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Toadie reviews Fetal Attraction

Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
Barb: A bit of a slow start to a three parter, but I expect things next week will make up for it.

Score = 4

AmyJWell... admittedly this one was  little all over the place. But I thought it was fun. It's a little frustrating seeing all the tiny seeds of development they could make use of down the road... only to know there is no road left. It's up to Karlsweb to come up with an on-ramp of some sort to season 5.

Score = 4

KarlIt seemed to have grand vision but fell short. BUT I give high marks for Granny. This is a case where I hope the sum is better then its parts. I will wait to see the other two parts before give part one a score

Score = 5


Score = 

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Writer: David Peckinpah
Director: Geoff Bennett 

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We're So Screwed, Part 1:
Fetal Attraction

The crew mounts a rescue mission to save Aeryn, who was captured by the Scarrans and is currently being held on a freighter on its way to Katratzi, a top secret base. Moya docks at a Scarran border station where she’ll be under quarantine for five days before being allowed to continue on to Katratzi. Luckily, Aeryn’s freighter is also being held for quarantine. Now the crew must come up with a way to hold the freighter at the border station until Aeryn can be found and brought safely back to Moya.  

The crew are out of their minds with worry over Aeryn and each does his/her part in the rescue, working together as a kick-ass team once again. They start out with a not so simple plan: Rygel will pretend to be sick, causing a lockdown of the border station, thus giving the crew time to rescue Aeryn and escape before the Scarrans know what hit them.  

Scorpius plays the part of Moya’s captain and a Scarran spy, returning home with a ship full of lesser spies, namely Crichton, Chiana, and Rygel. Sikozu has gone ahead to prepare the way and D'Argo and Noranti are lurking nearby in Lo’La. With friends like these, how can Aeryn not be rescued immediately? Need you ask?  

Once on the station, Rygel stuffs himself to the point of vomiting it all up – thanks for sharing that Rygel, I love to watch people barf – and then tells Dr. Talnell that he’s having a relapse of Hynerian dermaphollica, which is a viral disease that can spread to other species and kill them without warning. Since Rygel exhibits no further symptoms, after a short time nobody believes he actually has the disease and the Kalish are on the verge of releasing the Scarran ship from quarantine. Noranti switches to plan B. Using a handful of silly putty and a bit of spit, she works some of that old black magic she’s famous for and actually gives Rygel the disease he’s been pretending to have. Now,  the ugly truth is that given the choice, Rygel would have said no to Noranti’s plan. He most definitely would have said no, but that doesn’t make him much less of a hero. He nearly died to save Aeryn, you have to love him for that. 

Crichton, wearing his “rescue Aeryn” outfit from Nerve and his best we’re-so- screwed expression, heads off to, well, to rescue Aeryn. He flirts with Nurse Vreena and promises her a cure for dermaphollica in return for a wee bit of recreating. When they get inside the freighter, Vreena tests the data while John tests the bedsprings. Almost immediately, he discovers that Aeryn is in the same room and without losing time thinking about it, he whacks Vreena upside the head – he probably fractures several of her bones in the process - and she drops like a rock. But before John can free Aeryn, Jenek shows up to interrogate John with his nifty Scarran heat ray. Fortunately, Scorpy rescues John before his brain goes into meltdown and he blabs everything he knows.  

Fearing that Aeryn will contract the disease, thus killing the fetus and destroying the wormhole information it could contain, Jenek hatches a plan in his mind. The baby will be removed from Aeryn and he will use Chiana as an incubator (Nebari are immune to dermaphollica) until he can get to Katratzi and extract the data. In what seems to be more of a human reaction than a Peacekeeper one, Aeryn is either screaming or in tears throughout most of this episode, giving us an idea of how awful the Scarrans actually are.  

Karohm walks in on Sikozu while she’s in the middle of sabotaging the power grid at the border station. She’d been flirting with him since she arrived to hide the fact that she isn’t who she says she is. Karohm had been flirting right back, but he’s not an idiot and he won’t get fooled again. He pulls a pulse pistol on her and is about incarcerate her when D'Argo comes along and zaps Karohm with his tongue. 

There’s a lot of similarity between the scene where John carries Aeryn back to Moya and sits by her bedside and the one in The Hidden Memory, where he did the same for Gilina, the PK tech girl who fell in love with him. It had to be going through his mind while he watched Aeryn sleep, finally falling asleep himself only to dream a little dream of Harvey 2.0. Now, Scorpy and Harvey, well, they’ve got a secret they’ve been keeping from John. It seems that Scorpius knows everything John knows, which makes me wonder why Scorpy agreed to help rescue Aeryn in the first place. 

Now, picture if you will the infinite possibilities of this situation. Next week the crew will probably go into the lion’s den at Katratzi to rescue Scorpius, who by then will probably be mental as anything from Scarran torture. As part one of a three parter, this episode was a little bit slow, but let’s all say a little prayer that part two will be faster paced and we’ll be on the edge of our seats at the end of it the way we weren’t at the end of part one.  

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