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We're So Screwed Part II

Ep Synopsis by Toadie

Guess what!! They pulled off a great save. ‘We’re So Screwed part II’ is great, fabulous and fantastic. Its fast paced, witty and full of great scenes with excellent scripting. 

Turns out that John has managed to convince the others that they have to go rescue Scorpious in case he gives the Scarrens any wormhole knowledge he might have. So off they go on Lo’Lan to Katrazi… Only to find a PK Command Carrier in orbit around this supposed secret base that no one knows anything about. Grayza is there with Braca trying to get the Scarrens to agree to the Peace accord… is she a Biloid? Who knows that question doesn’t even arise. Now John in order to prevent himself from just being grabbed for his wormhole knowledge has built himself a portable nuclear weapon which is tied into his bio signs, as he puts it too happy, too sad, too hot or too cold and they all go boom. (Oh and if his heart stops too.) 

So he is trying to play both sides off against the other while trying to get hold of Scorpy and escape. On the base there is a lot of tension between the Charrids and  Sikozu’s people, the Kaylish. So the plan is to create as much tension as they can between the two and then put a match to it and while everything is busy blowing up make a run for it with Scorpy. 

Now this episode raises a whole load of questions, for one why the hell do Scarrens eat plants? And what’s so special about one particular one they grow in a high secured cave deep underground where only they and the Charrids are supposed to be able to gain access. Another is whether or not Scorpy has indeed been a spy for the Scarren emperor for ten cycles as it seems or if he has been playing a dangerous game of twister with the truth. 

Another old friend makes an appearance, no not Harvey again, rather our favourite Bannick, the one the only Stark… with hair. No I am not kidding, he has flowing locks of hair… well I am sure they would flow if he bothered washing them at any point. Seems he is the secret weapon they plan to use to break Scorpious. Now I know what you’re thinking... ‘But I thought Scorpy was a spy?’ Well, he is (isn’t he?) but the only people that seem to know that is himself and the Emperor. 

Now as far as I could work out Stark knows Crichton is aboard but makes no move to contact him, now correct me if I am wrong but if Stark guided the other Crichtons soul to the other side doesn’t that mean he knows all that Crichton did about wormholes? If that’s the case then he might even more know that John. We know that stark isn’t exactly buddy buddy anymore with John after John Quixote, so the question is what is the demented former slap head doing? 

Oh so very much happens in this episode, the cliffhanger isn’t exactly unexpected but you just know you are going to be racking your brain for the next week trying to figure out just what’s going to happen. 

This episode is a keeper, it makes full use of all the characters, which is a delight to be seen, and we also find out that while the Scarrens do have mivonck they are internal. As such it is not a good idea to try kicking them in them as Chiana finds out to her cost. 

All in all this one is a keeper, slow to start in part one, fast paced with lots of intrigue and action in part two… and I have high hopes for part three but I have to wait for a week before I get to see it which is going to be something like torture with pointy cushions and comfy chairs.