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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:

Barb: Besides the great makeup and special effects, I enjoyed seeing a new side to D'Argo. I'd have given the ep a 4 if it hadn't been so confusing in the beginning.
Score =

AmyJ:There were a lot of very clever and interesting devices used here, but not balanced the right way, so the pacing and focus suffered. Good blend of FX and CGI. Good performance by Gigi. Score = 3
Karl: OK, I wanted to like this episode more but the disjointed first half was too distracting. I did think that the look of the aliens and the planet were lush and reminiscent of the expensive look from the first season. Great job!  
Score = 3
Quote of the Week:
John: “D'Argo! Knock me out! Hit me harder, you big sissy!”
Creative Staff:

Writer: Mark Saraceni

Director: Geoff Bennett


A Prefect Murder

Images courtesy of www.un4scene.com 

I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but I had a bit of trouble the first time I watched this episode. “Wait a second! Didn’t I just see this?” Then I began wondering if Sci Fi (everybody’s favorite scapegoat) had screwed up the tape. Or maybe Farscape’s film budget was getting low and they reused some bits to save money. As soon as I caught on to what was happening, I began to like it.

Once again, Moya’s running out of supplies and has to search for planets where they can restock the kitchen. Since they’re in Tormented Space, the search isn’t easy but finally they find one that has what they need and everybody goes planetside except Rygel and Scorpius.

All of the locals are edgy because it’s nearly time for their twice-yearly (twice-cyclely?) change of government. Now, here’s where the trouble starts: Aeryn begins having visions, which at first appear to be flashbacks but are really flashforwards. With a few what-the-frells mixed in. She has an irrestible urge to murder Prefect-to-be Gaashah, and since the urge is irresistible, she does. She murders him and a whole lot of others, wounding D'Argo in the process, and throwing the whole planet into chaos.

From the time the murder actually happened, the story got better and much easier to follow. Zerbat, Gaashah’s son, and John go off looking for Aeryn and when John senses her nearby, he sends Zerbat off with Sikozu to search elsewhere. John’s about to take another snort of Laka, but Aeryn speaks and he puts the stuff aside. (If he had taken it, would he have been as susceptible to the bug bites?) The priest, Paroos, joins them and together they try to find out why she killed all those people, but not until she falsely remembers hitting a child does she also remember the bugs. She gave the kid quite a slug, too. That bug must’ve been a lot bigger than it looked on TV.

There was a lot of great character development in this episode. John and Aeryn seem to be getting close once again. Aeryn’s admitted that the coin-toss from Dog with Two Bones went badly, and John appeared more willing to trust her with his heart. Of course next week that will probably change, but it was nice to see.

Speaking of character development, D'Argo seems to have grown up since he was elected captain. It suits him. He always seemed a bit lost before, but knowing that the others have enough confidence in him to make him their captain has given him confidence in himself.

Chiana’s a nervous wreck worrying about losing her sight and yet when she’s needed, she comes through for everyone. Each time she uses her slow-motion vision, she’s blind for a little bit longer. At some point, she’s going to remain blind, and she knows it. No wonder she’s been so edgy lately. It was nice to see Sikozu helping her walk back to the transport pod. It may take a few more disasters, injuries and fist fights, but it looks like those two might become friends.

The makeup, creature shop and special effects folks did a great job this week. E'Alet’s makeup and bees-in-the-head thing were super and I was really impressed with Paroos, the priest. Although I have to wonder why this guy would have a buzz saw built into his chair. Priesting in the Tormented Territories must be very hazardous to one’s health.

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