Author: Karl
Rating: G
Notes: I would suggest reading Passage. It is where Ulric Selton is introduced. If you read Passage a long time ago you might want to go back and reread it I have added a few new pictures and the story has been cleaned up a bit. <G> Thanks Karl  
Summary: I have written this in response to a couple of Emails looking for that obligatory Happy Ending. Well here it is.
Part: 1

1.Farscape 2

He stood there on the terrace looking up at the cool Denver sky. It was a clear day. He should have no problem witnessing it. They had lived here for twenty cycles. He smiled at the error. Years! They had been back for almost thirty years. He had done quite well with their investments. Knowing the future was a doubled edge sword-it was easy to make money, a lot of money, but it was difficult to know what disasters lay ahead. They also knew they had to be careful they didn't damage the time stream. He went into the kitchen. He walked up to the old woman who had been with them for almost thirty years. Mrs. Ford had started as the childrens' nanny and they had kept her on later because she never asked questions. She was always there when they needed her. She just seemed to fit in their unusual lives.

He smiled at the old woman. "Mrs. Ford, I would like you to take the rest of the day off."

"Sir!" She looked at him. "But I bought a roast for dinner. She knew better than to protest. "Very well Mr. Delin. Thank you."

"No, Ms. Ford, Thank You! For everything." He walked back out into the cool September air and checked his data pad. Twenty-five minutes. If they didn't get here soon they were going to miss it.

She walked out on to the terrace. "How soon?" She smiled weakly.

"Twenty five minutes."

"And they still haven't called? That's strange-it's not like them."

Mrs. Ford stood in the doorway. "I'll be off." She looked at them-something was wrong. "Is everything all right?"

"Everything is fine, Ms. Ford." She walked over to the housekeeper and kissed her on the forehead. "Thank You!" Ms. Ford turned slowly and left. It was not the first time she had left them under strange circumstances.

He pulled the oculars from his pocket and put them on. He looked up the sky. Setting them for the calculated distance, he could just make out the blue distortion. She grabbed him from behind and hugged him.

"You know, it's still not too late to change your mind."

"No, I have known for a while that this is it." He turned and hugged her hard. "It's time to get back out there."The old gray couple stood in silence and watched. There was a shimmering of stars local to the distortion. Then it exploded into the beautiful blue cone of the wormhole. The Mordin punched through the distortion; only its forward half survived. It was an awesome site. Then the wormhole's energy distortion collapsed back past the event horizon and was gone. The Mordin slowly descended as its orbit decayed. Over the next hour they saw the Marauder leave the massive hulk.

She spoke aloud. "Hello, Commander Ulric Selton. Welcome to Earth."

They watched the International Space Station as it was attacked. It was hard to see as its orbit caused it to quickly pass out of range, the earth eclipsing their view. Two hours passed in silence, as they were the only witnesses to this major turning point of human history.

"It won't be long now."

They saw the Marauder approach the Mordin. It was hard to make out, but they could see the fire plume of Farscape 2 as it dove into the atmosphere. They watched as the second wormhole formed and descended on the Mordin. The huge battle fortress was pulled back through the vortex. Then they watched as Farscape 2 followed behind it.

"Good-bye, Dad." Tears rolled down John's face. The two of them stood there on the terrace of their home and watched the sun go down behind the mountain range for the last time.

They had known once they had Carol that space was no place to raise a child, so they searched for a place to live. No world was safe enough-the ongoing civil war against the Peacekeepers was felt on every world. With Pilot's help, John perfected his gravity boost and he made a phenomenal discovery. They were able replicate the wormhole that had brought him there using Moya's starburst projectors. They were going home. They arrived on Earth in 1974. John had hoped for a time range closer to his own time, but he was home. That was what mattered. They had said their good-byes to Zhaan, Dargo, Pilot and Enra with her infant son, Jack. They had tried to convince them to stay on earth, but each had there own parts to play in the collapse of the Peacekeepers' Empire. During their good-byes, they could not realize this would be the final goodbye to Zhaan. Once the wormhole was produced, Moya would be able to return through it at will. The fabric of space-time had a new passage that they could travel.

2. Reflections

They had kept to themselves. Aeryn had a hard time learning English. John found it humorous that the mighty Peacekeeper, who could learn anything, would struggle so with his simple language. They had moved a lot in the early years. They finally settled here, the cool air and slightly thin atmosphere suited Aeryn. They had used the family name Delin they found it somehow fitting. It had been Jack Crichton's Peacekeeper name. In the entire thirty years he had made no contact with any of them. There had been exceptions. While skiing he physically ran into DK and John on the slopes of Aspen during their spring break from college, but they didn't recognize him. Last year he attended Alexandra's and her husband's funeral. Other than that the time stream was intact. They had raised their children, who now had families of their own. Except for Ulric. Ulric John Delin had been too restless. He had to do things his own way and had gotten into trouble a couple of times. That's when they decided to send him on a little trip with Aunt Moya. Once he got over the shock of who his parents were, he seemed eager to go. That had been nine years ago and, although he had been back to visit, he had found his calling. Out there, eleven million years in the future.

