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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Toadie 5
Quote of the Week:
Harvey: "Without hesitation!"
Creative Staff:

Writer: Richard Manning

Director: Geoff Bennett 




This gem starts with the crew, squeezed into the confines of D'Argo's ship, having finally found Moya. On their approach, of course, the first question John asks Pilot is to explain what happened to Moya after she got sucked through the wormhole. Pilot's answer doesn't instill them with confidence, making them think they're heading into a trap. Which is sort of true. It's more the metaphysical kind that offends your predisposed assumptions about the Farscape characters you've come to rely upon. (This is actually a good thing.) 

You've seen the previews: A wary John ventures into the Leviathan. He pulls a pulse gun on a figure dressed black. It's Aeryn Sun, suffering from heat delirium. And here's the not so surprising part: Scorpius (the turd that won't flush) is on board with her. He came to her rescue, fitting her with a coolant suit eerily similar to his own (Miss Black is a gorgeous woman, but even she couldn't make a face thong work.) to save her from the Living Death. 

In exchange for his help, Aeryn granted Scorpius asylum on Moya and drags a promise out of a hurt/enraged/betrayed John to not harm her savior. So, insults, sneers and sarcastic comments notwithstanding, the crew humor Aeryn's request and place Scorpy in protective custody. (I'm rather curious about the set used here. It's a room of Moya we've not seen before. Although she is filled with holding cells, this one appears to be quite different from the ones we have seen her crew use as quarters.) 

Quicker than you can say crispy grolack a big mother of a ship appears. The pilot demands that the "assassin" Aeryn Sun release the identity of her "conspirators" in exchange for her only chance at a cure for illness. Our Miss Sun's been busy and is really tight-lipped about her actions since John has seen her last. But later we learn that she contracted this illness after killing a rather prominent member of this alien's government. She refuses to make a deal with the aliens. 

Now it wouldn't be an episode of Farscape without offering more complications. While all this angst-ridden merriment is going on, Commandant Cleavage and her pet Braca are zeroing in on Moya's whereabouts. They've made a weapon capable of killing the Leviathan while rendering the occupants unharmed. It's such a powerful horrifying weapon, that you know it's doomed to failure. 

Scorpius learns of this from a spy he has on the carrier and warns John. In an act of good faith, Scorpius administers the cure that relieves John of the neural clone. He is finally free of Harvey. (I dug Harvey, but that bit was getting a little old.) 

They hatch a plan (Don't cringe… this one works.) to hustle the alien for Aeryn's cure and then split before the PKs arrive. John and D'Argo bring Aeryn to the alien ship that turns out to be mostly holographic. After Aeryn receives the cure, they overpower the crew. Sputnik gets to employ that superior intellect she's always on about to produce a holographic Moya from the alien ship to confuse the PKs and their incongruously less-menacing-more-cartoon-looking missile. The prowler armed with the missile is piloted by Braca, (because he personally had to make sure he screwed this one up). He targets the fake Moya and the real one powers up and starbursts away to safety. 

Out of a sense of obligation I'm going to get to the baby part, although, to be honest, I was so thoroughly enthralled with this ep, I forgot all about it. Aeryn is supposedly or was supposedly pregnant with Talyn-John's child. When John finally confronts her about it. Aeryn says nothing. And I've got the feeling it's going to be a long time before we see any sort of answer. TPTB love to torture you that way. 

In an interview, one of the Farscape producers described a certain way of thinking of each new episode of Farscape, drawing an analogy to Christmas presents. To paraphrase, sometimes you get an ugly sweater and sometimes you get the cool present: you get a bike. Kids, this week we had a bike waiting under the tree. It delivered on so many levels that maybe this is just too simple a comparison. This was a ten speed bike with a light and maybe a mounted ray gun. AmyJ

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