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Bringing Home the Beacon

Ep Synopsis by Toadie

This episode had it all, humour, action, intrigue, betrayal and loss. It is a fantastic episode on a scale of one to five, it’s a five plus. I LOVED this episode. 

It starts out with a reprise of what has happened previously. The girls, who typically just had to go shopping have found a delightful mall made from a dead Leviathan fused with a planetoid. It seems Sikozu is showing the other woman all the best places to shop, shoes, new clothes, species blending and genetic modification all under the one roof.

 After a few sexist comments about woman and their understanding of technical things they get to see Rekka, who can provide them with a small module thing that can disguise Moya’s energy signature from long range scans. They choose to go with the deluxe model with a choice of signatures. Chiana tries to get them a discount by flirting and kissing Rekka’s assistant but that does not work. They agree a price, 16,000 Krindars (sp?) and after paying half up front get given some tokens to go have fun at some of the booths available. Rekka has to take Moya's modulator as it is a leviathan part and requires a custom build, this leaves Moya half blind for the four arns it will take. So they send Chiana after them, not trusting them.

Since this is Farscape, nothing is as simple as it seems, as Grayzar, Braca and four SSD commandos turn up.

And so on with the intro.

The PK’s have jammed the comms so Aeryn sends Noranti after Chiana to warn her of their presence while she and Sizoku stick close to Grayzar to try and find out why she is there.

Chiana who has lost Reeka and his assistant decides to spend her tokens and have a massage while not so subtly trying to get some information from the masseuse.

It is at this point we find out why Grayzar is there. The planetoid shaves and both Aeryn and Sizoku can identify the cause. A Scarren striker, the fastest ship in the Scarren fleet.

Chiana for once is on her front and not her back trying to get information. As she can’t see what is happening she misses the large obvious clue as to how Reeka managed to slip away from her. The masseuse keeps changing both shape and gender to give the optimum massage. Seems they also sell genetic modification kits there and all Reeka done was use one and Chiana walked right passed him not recognising him.

The Scarrens have arrived, War Minister Agnoth, third in rank in the Scarren Fleet, her captain, two Scarren Soldiers and two Charrids (guess they had more Charrid costumes than Scarren ones) this means both sides are roughly even so it is obvious that they are here for a meeting of some sort. Aeryn and Sizoku tag along to find out what’s going on and why they are meeting.

Noranti finds Chiana but they can’t get past the PK Commandos so they decide to go get a little bit of genetic modification so that they can fool any DN scans.

Agnoth and Grayza are having a little chat. In exchange for peace Grayza offers the Lixan Territories to the Scarren Imperium in exchange for them relinquishing all claims of the UT’s beyond a nebula I can’t remember the name of. Obviously Agnoth is suspicious as the Luxans are supposed to be allies of the PK’s but Grayza informs her that the majority of High Command already regret that decision. That many think it is time for a change of leadership and obviously Grayzar thinks she is just the gurl for the job. She also points out to Agnoth that a similar thing could be made to work for her. They could both use this initiative to seize power in their respective realms.It is at this point however word of a Nebari girl reaches Braca and off he goes to check out the rumours.

Chiana and Noranti have had their mods done, Noranti looks just as strange but with smooth skin and only two eyes, Chiana is in colour. <G> a nice blue green shade with her normal accenting, a new set of clothes too to accent her new attributes. They are also talking differently, more husky at least Chiana is Noranti is simply more annoying. In order to get past Braca and the guards we get to see a scene almost as mentally scarring as Braca and Scorpy that ebing Chiana and Noranti acting al loved up with each other. After a genetic scan Braca moves on but for some reason Chiana just has to bite Noranti’s rather large ear… why? Oh god why!?!?

Back in the meeting Agnoth questions the PK’s claim of Military superiority and their possession of wormhole technology. She says that perhaps the loss of a Dreadnaught was just a coincidence. However they put this question assid and sign the treaty. As soon as it is signed Braca turns up and reports a negative on the search for Chiana. It is at that moment Agnoth pulls the double cross we were all waiting on and the Scarren captain uses his heat ray finger technique on Braca while killing the two SSD commandos in the room.

It is concluded that the only choice left to Aeryn and the others is to rescue Grayza so that she can void the treaty with the Scarrens. So they turn to Noranti and her travelling pharmacy and she creates a powder that when she blows it in the face of a Charrid lets her suggest to him that the other Charrid with him was in fact a SSD and they end up killing each other.

