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Toadie's review of Kansas

Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
Barb: A great take on the time-travel plot! 
Score = 4
AmyJ: I love it when the loyalty of a viewer is paid off. That is when knowing the history of a character or the "inside story" to previous eps enriches the plot. This one answered some questions and created a great deal more. If that was truly an accurate memory for John, Karen and the near death incident, then also, would Jack in essence have known that John's trip into space would have lead to something more... something that would mean "each man becoming their own type of hero"? Also, why would Grayza send the dancer from Madonna's Justify My Love video after them?
Score = 5
Karl: There were so many little parts to this episode that made it shine greater then its whole. From Aeryn learning from Sesame street to John loosing it in the back of his pickup tuck to Karen Shore. Not to mention Rygels addiction to candy.
Score = 5

Toadie: An episode packed with 'Firsts'.
Score = 4 

Quote of the Week:
D'Argo: "Yes...No...Bite Me"
Creative Staff:

Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods


I love time-travel stories and I love earthlings-see-aliens-for-  the-first-time stories. Kansas hit a home run on both accounts. John zipped through a wormhole at the end of Unrealized Reality after Einstein had warned him that he mustn’t go back in time. Sure enough, he’s returned to earth in the 1980’s and sure enough, he managed to screw up the timeline. Big time. Kansas is about fixing what’s gone wrong (or will go wrong) because of this.

John knew before he set foot on the planet that he was in the right place but the wrong time. We finally get some insight into his past from watching him (as both John-past and John-future) interact with his family. He knows he can’t change anything except what’s different in this reality, so his conversations with his mother were heartbreaking. He knows she’s going to die soon, but he can’t warn her or advise her. Only when he was invisible was he able to tell her he loves her. Having a mom who was a peacemaker, who always backed down, makes John’s relationship with Aeryn, the Peacekeeper who never backs down, all the more interesting.

Since the crew can’t do anything to alter the original timeline, they have to come up with a plan to put things right. Now, you know, I know and they know that their plans never work the way they’re supposed to and this one is no different. They have to use plans B and C before they accomplish their goal.

Fortunately, everyone quickly learns the traditional earth greeting. D'Argo even knows a few words (yes, no & bite me) which he can combine with the greeting, thus endearing himself to the natives. Once he’s mastered the art of operating a car, he can pass for an earthling, no problem. He even has Noranti doing the back-seat driving for him. 

Aeryn got some English lessons the same way a lot of us did: from Sesame Street. Just like kids everywhere, she was really glued to the screen and Kermit and Oscar the Grouch were as real to her as Pilot and Rygel.  

Speaking of Rygel, our beloved Dominar becoming a couch potato on a sugar high was a hoot! Why wasn’t I surprised to see him stealing candy from children? Especially because he thought it was a controlled substance. Which it probably should be. It seems like Reese’s Pieces are a particular favorite. 

We finally meet John’s first sexual encounter, Karen Shore. Who would have guessed way back in That Old Black Magic that it was Chiana! (The lyrics playing on the radio when they first met– “Love is blind” were rather appropriate, weren’t they?) And you don’t have to wonder why John-future was jumping up and down in the back of the truck, testing the suspension. 

Braca may be an obsequious weasel, but he’s a loyal one. He’s going to be in real trouble if Grayza finds out, though. Between Scorpy and Grayza, I think he should be more afraid of Grayza. She’s a woman on a mission – two missions, actually. First, she wants a treaty with the Scarrans and second, she wants Crichton. Or maybe vice versa. By the way, what was that thing she gave Crichton’s DNA to? It sort of looked Scarran but not really.  

When the cops were interrogating the police chief, did anyone else notice the “Coming up next: The X-Files” in the lower left of the screen?

As far as I'm concerned, this was a super episode. It's got most of what I love most about Farscape: action, humor, great character interaction. It has some super references to past episodes and gives hints at what's to come.  The only bad thing is that there are only 10 more episodes to come.

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