise was beginning to form where he had hit her. This one will be much more entertaining than that Delvian bitch. He could see the fear in her eyes, smell it on her skin. And her breathing was shallow and rapid. Yes, she is definitely going to be much more fun.

He leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Why are you here little girl? What did you do to have a bounty on your head?"

Startled by his question, Chiana turned to look him in the eye. She shuddered at the evil she saw there. As she tried to find her voice, Gavyk hit her again, knocking her to the floor. He dropped on top of her, straddling her with his legs. "I asked you a question." He snarled as he raised his hand to strike her again.

"I refused to conform." She replied quickly, hoping he wouldn't hit her again.

He brought his hand down quickly and she winced involuntarily. But instead of striking her, he caressed her cheek softly. Her eyes flew open in confusion. "Do you see what happens when you obey little one? You only bring the pain on yourself when you don't tell me what I want to know."

"So, what is it you want to know?" She purred, hoping he would be less violent if she appeared to cooperate. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and he pushed her back against the floor roughly. As he moved his hands down to fondle her breasts she could feel the bile rising in her throat.

"No. Please. Please don't do this." She begged as he continued to explore her body with his hands. He reached up with one hand and slipped it under her shirt. His touch caused her skin to crawl and she tried to push him away. As she struggled beneath him, his rage was refueled and he struck out at her again. Oh yes, she is definitely going to be more fun than the Delvian.

Chapter 7

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