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Ep Synopsis by Toadie

Wow.. and I mean that. If you thought the last episode was great this one is going to blow your socks off, Farscape at its peak. This is an amazing episode, fantastic wonderful amazing and simply… wow!! 

So much in this, Aeryn finds religion. John goes on a little jaunt down a rabbit hole to wackyville with Scorpy who goes on a killing spree. This episode has everything, drama, excitement sadness and joy… well ok I’m lying about the joy. 

You know that old hack about if there is one movie you see this summer make sure it is this one? Well.. I would say that for this episode… although I reserve the right to change my mind when the first two of the three parter is shown here next week on Monday and Tuesday…(yes that’s right hate me…I get to see two new episodes of Farscape in the same week.) 

Ok.. Important points about this episode… but not to give too much away… first of all… Aeryn is not on Katratzi… she is instead on an old Scarren ore freighter going nowhere fast. It seems the Scarrens use such transports not for moving ore as you might suspect from its name but rather as mobile prisons come interrogation bases. Plausible deniability I guess. It also seems they use them as breeding labs also, trying to create new stronger species that they can use to their advantage. 

It doesn’t take long for then to find out that Aeryn is pregnant… and that is where we get a new nickname for Aeryn that she bestows upon herself… PK Tralk Girl. Seems she thinks the kid could be almost anyone’s. The Scarrens aren’t convinced thinking perhaps it night be Johns… so it is out with the truth drugs… and we get to learn a little more about the mysterious time Aeryn spent away from Moya... about what she did… and Who. 

Everything is really bleak. Aeryn is being tortured through a combination of truth drugs and the Scarren heat ray, her tough Peacekeeper façade is crumbling. And she keeps insisting the child is not John Crichtons. 

John meanwhile is busy killing off the inhabitants of the alternative Moya with the Jool who looked like she could do with more than a lady shaver. Ok… so two of them aren’t his fault but it seems his resolve to do whatever is necessary to get Aeryn back might be something he is not able to back up. Thankfully he has Scorpious with him who is more than willing to step into the breach and do the dirty work… All in the name of science of course. 

Different place, different rules, the Stark in this reality can only channel the souls of those she loves. So when they kill Rygel she does not channel his soul… but we all know who she does love right? ‘Her Beloved Aeryn’ but wait… we didn’t see Aeryn in this reality but it seems we did see one like her in another, because we get to see Claudia Black plays Chiana again, which is always fun. And we get to see her die… courtesy of Winonna… Which is less fun. Brutal, but effective. 

John and Scorpy find the location of Katratzi. The base shadows a moon in a system Scorpious knows and it is heavily defended. John and Scorpy also make it back just before a Command Carrier gets in range of Moya and the wormhole, starbursting microts ahead of it dragging John and Scorpy in the module along with them in the docking web. 

Meanwhile things are going from bad to worse for Aeryn. They are taking her to Katratzi… and a surgeon is standing by. Now... In some cases that statement could be comforting… say your being rushed to hospital for a life saving operation… but in this case I think that might be a little to optimistic to hope for. Aeryn seems to agree with me because she turns her back on her new found religion and offers to strike a deal with anything and anyone at all who might be listening who could help her. It would be at this point if this was Star Trek you would get the guy painted red with horns on his temples arriving to offer just such a deal. Thankfully we live in the real world.. err… anyway.. that doesn’t happen… guess what does.. go on… guess… damn… you don’t know either huh? 

And so this tale ends… all the major players are moving in the same direction, towards what we don’t know…  and given the fact that this is Farscape I would hate to speculate, as I know I would end up being wrong. Thankfully I don’t have to wait long. I get to see part one of ‘We are so Screwed’ on Monday… and then part two the next day. 

Mind you… its not all good, the more new episodes I see, the closer I get to seeing the final part of Farscape… what were those people thinking about when they cancelled this show? Of course it didn’t do great in the ratings it was never advertised the way it should have been, they never let it reach a wider audience and unless they release the rights and let it be shown on larger networks so many poor poor people will be forced to think that ‘Enterprise’ is good science fiction. 

I would give this episode a five plus rating. It simply blows the competition out of the water. Script, acting and originality it has it all.