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What Was Lost Part II: Resurrection

We still haven’t gotten answers to many of our questions about last season’s cliffhangers, but that’s fine with me. I like the fact that things are moving forward and not wasting a lot of this year’s time on last year’s problems. Sooner or later the explanations will trickle in and they’ll probably be doozies when they do. 

Now we have something else to think about – are Humans and Sebaceans really the “kissin’ cousins” John claimed in Season One, with Interions as another branch of the family? The tiles found on Arnessk seem to indicate as much. And speaking of Season One, I kept thinking of John’s Jeremiah Crichton speech where he complains about the alien creatures “in my face, up my nose, inside my brain, down my pants.” The more things change, the more they remain the same.  

In What Was Lost, most of the crew is back together and working as a team. Some of the best episodes come from the Hole in the Sky gang foiling the marshals and getting out of Dodge and this one is no exception, although it’s not quite as much fun with Sundance (Aeryn) missing. The episode has a million layers to it, ranging from double entendres to Leviathan kamikazes and it’s one that needs to be watched several times to catch everything. It moves fast, sometimes too fast, but that’s what the reverse button on my VCR is for. 

John: After getting away from You-Know-Who, John shudders and dunks himself in the water. Can’t say I blame him, either. Besides smelling terrible he has to feel terrible. It was bad enough that it happened, he also seemed pretty annoyed that “everybody” knew it had happened. Even worse, Grayza knows about Aeryn. Maybe that hasn’t really registered with John yet, but it will.  

Jool: It looks like another of my favorite characters is going to be missing from most if not all future episodes of Farscape. Just when Jool was beginning to fit in, she’s out and I, for one, am very sorry to see her go. It was fun watching her learn to live in less than ideal conditions for a girl of her upbringing and background. Now she’s got her work cut out for her if she’s going to bring those priests 12,000 years ahead into the present. I hope Interions have long life spans. 

Chiana: During Season Three, Chiana was nothing more than a background character in most episodes and I really missed her. Finally, she’s “out there’ once more where she belongs. Welcome back, Chi! It’s good to see you again. 

Scorpius: If being shot at point-blank range didn’t kill him, getting out of that grave will be a piece of cake. Did anyone else think the fountain Scorpy-on-a-leash was drinking from should have been a toilet? 

Braca: Not even his promotion to Captain will make up for the hell his life is going to be with Grayza as his commanding officer. A few more weekens of her and he’ll be begging Scorpius to take him back. 

Grayza: As far as villains go, so far Grayza falls pretty far down on the nastiness scale. Whatever her true agenda is, she seems more interested in seduction than anything else. Unless she starts putting Peacekeeper business before hot sheets, she’s going to get boring really fast. And while I’m on the subject,  I think she puts a little bit too much faith in that sweat of hers. Now she’s got the woman-scorned thing going on too. 

Crais/Pilot: Neither of Lani Tupu’s characters has been around yet this season. I didn’t expect to see Crais, him being dead and all, but Pilot?  

I really enjoyed this episode. The scenery was gorgeous, the story was engrossing, the CGI was outstanding and the cast did their usual make-you-forget-they’re-actors-and-believe-they’re-really-people-in-space wizardry. But  there were a couple of things that bothered me.  

Why was Rygel the only one who was even a little bit sad about Elack and his Pilot’s death? Last week John was calling the old Pilot “Sweetheart” and telling her not to worry, they’d take care of her. Well, they took care of her all right and nobody even acknowledged her death.  

Why didn’t John stick around and talk to the priests for a little while? They may hold the key to the origins of the human race. Shouldn’t he be a little bit interested? 

What was with those two Peacekeeper guards when Jool was screaming her handcuffs off? Were they deaf as well as blind?

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