Aeryn and Sizoku don the uniforms of the dead Charrids and use them to gain access to Bay 9 where the Scarrens are keeping Grayza in a weird body pod and Braca Chained up. They kill a Charrid and release both Braca and Grayzar but as they do not trust them chain those two together. Now all they have to do is escape.

Back in the transport pod Chiana runs into a bit of trouble with Reeka as he thins she is there to steal his clients ship and after getting knocked out she is only able to convince them she is who she is but playing tonsil hockey with the lackey.

The escape plan for Aeryn and the others is a work of tactical genius. Everyone runs while Aeryn tries to hold them off. So they do and she tries. She kills the Charrid fine but last we see is her firing away at a Scarren with absolutely no effect. Grayza and Braca try to convince the others that Aeryn is dead and that they had to escape now or it would make her sacrifice worthless, Sizoku is rather amazingly upset by this, seems she might actually like Aeryn. So she insists they wait for Aeryn to join them. Braca in an amazing show of thinking for himself knocks her and Noranti and makes a run for it to the Marauder.

Back in the pod Chiana finally convinces the lackey as to who she is by playing tonsil hockey with him. Apparently they didn’t modify her tongue. Good thing Braca didn’t check that then isn’t it? So they take the other half of the payment and pass the signal distorter to Sizoku who has just regain consciousness and made her way to the pod to wait for Aeryn. She unties Chiana

Time passes slowly when your waiting, even slower when Chiana keeps asking what the time is and insisting they go after Aeryn but without a microt to spare Aeryn turns up and they blast off with al there shopping purchases.

Back on Moya the guys are a little concerned as the pod is coming in at high speed with a Scarren Dreadnaught chasing them. D’Argo orders pilot to prepare to StarBurst as if he wasn’t already. So pod arrives, they starburst and all seems right with the world... eerr... Leviathan.

D’Argo keeps sniffing Chiana and she tells him to stop, you might have though she would like it but apparently not. She asks him if he likes her new look and D’Argo comments he preferred the elegant grey. I’m just thankful Chiana didn’t ask if her new colour made her ass look big.

John and Aeryn are getting a little bit too close if they want to keep their relationship quiet. After all the comments about the comms they seem to ignore the fact they are wearing them this time and are flirting and are about to kiss when Moya exits starburst.

However upon exiting starburst they find that the Scarren ship has managed to follow them and is on the very edge of Moya sense horizon and coming their way fast. Obviously there is a homin beacon somewhere but where could it be? In the signal distorter? No.... On the transport pod? Nope. Could Sizoku be carrying it? No, Chiana? Nope pilot clears her? Could it be… Aeryn? Apparently not, pilot also clears her. So where is that pesky beacon?

Scorpy is busy patching the signal distorter in to Moya’s neural net thingy while the others discuss their options. They only obvious one being abandoning Moya. Aeryn seems to take this rather calmly and john asks if she thinks it is safe for the baby? Aeryn is rather confused about this. John gets a leeeettttlllee bit suspicious right about then.

After a rant that belongs with the best of them from Crackers he insists she spells baby for him, even singing the alphabet for her but no joy. She reaches for her gun and boon, John shoots her in the head.

Now relax by now you should have figured out it is not Aeryn but something Sizoku identifies as a Biloid, I’m guessing that’s short for Biological Android. It also seems this stops the signal and with barely a microt to spare Scorpy succeeds and patches the signal distorted into Moya and Sizoku get Pilot to use the Scarren ore freighter setting and to mimic it movements. After a nice chat the dreadnought heads off in the other direction chasing the leviathan that Sizoku says they saw starburst moments before.

John is obviously a little bit freeked, he did after al shoot Aeryn for nor being able to spell, my god I would never have survived second grade if that was the teaching method on Earth. Thankfully in this case it worked out for him and it wasn’t Aeryn he shot. However that does mean that she and the baby are out there somewhere, possibly on the planet mentioned by Agnoth as she was doing her evil dictator bit and usefully explaining her evil plans for whoever might be about to overhear them.

 D’Argo swears to John he will never be taken prisoner again… or the fifth time. No… only kidding (but seriously even D’Argo should have figured out by now that line just invites trouble for him) He swears that they will get her back and... Fade out.

 What can I say? This episode is great, fantastic, and wonderful… I loved it. As I said before it has all the great elements and I am really looking forward to the next one… in two frelling week’s time. Bloody stupid sport snooker if you ask me.  

Episode synopsis written by Toadie.