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PKBarb 4
Karl 3
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Quote of the Week:
Crichton to Aeryn: “I would put my life in your hands, but not my heart.”   
Creative Staff:

Writer: Sophie C. Hopkins

Director: Ian Watson


Natural Election

Ship-based shows are my favorite ones. Everyone gets something to do to eliminate the problem (whatever the problem is) and the interaction between the characters is usually at its best.  

This week they need to work together to battle a space plant that’s infesting the ship. The thing envelops Moya to the degree that John & D'Argo fly out in Lo’La to shoot it off. Good idea, bad result – instead of dying, the fungus merely retreats inside Moya and continues to grow.  

Nothing seems to faze it and only Scorpius causes it to back off. I got a kick out of that – Scorpy’s the only thing that makes a fungus cringe. Actually, it’s the blue stuff in his coolant rods that makes it retreat and that’s the stuff the crew tries to use to kill it. Granny and Sputnik dilute the liquid, and John and Aeryn slop it all over the floor in Moya’s atmosphere control chamber, hoping it will diffuse throughout the ship and kill the plant. Another good plan, another bad result. The plant has already gotten into the atmospheric scrubber area and it destroys the fans before they can disperse the coolant. 

That’s a pretty freaky pregnancy thing that Aeryn has going there. Besides Crichton, Crichton and Velorek, I wonder who else is a candidate for daddy. I’m hoping it may have happened with John before the two Crichtons split, but even DNA testing won’t prove that, only that it is or isn’t John’s child. Although perhaps there’s some kind of test that would show the conception date. That would be…interesting. Here’s something else to think about, ladies - imagine being pregnant for seven years. SEVEN YEARS!  

Why would Aeryn tell all that stuff to Chiana, anyhow? They’ve never been close friends in the past, or at least not close enough to warrant that kind of confidence. A little odd, but maybe Aeryn, either consciously or subconsciously, wanted Chi to blab so that John would find out. That way she wouldn’t have to be the one to break the news to him. 

Sikozu appears to have a bit of a crush on Scorpy. I’m assuming it’s his intelligence that’s attracting her and not his looks, but you never know. Perhaps she should take a little lesson from the fungus.  

D'Argo won the election! I can’t imagine it going any other way. John wouldn’t win because most of his plans that look great in theory turn out to be terrible in execution and also, everyone is still a bit distrustful of his sanity and his wormhole obsession. Aeryn? She’s probably the second most qualified, but where was she since she bailed at the end of season three? She came back with Scorpy – that’s reason enough not to vote for her. Chiana’s a little young and a lot unstable. Rygel is certainly old enough but, well, he’s Rygel. Scorpius is really the most qualified to be a captain. After all, he was captain of that enormous Command Carrier that the rest of them destroyed; but he was never truly in the running for the job even though he got more votes that Crichton. 

There were a couple of oddities about Natural Election. First, you’d think the Peacekeepers would come up with a better system for birth control than a seven year dormancy. They have inoculations for every disease in the Uncharted Territories. How about one for birth control? And second, how could Aeryn believe she could waltz back to Moya, tell John she’s pregnant but doesn’t know who the daddy is, and then expect him to say, “Okay, no problem?” She has to be smarter than that. 

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