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Quote of the Week:
Rygel: “You know what this means? It means we’re done. Talyn rests where he belongs, Scorpius has no ship. We’re all unhurt, healthy, and no one’s trying to kill us. It means finally we can go where we want. We can go home.” 
Creative Staff:

Writer: David Kemper

Director: Andrew Prowse


Dog with Two Bones 

As season-ending cliffhangers go, this one is a doozy. We’re left with more than enough unanswered questions to keep us speculating for months. Fortunately, at least here in the US, we only have to wait six weeks to learn if Crichton is left floating in space forever (that would make for a totally boring Season Four), if Talyn and Crais are really dead (about 50-50 odds on this one), and if the crew has left Moya forever (no way!). 

There are three interwoven stories here, two “real” and one partially drug-induced that takes place in Crichton’s imagination. 

Story OneTalyn and the Lunatic Leviathan: There’s not a whole lot left of Talyn to bury, but Moya insists, so everyone complies. The Sacred Burial Ground is well guarded by a Peacekeeper-hating Leviathan who refuses to let Moya bury her half Peacekeeper son there. How the rogue knows about Talyn’s mixed species in the first place is never explained, but she resorts to violence to prevent him from contaminating the area. Moya is desperate to bury her son and so she asks the crew for help. Everyone pitches in to lay Talyn to rest, even the old woman who stands at the viewport waving her hands at the rogue and saying “Shoo! Shoo!” 

One of the most interesting aspects of this story is D'Argo’s wonder ship and its weapons. Now that Talyn is gone, Moya will need more defense than one prowler can offer and this looks like the ship for the job. 

Story Two Inside the Head of John Crichton: Beginning as a dream and ending as a nightmare, John imagines his life on earth with Aeryn. Deep inside he’s always known that he’d be followed to earth by his enemies, but when the “old frelnik” blows wacky dust in his face he sees the consequences in Technicolor in his mind and it’s devastating. 

The scene where the Peacekeepers were killing everyone at the wedding was outstanding. Done in slow motion, with only music and gunshots breaking the silence, it was so much more effective than if we actually heard all the screaming and breaking dishes. 

Story ThreeDog with Two Bones: John finally realizes he can’t have it all, he must make a choice. Even though he’s been longing to go back to earth since he left it, he realizes that earth isn’t the most important thing in his life. Aeryn is. But she also has choices she needs to make. She too wants it all. She tries to keep her options open by not saying goodbye but John won’t let her get away with that. They finally agree to leave the rest of their lives to chance, to the flip of a coin. However, we never see the coin land. Are the last few scenes real or are we back inside John’s imagination? 

While not as action-packed as Into the Lion’s Den, Dog with Two Bones deals with a few things that needed to be brought into the open, most particularly the John and Aeryn relationship. It didn’t resolve any of them, but that’s what cliffhangers are all about. 

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