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Twice Shy

Ep Synopsis by Toadie

Before I start… here is a thought for you. In the titles Crichtons says how all he wants to do is get home to earth to warn it… and now he has got back to earth what did he refuse to do? WARN IT!!! Make up your mind boy!!!


Now on with the review.


We get the usual reprise of all that has happened to date and then the show starts. It seems Moya and crew are back in Tormented Space and have let some traders aboard to barter for maps and a few other things. Noranti and Rygel are doing the negotiations and surprisingly enough doing them well.


Aeryn is busy not paying attention to John who has figured out that something is wrong but seems convinced that he has said something to upset her rather than the fact that she now knows that he has been sniffing chalk dust to try and forget about her. Also typically enough he just does not seem able to leave well enough alone and you can’t but feel he deserves it when after confronting Aeryn about what he has done to upset her, she belts him on the side of the head.


But that takes place after the negotiations for the maps is complete and the traders offer something else, a female. Chiana is rather put out about that, you get the feeling that maybe she has been in a similar position and forces the others to buy the female, Tileka.


Obviously by now you just know how bad an idea this is, but somehow the crew have failed to learn that lesson. So once the traders have gone Tileka goes on a little bit of a rampage and just so happens to touch most of the crew before Scorpious grabs her and D’Argo growls at Chiana to take her to her quarters and to keep her there.


Then as previously stated Aeryn bops John on the side of the head for being an annoying pest.


Intro… I have already said my piece so we shall move on.


Now you know something is wrong when Chiana starts to hit on a woman in this case Tileka and you know something is very wrong when Aeryn interrupts and Chiana tries to hit on her instead. When Aeryn refuses that please chiana goes to hunt out Crichron whom is acting a little like he did during A Clockwork Nebari, far far too cheerful for everything that is going on especially when Aeryn is acting more and more like her old PeaceKeeper self, D’Argo is storming about under a thunder cloud, Rygel is even greedier than normal and Chiana is hitting on everything that moves, even Scorpious.


It doesn’t take long for Scorpious to point out the blindingly obvious to the crew and the only possible source, so obviously they decide to split up to search for Tileka. John and Aeryn in one group and D’Argo, Chiana and Rygel in the other.


Obviously Jhna dn Aeryn ome across her first and corner her in a cargobay where they are promptly knocked out by a cream and a giant spider like creature appears, yup, you guessed it there was more to Tileka than there first appeared to be. It moves ove them and starts sucking at there foreheads.. but what is it after? Well, if you haven’t already figured it out you’ll just have to wait a little longer.


John and Aeryn regain consciousness and warn the others but it is too late, Tileka is already following them and knocks them out and starts sucking their foreheads too. Sizoku comes across this and showing good sense that has been remarkably lacking so far makes a run for it. She gets cornered in a air circulation room and is attacked from above. Last we see her for the moment she is on the floor reaching for one of her severed limbs.


Aeryn and john are in command, Aeryn suspiciously emotional and John acting like he has spent the last week smoking illegal substances. The others soon join them, mellow D’Argo, generous Rygel and… Chiana.


It seems Tileka has sucked out each of the crews strongest character trait, Johns inability to give up, Aeryns tight reign on her emotions, Rygels greed and D’Argo’s anger. Chiana however seems the same but is suspicious as to what she has lost, so she gets D’Argo to kiss her and… nothing. Seems our favourite tralk has lost her sex drive… and is most upset about it.


So off the merry bunch go to track her down but before they do the trader vessel returns and they bring it aboard only to find the entire crew dead or dying. Seems Tileka is from a race of emotion sucking spiders. They also discover they if they don’t get their emotions back they will die. It seems Tileka has secreted them in her nest in handy to move glowing green globe things. So off the crew go to search for the nest.


Again they split up and again it’s the same split but before they get too far Tileka appears to take the traders craft and make a run for it, the other minus a rather fatalistic John give chase only to discover they have been duped and are now over an arn away from Moya and reliant on John to save them with whatever aid he can get from the others.


Noranti meanwhile has been busy reattaching Sizoku’s limbs while it seems that the strongest personality trait in Scorpy is his Scarrenside because that’s what comes out as, he too, was infected by Tileka. Noranti blows a little dust his way and knocks him out and then goes in search of John who is having a little nap to get over the funk that dying has got him in.


It turns out that Sizoku is immune to having her traits sucked and Noranti is too old and tough although personally I think the subtext mentioned smelly also. So using Scorpy as bait John gets Sizoku to limpingly follow Tileka to her nest to discover where the glowing green things are.


So she finds the nest, tells John where it is and he follows and distracts Tileka by asking her just to kill him, fast or slow, ladies choice. She chooses slow,  Sizoku obviously is slightly put out by this and cries out even as she grabs lne of the green thingys Tileka turns to attack her only to be shot at by John and an oversized hand gun. Things don’t look like they are going well for him until he shoves the gun in its mouth and pulls the trigger. Thus blowing her to bits.


The next scene is in the galley where Noranti, never one to waste anything has made spider soup, Rygel proclaims it to be the best spider soup he has ever tasted and D’Argo as the only spider soup he has ever tasted… and it was surprisingly nice.


Aeryn is in a corridor waiting for John to put in an appearance, twirling in her fingers one of the drug pod things that Noranti had been supplying John. When John appears Aeryn is understandably annoyed with John and starts laying down the law to John, starting with him stopping taking the drug. John tells her to Shut up.


John then instructs Pilot to check the comms system and pilot infrms him that he will do so and that it would take the comms off line for thirty microts. John then explains to Aeryn why he was doing what he was doing.


The Aurora chair, the neural clone and threatening the destruction of Earth were all Scorpious’s attempts to find the key to get John to reveal wormhole Knowledge to him. But they were not the key, Aeryn is, her and the baby, if Scorpious figures that out and uses Aeryn to get to John, there would be nothing John could do but help Scorpious.


Aeryn thinks this is just paranoia brought on by the drugs, the whole Scorp is using the comms to spy on him thing. BUT!!! As soon as comms are restored Scorpy’s voice can be heared questioning what happened to the comms. Now unless he was using them he wouldn’t even have noticed that they weren’t wrking, so it seems as if he was using them to spy on JOHN.


Aeryn understands now and plays along, stating that it is over between the, that there is nothing for them together now. Their actions however give lie to their words as they get closer and closer until the eventually kiss, reunited once more. Bleck.


Well you ‘shippers out there you finally got it the scene where John and Aeryn are reunited but not as you thought it would be I bet.


Now you ma be wondering why this review is so much less detailed that the other two, well for good reason, this episode is far more action based with great visual scenes with a much less complex plot than the other two and to go into any more depth would rob the episode of any surprises.


I will say this however, this is not a great episode but it is far, far from a bad one.

All in all I would give this episode a 3.99999 rating. It doesn’t quite make a 4 rating but it doesn’t fall far short. Altogether an enjoyable typical Farscape romp through the plot of ‘Oopps, we have released another dangerous critter on Moya, let’s gang up and kill it’ School. Plus it has the big ending I am sure many of you have been waiting and waiting and waiting on. A + C = B

Episode synopsis written by Toadie.