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We're So Screwed Part III

Ep Synopsis by Toadie

Well they did it. 'Were So Screwed part 3 : La Bomba' was a great and worthy addition Farscape. As ever with these three part stories the final episode is dramatic, funny and laced with clues as to what may happen in later episodes if you pay close enough attention.

This episode shows just how far reaching and well thought out the story lines for Farscape are. Things from the second series are suddenly explained, reasons given for actions that seemed odd are now explained and actually make sense. Where did Stark come from and why was he being put through the comfy seat so often. Why Scorpy had that one flower that he was studying so closely on his Gammack Base.

It is the true sign of how truly different Farscape is as a show that they not only have stories but the story arc itself is so integral to the show that it shapes the episodes instead of being reshaped time and again as the writers decide to mess about with things. It is one of my pet hates how in most shows there is a real lack of continuity from one season to the next, sometimes even from one episode to the next.

I regret having to write this review not because the episode was bad but rather because it brings how the fact that there is just one final episode to go and knowing what we all know of Farscape the cliff-hanger is going to be torturous only this time we are going to be left suffering for the foreseeable future due to the fact that there is no new season to offer us any relief, no hint of brightness on the horizon. Instead we are stuck with shows that will always seem lacking in vision, who’s acting is merely acceptable and who’s storylines are shadows of what we are used to. Farscape has spoiled us in so many ways that its lack will be felt desperately.

La Bomba is an excellent episode, it has all the ingredients for a great ep but it falls short of that mark slightly. it is far better than the first of the trilogy but not quite as good as the second. Some people might disagree with me but that’s their look out, I'm right they are wrong, well not wrong, simply not blessed with my vision.

The episode has the normal reprise of events, then the story starts. we get something of an explanation of why Scorpy stops the escape. Scorpy is a spy for the emperor but that apparently has just so that he can get close to these flowers. Their significance is explained and after a few flashbacks to the Gammak base we understand that Scorpy has been pursuing this agenda for a long time. Stark was a important part of this. Apparently he was an important part of the leadership class of Scarrens death rituals. Scorpy had captured him and was torturing him for information, foremost amongst it was the location of Katratzi.

John and the others are placed in protective custody. We find out that Lo'La is an Annihilator class ship of Troka design... you must excuse me if i get this wrong i am doing this from memory. Johns bomb gets disabled so they decide that it is time to go with Plan B, which coincidently is Scorpy’s plan. They get into the elevator and make like a bandit for the flower cavern. This elevator is a bit like a WONKAVATOR apparently, it can go just about any direction. This is because it has a drill at the bottom, quite why you would need something like that is not explained but.. well.

After an entertaining chase through the planet they end up in just about the last place they want to be, typical really. In the end John offers to swap his debt of giving Scorpy knowledge of wormholes for the destruction of these plants that Scorpy says he would give his life to destroy. So John activates his nuke and drops it down the passage they created and it smashes through the glass in another elevator docked at the flower cavern and explodes destroying the cavern and no doubt allot of Scarrens, Charrids and umm.. those other people.

This episode contains many funny moments and there are even a few double meanings that brighten quite dark moments. This episode ends with Chiana and D’Argo in bed together, Scorpy and Sikozu swapping spit and John wondering what he is going to do next, he has after all just used a nuclear weapon to attain his own goals, just what might he do next and who might be injured or killed when they get in his way.