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Quote of the Week:
Rygel: “Oh, Crichton, for once listen. When a woman, whether she’s your wife, your lover or a slave you purchased to be your wife or your lover, leaves you repeatedly, take the hint.” 
Creative Staff:

Writer: David Kemper

Director: Andrew Prowse


Crichton Kicks


I love the way Farscape does season openers, especially this one. It doesn’t use half the episode wrapping up the previous season and the other half explaining every little thing that happened in between. More questions are raised than are answered and nobody rides off into the sunset happily strumming a guitar. (Yeah, I know Season Three started exactly where Two left off and did wrap up a lot of the cliffhangers, but it had a very un-sunset-riding, -guitar-strumming ending.) 

Somehow John was rescued by Elack, an elderly Leviathan, and his Pilot and has spent a beard-growing amount of time drinking his way through wormhole calculations. He’s lonely but sort of happy, dreaming of Aeryn and her/his unborn baby, and teaching DRDs the finer points of Tchaikovsky.  

This is too good to last and, of course, it doesn’t – this is Farscape, after all. With only a couple of microts warning from Pilot, Sikozu literally crashes into his life trailing the Leviathan-harvesting Grudeks in her wake.   

John: This is the most light-hearted John we’ve seen in some time. Granted, he was drunk at the beginning, but his time alone seems to have done him good. Aeryn was such a downer for the last several episodes of Season Three and John finally realizes that longing for something that’s out of his reach (at least for now) does nothing but make him sad. About time, too, John. Aeryn’s been so cold to you so many times that unless she changes, you’re much better off without her.  

I enjoyed the Klingon references and I found the whole tethered goat thing hilarious. One of the reasons Ben Browder makes such a great John Crichton is that he doesn’t mind looking ridiculous for the sake of the story.  

Sikozu: This new arrival has a lot of qualities that I love. She’s smart, she’s hostile, she’s gorgeous and she walks on walls – what’s not to like? The translator microbe thing could make for a lot of interesting scenes and the instant friendship between her and Chiana that didn’t happen could make for a lot more. Apparently she’s not to fond of Crichton either, but if everyone loved everyone, it wouldn’t be Farscape.  

Chiana: Oh, poor Chiana – what happened to her? She told John a bit of it, but I’m sure there’s more. This new ability to see the present in slow-motion is pretty strange but I bet it will come in handy a few more times before the year’s out.  

Farscape seems to use hair as an indication of a character’s state of mind and right now, Chiana’s is a mess. She and her hair have reverted to their roots in Season One’s Durka Returns – wild and unpredictable – and I for one am glad to see it. She was turning into an old woman last year. 

Rygel:: He looks awful, like he’s spent the time away in puppet purgatory. His experiences haven’t changed him much, though, as evidenced by that half-hearted effort he made to break Crichton’s fall down the shaft. He’s pretty proud of the fact that he’s worth a couple of million more to the Peacekeepers than Chiana is. Why doesn’t that surprise me?  

Pilot & 1812: These two are such terrific characters it’s nearly impossible to believe that one is a puppet and the other is a remote-controlled inanimate pile of nuts and bolts.  

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