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Toadie's review of Terra Firma

Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
Barb: Not at all what I expected from John's return to earth - it was so much better for the surprises.
Score = 5
AmyJ: I like the way they pronounced "I-AAAAss-ah"
Score = 5
Karl: I watched it but I had two things I could not quite buy.
1) I think it would have played out more like A Human Reaction than it did. To point a fact I think that it would have been far more fitting if it had played out that way.
2) I liked the setup but the actual meeting between John and his father I felt was a big nothing. Very disappointing.
Finally this episode failed for me because it flies in the face of the opening of the show.
ok go ahead and throw your rotten tomatoes this way - I am ready for ya!

Score = 3

Toadie:It has a great story and doesn't rely on explosions to move the story forward. this is more they type of episode i want.
Score = 5

Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "Merry frelling Christmas."

John: "Amen"

Creative Staff:

Writer: Richard Manning

Director: Peter Andrikidis

Terra Firma

This week John comes home for real, both to his own time and to his own place: earth. When he and the crew arrive back on Moya from the past, they find Jack and a gaggle of men in black who have been waiting for their return for over a month. These guys have sort of gotten used to the idea of John being alive, of aliens like Sikozu, and even of living ships. D'Argo, Rygel and Co. are a bit of a shock, though.  

I would have thought that John and Jack’s reunion would be a bit more emotional but once the story played out, it was more obvious that they had “issues” between them that needed resolving. In the end, this was nicely accomplished with Jack finally accepting John as an adult with valuable opinions and strengths. But meanwhile, they both seemed to be a bit jealous of each other. Jack never even considered John’s travels when he was taking his little jaunt around Saturn with Aeryn. “I’m farther from earth than any human’s ever been.” When Aeryn corrected him it was almost as if he was saying, “Oh, yeah, John. Well, he doesn’t count.” As for John, to him everything Jack suggested was wrong, if only because Jack was the one suggesting it.  

Poor Braca thinks he’s been having the best sex of his life but in reality, he’s been playing John Edward for Grayza and Skreeth. When Skreeth attacked DK and Laura, Grayza learned through Braca that wormhole knowledge isn’t a human thing but rather a Crichton thing. Now that Grayza understands that, she’s going to be hunting him even more intently. Right now she can’t traverse a wormhole, but somehow she’ll find a way, probably with the unwitting assistance of her pal Braca and probably on or about March 21st

Speaking of DK, he turned out to be not quite the friend John believed he was. Apparently, he’d always been jealous of Crichton and the more John accomplished, the more DK resented him. He kept badgering John to let him in on the secrets of FTL and the hetch drive, never believing John was telling them the truth when he said he didn’t know. There were hints of his jealousy in Won’t Get Fooled Again, but I thought it was just some Scarran-induced paranoia. Without this little insight I would have felt terrible that Skreeth killed him but now I can’t help thinking that it serves him right, the creep. 

Aeryn spent most of the episode feeling rejected and unwanted by John. He’s human and fits in on earth (at least she thinks he does) while she’s an alien who doesn’t belong. She did her best to fit in, dressing as a human, mixing with humans, hitting the local mall. She didn’t even shoot anyone! (No humans anyway.) She tries to find out what his feelings for her are from his father, his sister and even from his former girlfriend. In the end, however, it’s Noranti who spits out the information she needs. Noranti’s always spitting out something or other, but this time it’s a good thing. Now Aeryn knows that John’s indifference is drug-induced. The question is, what will she do with this knowledge?  

Whenever I’ve thought about John and his alien buddies going to earth, I’ve spent most of the time wondering how the humans would react to the aliens. I never thought much about how the aliens would react to earth. Terra Firma was sprinkled with loads of hilarious moments, a lot of which were centered around food. Who knew that flowers and unpopped popcorn (or “cop porn”) were so good! And who knew that peaches were so bad?  

The real payoff in this episode was the ending. When Jack says goodbye to John, he knows he won’t be back for dinner. He doesn’t expect him to be back at all. John, however, knows he’s going to come back but when he does, it will most likely be to stop the destruction of earth by the Peacekeepers and/or the Scarrans. Neither one of them wants John to leave, but go he must. The way they chose to play the scene was fantastic – no prowler taking off into the sunset, just John putting on his sunglasses and walking away.  


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