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John Crichton: “We have one option left. Only one. We blow up the Command Carrier.”  
Creative Staff:

Creative Staff:

Writer: Rockne S. O’Bannon

Director: Rowan Woods


Into the Lion's Den II : 

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

In my opinion, this is the best episode of Farscape to date. Each character is written and played to perfection and each storyline is intriguing. Most of the season’s major story arcs are completed as are a couple that have been running through most of the series. Everything in this episode works: the performances, the dialog, the music, the lighting, the special effects. Everything.

Crais: For three seasons, Crichton has hated and/or mistrusted the good captain and Crais has returned the feelings. Now it’s Crais, not John, who comes up with a plan to destroy Scorpius’s wormhole research but first he must appear to betray Crichton and everyone on Moya to the Peacekeepers. All he needs from Crichton is a distraction and he gets one. While John is keeping the Peacekeepers riveted to the PA system listening to him and Scorpy joyriding through the wormhole, Crais is talking softly to Talyn, explaining what must be done. And when Crais said, “Talyn, StarBurst!” I got chills. Lani Tupu was outstanding – I only hope these weren’t really his last moments as Captain Bialar Crais.

Crichton: He’s run out of options and realizes that the only way he can stop Scorpius now is to destroy the Command Carrier because the Command Carrier is the Peacekeeper wormhole project. While he’s trying to figure out a way to do it, he learns that Crais has betrayed him. His friends are in prison, his home is under threat of destruction, the wormhole knowledge in his subconscious is becoming clear to him and Scorpius holds all the aces. Except he doesn’t. John is clearly astounded when he learns what Crais has planned.

When John confronts Crais and Aeryn I was reminded of the scene in Green Eyed Monster when the other Crichton faced off against the same two people. At the end of Talyn/John’s life, he seemed to gain some respect for Crais, tasking him with protecting the crew on Moya. At the end of Crais’s life, this remaining John also has great respect for Crais, who has fulfilled the promise he made to protect the crew.

Scorpius: I almost feel sorry for Scorpius. If he lives through the destruction he knows the one thing he’s lived most of his life for – revenge against the Scarrans – is gone, probably forever. There’s no way he’ll be able to reconstruct his research project, not with Mele-on Grayza breathing down his neck waving a Scarran truce. It would seem he has reason to hate Crichton, maybe even transfer his obsession for revenge onto him, but he doesn’t. He lets John know that he won’t go after earth, won’t destroy John’s people. Maybe there was a little humanity in his soul after all.   

Rygel: While everyone’s trying to decide whether or not to go along with Crichton’s idea of destroying the ship, Rygel speaks up. I think it was his voice that tipped the scale in John’s direction. D'Argo, Chiana and Jool had been ready to bolt for Moya but when Dominar Me-First realized that destroying the wormhole project was necessary, they had to agree. 

Pilot: This is a puppet? Pilot conveys more emotion than a lot of characters I’ve seen on prime time network TV. It was heartbreaking to watch him, and by extension, Moya, say goodbye to John. He and Moya had accepted that Talyn was going to die, one way or another, from the time Crais shut him down. Now he realizes that the entire crew is at risk. Later, as the Command Carrier was blowing apart and Pilot was talking to Moya, his sadness is very real. Kudos to Lani Tupu and the team of puppeteers for a job well done.

Everyone else had little to do, but each character added richness to the story. I loved the scene in the holding cell when D'Argo and Rygel spoke to Chiana and Jool of their previous imprisonment by the Peacekeepers. Aeryn was so horrified watching her old friend Henta as she fried and so sympathetic with the little girl who was injured. And D'Argo’s ship? I want one of those!

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