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Bad Timing

Ep Synopsis by Toadie

I wonder if

 that was the original ending or of that was the one Henson added after knowing the show had been cancelled....
This was a good episode.. No this was a great episode... shippy but still great for all of that...

It all revolves around the premise that the Scarrens want earth.. because a flower grows on it... the very same one that Crichton Deep southern fried.

Now as Scorpy sees it john has one choice. Form an alliance with the PK's and they will protect earth.

John obviously goes with plan B..
Which is to seal the wormhole... if he can just figure out how to do that.

There is a llot of great acting and huge character interaction.. Fantastic. This is like all great Farscape episodes rolled into one and given an edge. ok, so some people might not like it, screw them... this is a great episode.

It all comes down to timing.. If john can enter the wormhole just before it opens he can collapse it along its length sealing earth of... only problem is he doesn't have the reflexes to get the timing right... but one person does... PILOT.

So after a while pilot consents to be cut free from Moya and put in a transport pod along with John and Aeryn.

Back on earth the best and the brightest of the scientific community are getting ready for Johns next visit. Earth is pooling together, preparing to launch itself into the unknown.

However John, Pilot and Aeryn don't go to earth instead they go to the moon. john visits the flag his father put on the moon and finds a photo of his family clipped to it. he then gives his dad a call, boy would i hate those long distance charges, and explains what he plans to do. Seal the wormhole.

His father wonders how humanity will make it into space without the Wormhole, John says they do it the old fashioned way, Build a rocket... also he has left a little pressie beside the flag, Technical information to help mankind reach the stars. There is an emotional goodbye and then it is time to try seal the wormhole.

Meanwhile a Scarren Stryker has reached the wormhole and entered it on its way to earth. but it is too late, Pilot has already started the collapse of the wormhole and the two ships collide but instead of exploding the pass through each other and the Stryker is destroyed while the Transport pod survives and returns to Moya.

They take refuge on a water planet that has properties that will help heal Moya. John, from god alone knows where, produces a rowboat and takes Aeryn out on it. it is there we discover that the Scarrens released the stasis on Aeryns child... and also that it is Johns. John is understandable happy about this and proposes using the ring of his mothers given to him by his sister...

So they hug and kiss and there is a amusing little side show of the D'Argo, Chiana and Rygel as they watch and misinterpret what is happening on the boat.

So we get the happy ending most people seemed to want.... what is this i hear you cry!! This is not how Farscape goes... happy ending? Never!!!

And you would be right... it seems there is a species that occupies this planet who are less than happy to see Moya and the others... a ship fly’s over head, John and Aeryn trapped on a row boat. the creatures face splits open and an extra eye on a wiggly thing pokes out. it The ship returns and fires at john and Aeryn, whom have decided that there is no way they can make it to Moya and are instead engaged in a game of Tonsil hockey... the ship fires... hits John and Aeryn... and they seem to crumble before the disbelieving eyes of the others. all that is left in the boat is the debris, there clothes I think... and the ring, sitting poignantly on top... and finally we see the words... 'To Be Continued.'

Only we know its not.

This is a tragedy, this show was and is a gem to be treasured. And it has been thrown away to make room for what is in comparison costume jewellery, brighter and gaudier yet lacking any intrinsic value. It goes to show that networks who claim to be interested in producing original and critically acclaimed shows are really just in it for the money, as such shows that appeal to the widest audience are in, shows that make the audience think are out. Appealing to the lowest common denominator, politics in science fiction, the one place where Politics truly does not belong.

Science fiction is meant to provoke thought, make us question, wonder and dream, now without Farscape all we are really left with is a few shows that are entertaining for an hour and soon forgotten. Even the poorest of Farscape episodes is memorable, how many other shows can claim that?

Obviously there is a lot more in this episode than I have touched on, this is an episode to watch not to read about. I dreaded this episode truth be told. For I was fearful just what may happen, would Henson just kill everyone off as they have been known to do when other shows of theirs were unexpectedly cancelled? But no, thankfully they did not do that. Instead they left the way open for a return, be it a movie, properly written books (unlike most of the ‘Official’ Books) and even prospective scripts for the fifth season.

We know there is a future, the Farscape magazine is promoting the fact that it will contain a story containing event that happen after this episode, and unfailingly those stores have been excellent. So don’t let go the dream because as long as you keep dreaming then the show remains alive.

Episode synopsis written by Toadie.

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