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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 3
AmyJ 2
Johryn 3
Toadie 4
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: ďI have a bad feeling about the command carrier.Ē
Creative Staff:
Writer: Matt Ford Director: Peter Andrikidis


I Yensch You Yensch

In order to get aboard Scorpyís command carrier to wreck his wormhole research project, the crew plans to bamboozle Scorpius into believing that John will help him develop the technology in return for amnesty for Moya, Talyn and their crews. While D'Argo and Rygel are negotiating with Scorpy and Braca in the restaurant at the bottom of the universe, Talyn goes berserk and blasts a hospital ship and its 600 passengers into space dust then turns his cannon on Moya. The story shifts back and forth between these two plotlines, staying with one just long enough for you to become immersed in it before switching, and then doing the same with the second. 

Rygel finally gets to prove his true value. Heís a magnificent negotiator, thinking well under pressure, saving lives and ultimately reaching an agreement with Scorpius. The two aliens who disrupt the proceedings in the diner look like Delvian leprechauns gone bad and theyíre so annoying that itís hard to think of anything else. Which is, I suppose, the point. They give Scorpius and Rygel a common enemy and once theyíre on the same side itís easier for them to work out an alliance in regard to Crichton.

I hate to laugh at someoneís pain, but Braca and D'Argo are a hilarious sideshow. You can tell that each wants to beat the dren out of the other, but settles for a lot of growling and grinding of teeth. The nerve synchronizing ability of the I-Yensch bracelets was mostly comical this episode but Iíll bet it wonít be so funny when Crichton and Scorpy are wearing them next week.

John seems detached from everything as if heís decided that life holds nothing good for him any more and heís probably going to die soon, anyway. Even when Talynís reprehensible behavior kills 600 people, John barely reacts. Talyn aims a gun at him; no response. After ignoring him since she returned to Moya, Aeryn finally asks his advice and John barely blinks. Itís like his mind has already crossed over to the other side and his body is just waiting for the chance to follow. Not a good attitude to have when youíre setting out to save the universe. 

As far as Aeryn goes, I just want to shake her. Yes, he died and yes, thatís a terrible thing, but it wasnít this Johnís fault.

Crais appears about to cry most of the time. Heís hurting for Talyn, who is very much like a son to him. The scene where he shuts Talyn down and then walks away is well played. Thereís no music, just his footsteps as he leaves. Does he feel that Talynís psychotic conduct is his fault? Probably. He not only created the gunship, he raised him from birth. Who else can he blame? 

Although we donít see much of Chiana this week, we know that her premonitions are getting stronger. All of them seem to forecast disasters. Itíd be nice for her to see something wonderful for a change. Then again, maybe if there was something wonderful to see, she would. 

I-Yensch, You-Yensch is most likely the set-up episode for the final three of the season and as such, it does its job. Everything is in place for Crichtonís mission on the command carrier. Scorpy is expecting an ally to get his research on track and Crichton intends to derail the whole thing. Next week canít come soon enough for me. 

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