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We're So Screwed Part I

Ep Synopsis by Toadie

Ok... That wasn’t the greatest episode of Farscape I have ever seen, it wasn’t the worst but certainly not the best. Which s you take into account Farscapes previous track record with three parters is a little worrying. Normally, the first part is good, the second sucks and the third redeems. If these three follow that pattern then he second is going to suck and do it really really badly. 

Don’t get me wrong there was a lot that was good in this episode but it really did not go anyplace. Ok so they rescued Aeryn but that seems to have happened more by mistake than planning. Nothing about this episode leaps out at you, it just sort of drifts along and reaches a end. 

Sizuko has gone ahead to the border station that is run by her people to ease their passage into Scarren space. Scorpious is pretending to be the captain, John a peacekeeper and they are all spies of one kind or another. Handily enough the transport with Aeryn aboard is also docked at this same station. Now apparently you have to be docked at one of these stations for five days for health checks so obviously they are a bit more involved than drop your pants and cough… but no one seems to have their health checked. Maybe it is all just an excuse to search the ships… but if that is the case why is a Scarren transport forced to dock? Especially when its captain is one of the Scarren elite and not one of the horse face dudes. 

I don’t know if it is just me being dense and missing the genius of this episode or if it just lacks most of that magic that normally infuses a Farscape episode, but what also annoyed me is that their seems to be quite a few inconsistencies. For instance the ending… it brings Scorpious’s motivations into question in a big big way. Why is he there? Why is he helping John? I know there has to be a reason and it will no doubt make perfect sense once it is explained if it ever is in the final three episodes. For now however I finding it annoying because I need to know why. 

We also get the return of a old friend, Harvey. Most of us were happy to see the back of him since he had become something of a cliché. Some of us will be happy to get him back even if it is only for a short time as he lends something of a comic relief to the episodes he is in. 

I just can’t quite get a handle on this episode. Scorpious wanders about the Scarren boarder post and no one seems to recognise him, however every other time a Scarren and Scorpious have met he was recognised. So the question must be just how many Scarren – Sebaceon half breeds in black thermal suits are there running about? 

It was average bordering on almost boring in my opinion. Of course the acting was fantastic and there were a few good moments in it and some touching scenes but even those gems fail to bring it up to the normal standards we expect from Farscape. I don’t often do it but I would have to give this episode a 2 and that’s because I am feeling generous. Hopefully tomorrow’s episode will redeem this three parter by being fabulous. 

I know what your thinking? What is that it? Well yes. Nothing much happens. They go, get beaten up, rescue Aeryn, Scorpy gets captured and they escape minus Scorpy. As I said, some good scenes, some great acting but little else. I know this is only the first part of a much longer episode. I also know this is setting up the story for the remaining two parts… but it still sucked.