The small organic looking statue in the living room chimed. It was a Biomechinoid transceiver beacon from Moya.

Aeryn answered the beacon. She held the little Biomechinoid statue for a long time. It brought back her closeness to Pilot and Moya. She returned to the terrace. "They are on their way. Do you have everything?" She noticed herself getting excited over the prospect of returning to space.

He looked at Aeryn. She had mellowed over the years and now he could not imagine life without her. "Ya. I moved the trunks to the tennis court." His thoughts moved to his father. Now, with his father gone, Earth had no hold on him. With luck he would be back to see his girls, but they had lives of their own.

They heard its engines as it dropped from the sky. The transport pod landed, as it had done numerous times before, on the tennis court and they walked down to meet it. As the hatch opened Enra, Jack and D'Argo descended the ramp to greet them.

Aeryn was concerned. "Where's Ulric?"

D'Argo shot her a look. "He wanted stay on Moya and watch from there."

Jack looked at John. "We better get back soon, I put him command." He smiled.

John smiled at Jack and the mighty Luxan. "He hasn't been getting in to trouble has he?"

D'Argo smiled and hugged John. "He is his father's son. We are lucky to survive!" He laughed.

"What's all this." Enra looked at the large trunks near them.

"We are going with you." He wrapped his arm around Aeryn's waist.

"What!" D'Argo smiled. "One Crichton is bad enough, two will be totally unacceptable!" He howled at the old joke.

They loaded the transport and said goodbye to Earth for now. John pulled the data pad from his jacket and keyed in the final sequence. They watched as their home was engulfed in flames.

Aeryn looked at John. His weathered old face seemed to brighten as the transport climbed. "You were right, John, I did enjoy living on your earth." She pulled him towards her and kissed him hard.

They headed for the command tier and the reunion with their son. As he walked through Moya he felt young again. He touched the walls of the corridor. "Hello, Moya. I missed you!" he patted the wall softly. He closed his eyes and listened. He could just make out her song, just beyond his consciousness. They stopped by the pilot's den.

John smiled up at the huge creature. "Hello, Pilot!" John climbed over the console and gave Pilot a big hug." Damn, I missed you."

Pilot, who carefully reciprocated with a small pat on John's back, seemed quite embarrassed. "Welcome Comman....John. It is good to see you again."

"Get down from there!" Aeryn scolded John like a child over his antics.

John climbed down from the pilot's console. "Pilot, thank you for taking such good care of my son." John was feeling a sense of déjà vu.

Pilot titled his head slightly. "John, I must say that your son is most unusual."

John's smiled widened and a tear came to his eye. "Thanks!" They headed for the Command Tier.

John was home for the first time in a long time. He stood on the command tier of the Leviathan Moya and looked around at his family. D'Argo: the man who saved his life more times then he could remember; Jack: Enra's and Ulric's son, who now commanded the mighty Leviathan; Enra: the regal Vladic who had returned to Moya for this family reunion; Ulric, his own son. His time on Moya had changed him-the restless soul in that young man was gone. And finally Aeryn: his soul mate. They fought like cats and dogs, but knew they would always be together. He was home!

Jack moved to the central console. "Pilot, are we ready?"

John was amazed at how much Jack looked like his father, Ulric, except for the haunting green eyes of his mother. John thought of the others, those that they had lost. Zhaan: the founder of the New Republic, assassinated. Rygel and Chiana. Ulric and Crais: two men he had at one time hated. They had sacrificed everything to save John, his family, and the little blue world he came from. And he thought again of his father, Jack Crichton: the savior of the Biomechanoids.

"Yes, Captain Selton, course plotted for temporal insertion." Pilot seemed to be the only one who remained unchanged with time.

Jack motioned to John to the center console. "Please give the order Commander Crichton." He said in that famous Sebacean dialect.

John moved over next to the young man. "Your father would be proud of you, Jack." John had to clear his throat. "Pilot! Starburst, now!"

Moya starburst into the atmosphere of Earth. The wormhole that formed over them engulfed the Leviathan and they came to a rest eleven million years in the future, deep in what was once known as Peacekeeper territory. They were home!

3. Earth: October 13, of the year 2005

In the Law offices of Roy, Perlow and Culver, Denver Colorado: two of the three surviving children were there for reading of the Delin family will."Your parents, John C. Delin and Aeryn S. Delin, have divided the inheritance between the three children equally. When your brother surfaces again," he looked at them suspiciously, "his share will be administered as well. They have set aside two million dollars for a Ms. Emily Ford." Carol looked at her younger sister. They smiled at each other. "Delin Industries will appoint a new CEO with you two replacing your parents' positions as heads of the board of directors. There is one stipulation to your inheritance." The lawyer placed two ugly looking statues on to the table. He noticed that they seemed warm to the touch. "You must keep these in your homes."The two women looked at each other. Memories and stories from their childhood flooded back to them. They would keep the ugly little statues with them always.

The End

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