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PKBarb 5
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Quote of the Week:
John: “I’m here, on a big stinkin’ Command Carrier; Dick Tracy’s freakin’ neuro-bracelet linkin’ me to Bram Stoker’s nightmare. What more do you want from me?”

Scorpius (showing John a hologram of Earth): “Cooperation.”  

Creative Staff:

Writer: Richard Manning

Director: Ian Watson


Into the Lion's Den I: Lambs to the Slaughter

Farscape at its best! Lambs to the Slaughter has it all: action, character development and interaction, music, stunning visuals, beautiful sets, outstanding photography, plots, subplots and even a few sub-subplots. You know you’re in for an exciting hour right from the beginning when Moya’s crew huddles together as they exit the transport pod into a room full of hostile Peacekeepers. The atmosphere in that room was incredibly tense as they came down the stairs; it got worse as John and Aeryn walked down the aisle toward Scorpius. 

Scorpius has gotten desperate for the key to wormhole technology to the point that he’s lost control of his ship. He’s come a long way from the menacing horror show of Nerve and The Hidden Memory. Now he’s putting up with John’s temper tantrums (whether feigned or real), giving the people from Moya everything they ask for, and further endangering his own position in the Peacekeepers. Hatred is a great motivator and Scorpy has more than his share of it for the Scarrans. Now, with a truce between the Scarrans and the Sebaceans imminent, he’s under even more pressure. As a side note, I also wonder if he’s got a fragment of residual John inside his head from Incubator – he seems to have a little bit more humanity.

After two years of hating Scorpius, John’s beginning to wonder if he’s not so bad after all. Or at least not as bad as the Scarrans. Even Harvey agrees that the worst threat to the universe right now is the Scarrans. The wormhole information the ancients put in his head is beginning to do it’s job for John and he can see what will and what won’t work. He’s got a tough decision to make and Scorpy isn’t helping his cause by threatening him with the destruction of Earth.  

The various shots of the ships flying in and out of the Command Carrier were outstanding, as was Moya being hit by the energy pulse from the retriever squad. The only thing that didn’t seem quite as well done as the rest of the episode is the scene in the generator room. John zooming around in the jet pack just didn’t look real. I kept looking for “OZME” or “Powered by Froonium” on the side of the thing.

Poor Chiana. When she gets frightened or nervous she falls back on what she knows best and tries to seduce Lt. Reljik. While this worked with Lt. Heskon in Nerve, she was less successful this time, nearly starting a brawl between D'Argo and Reljik. It’s nice to see that D'Argo still comes to her rescue, though.

It looks like we’re going to have a new insane military commander to hunt John in the coming season, assuming they both live through the end of this season. But if Commandant Mele-On Grayza intends to be taken seriously she should probably get dressed. Please! Somebody get that woman a blouse!

Aeryn’s having a difficult time being back on the Command Carrier. Everyone she knew when she was a Peacekeeper considers her a traitor and they aren’t shy about letting her know how they feel. It must be terrible for her, knowing what life is like outside and yet still feeling somewhat guilty for leaving. Claudia Black does a great job of showing the hurt Aeryn feels when Henta throws the drink in her face.

Crais is getting the same treatment from his former shipmates that Aeryn’s getting. I loved the scene where he’s walking down the corridor with Braca and hears the mutterings and whispers from the people he passes. He meets up with his former…what? Girlfriend? Recreation partner? Whatever. I don’t think he really trusts her and with good reason. She’s spying for Scorpy, but Crais doesn’t really care as long as he gets what he wants: Talyn’s return to health.

John and Aeryn are working as a team again. Amazingly, she’s going to back him up whatever his plan is. (I can remember a few times when she refused to back him up no matter what his plan was.) She may be doing it for the other John, but the results are the same.

There were two small things that bothered me about this episode. The first is the reason the whole crew went along in the transport pod, especially Chiana and Jool. This wasn’t exactly a shopping trip and neither of them had any requests for Scorpius. Why not just stay on Moya? The second is the fight between D'Argo and the incredible hulk with the buzz saw. Hulk was sent on this “mission” by Reljik who should have known better. He must have realized D'Argo was under Scorpius’s protection. Did he think he could get away with killing him, even indirectly?

But those are very minor points. All in all, this is one of the top episodes to date. Farscape is following the tradition they set during the first two seasons – save their best stuff for the end of the season.

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