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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 2
Karl 2
AmyJ 1
Toadie 2
Quote of the Week:
Braca (while torturing Scorpius with a poisoned coolant rod): "This is for all the times I had to say 'yes'."
Creative Staff:
Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods


Banner by Karl. Vid caps provided by Dallascaper.

What Was Lost Part I: Sacrifice

PKBarb, our wonderful critic was not able to cover the review of this week's episode. So I, AmyJ, have stepped up to the plate. Never fear... PKBarb will be back in action next week with one of her terrific reviews for Part 2.

Well… first of all, I have to identify "the what was lost" part… me! I personally feel a little gypped (not to mention confused) if I watch exposition from an episode I've not seen yet. Let me explain. There are parts important to this episode that have been filmed and are either parts of future eps or are on the cutting room floor somewhere. This is evident in opening "hook". Hovering somewhere in the nether regions of "previously on Farscape" are a few important, vital details:

  • Scorpius was captured by Commandant Cleavage (aka Grayza).
  • Braca, "the consummate Peacekeeper", has joined the under-garment challenged Grayza and has been either promoted to Captain or it's something she's holding over his head to use as a motivational tool. (Knowing this chick… it's option B.)

The story begins with the dying leviathan (Elack) arriving at the planet (Arnessk) were John, Chi, Rygel and Sputnik expect to find Moya and the others. Moya's not around, but D'Argo and Jool are. 

Leaving Sputnik on the leviathan with Rygel, John and Chi reunite with Jool and D'Argo (who are an "item"). They have been working on an archeological dig with two Interion scientists who aren't so happy to see them. You see this planet has radiation problems rendering it uninhabitable for long periods of time. They keep early warning devices around to alert of an approaching wave. (I'm sure we'll need to remember this in part two.) 

To complete this Jerry Springer family reunion is "Granny" who seems to have befriended an aquatic alien straight out of a B-film. John is disappointed to learn that Aeryn's not there, nor had the others been in contact with her. 

Later, Granny and an Interion interrupt John's moping. She's declared that the dig's director has to die in order to prevent the artifact's secret from being uncovered. John is convinced Granny is nuts and refuses to listen. She gives him a snoot full of pixie dust and he sees a vision of the dig site as it once was, thousands of years before. In it he witnesses the arrival of the artifact (probe) for which the Interions are searching. 

As with all ancient legendary artifacts of an unknown cosmic origin that wield massive powers, some assembly is required. The probe comes conveniently in three pieces and you need all three parts to make it work. (If you've ever played Tomb Raider, you get the idea.) The Interion archeology team has already found two. In the wrong hands this device can be a very powerful weapon (I'm sensing a familiar theme here.) An interesting fact is that John can identify a symbol from the vision and from an item at the dig site: it's an ancient Egyptian symbol, Udjat, or the eye of Horus. It could mean there's a link between this ancient dead culture, Interions, and Sebaceans. I really wanted to know more about that. 

Meanwhile on Grayza's ship, it's Scorpy's turn for a spin in the comfy chair. Convinced that Scorpy is not telling her everything he knows about John Crichton, she furthers his torture by placing some sort of modified coolant rod in the harness as Braca gets his jollies watching. 

Later we get a sense of how Grayza does the voodoo that she do so well. The (ok I feel silly writing this) sweat from her cleavage somehow makes men do her bidding. Which also means that poor Braca's under her control as well. I'm guessing it's the equivalent of heavy duty pheromones. 

She's set her sights on making John Crichton her best bud, because she's figured out he's a hot property. Luckily (for them) they've intercepted a message from the Interions complaining about the presence of Crichton and his hoodlum chums at their dig site so they know right where to look him up. 

Sputnik in the meanwhile has managed to rig John's module to operate. She inadvertently comes across a Peacekeeper signal that tips them off that the bad guys are on the way. Leaving Rygel on the leviathan, she departs for the planet to warn the rest. She's a little too late, but she does manage to do the Uncharted's version of the meet-and-greet with D'Argo (ie. Holding a pulse gun on him) and he and she remain at large. 

Grayza and her posse arrive to crash the party. She's got a present for John: Scorpius literally on a chain, drooling and crawling on all fours. (Well, I've just about seen everything.) She works her pheromone trick on John and he apparently falls for it. This entire scene was sort of like a bad accident. (You know you shouldn't watch... but you do anyway.)

Later when Grayza leaves John unattended, Granny returns to question him about his vision. He reveals to her that he knows where the final part of the object is located. Intent that Grayza should never learn of the probe or its power, Granny decides that she must kill John to keep the secret. She induces a vision in him that leads him running straight off a cliff and plunging into the ocean.

So ends part one.

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