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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 2
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Toadie 3
Quote of the Week:

John: “Ahhhh, more bad news.”

D’Argo: “Same dren, different planet.”

John: “Yeah, we’re trapped.”

D'Argo: “Again.”

Creative Staff:

Writer: Michael Miller

Director: Michael Pattinson



Lava's a Many Splendored Thing

Ho-hum, another episode, another bunch of freaky aliens trying to kill the good guys. Throw in lots of bathroom humor, a few gross-out factors (this time in the form of vomit), Rygel getting caught stealing someone’s treasure, and Crichton having a little too much fondness for his pulse pistol. Sound familiar? It should, it’s been around more than once. Change the alien makeup, give it a new title and send it out there. Maybe the fans won’t notice. Here’s something else to think about: Crichton’s butt has had a bigger role than Aeryn in Season Four.   

The basic story goes this way: everyone is starving, not having eaten in three solar days. It’s so bad that they eat something Noranti spit out which cures the hunger problem but causes cramps and vomiting (these guys have barfed more in the past three years than I have in my whole life). Rygel goes off looking for a men’s room in a lava cave but finds a treasure cache instead and – Rygel being Rygel –  gets caught with a handful of the treasure.  

Granny, who has almost as many annoying personal habits as Rygel, decides the bad guys are the good guys and pops out to say “hi,” nearly getting everyone killed. To make amends, she whips up a batch of her mind-frell powder and manages to enchant two of the thieves and save the day. Temporarily. 

Meanwhile, the "squad of big hairy heavily armed guys" that Crichton threatens to have as back up (a.k.a. Chi and Sputnik) are outside the cave trying to activate D'Argo’s ship. There’s some great interaction between these two in this episode. Although they’re opposite in many ways, their differences sort of mesh and hopefully Chiana will find the true friend that she’s been needing since Zhaan died. Anyway, Sikozu manages to fire up the ship, shoot the cave door open and turn on the cloaking device (or whatever it’s called). She did in 15 minutes what took D'Argo nearly a whole season to figure out. 

Rygel is paying for sins even he hasn’t committed yet. He’s encased in some hardened amber-like goo waiting for his guts to explode – lovely thought, that. One of the baddies drops him into a pit full of lava; the baddy dies and Rygel sinks. Great to see John look a bit worried over that, but I don’t know if he was worried about Rygel or about burning his aforementioned butt off trying to rescue him. In any case, in one of my favorite scenes in the episode, he shoots himself to prime the shield he inherited from one of the baddies and goes lava-diving.  

Instead of Ryg, he discovers the chief baddie, Raa’Keel, skulking around in the lava pit. Now this guy is cool. As far as mean ugly critters go, he’s a winner. Not too bright, though, because he manages to fall into the amber-spewing trap and ends up stuck in the glop, leaving Crichton free to go bobbing for Rygel. 

Everyone was pretty glad to hear Pilot’s voice, but not as glad as I was. I can only hope that once we’re all back on Moya things will settle down (or rise up) to the Farscape episodes that leave you wanting more. Each season has had one ep that I’ve really disliked. I hope that “Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing”  is Season Four’s “Vitas Mortis” or “Eat Me.”  

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