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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 4
Quote of the Week:

John: “He died. The other guy. The copy.”

D'Argo: “Now Aeryn thinks that you’re the copy.”

Creative Staff:

Writer: Rockne S. O’Bannon

Director: Tony Tilse



For Farscape’s first two years, the end-of-season arcs have been outstanding, and season three seems to be continuing the tradition. Fractures steps right up and tells us where Farscape will be heading this year – straight into a universe-saving mission to wipe out Peacekeeper wormhole research and/or Scorpius, preferably both. When John sees the message from beyond, courtesy of Stark’s mask, he realizes that he must follow through where TalynJohn left off. So far he only has two allies, Aeryn and Crais, but the rest of Moya’s crew may decide to go along. I have trouble believing that D'Argo, in particular, would sit back and let someone else have all the “fun”.

 John: What an awful roller coaster of feelings poor John went through this week, He was so excited when the transport pod landed, only to have a group of strangers emerge. The second time he welcomed an arriving ship was even worse. The woman he loves seemed to be even more of a stranger than anyone in first group, Stark is gone, floating around in space (even more than usual) looking for Zhaan, and John’s counterpart is dead. He’s stunned and confused, and when he asks what’s wrong, he knows by the look on Crais’s face what happened between Aeryn and the other Crichton. He knows he could compete with a living man, but a memory is a lot more difficult to fight.

 Aeryn: She thinks she’s gone back into “unfeeling Peacekeeper” mode, but it’s more like she’s trying very hard to go back, but failing. You know she’s feeling the hurt and grief over TalynJohn’s death because of the absolute blankness of her expression. She’s so afraid to show any emotion, even any facial expression, because she knows that if she does, the whole facade will crumble.

 By joining Crichton in his mission, she feels like she’s continuing where TalynJohn could not. Perhaps it’s what she needs to work through her sorrow and guilt over his death. Also, by spending time with Crichton, she probably hopes to prove to herself that she really doesn’t care.

 Crais: I never expected to see Mr. Superior Peacekeeper Captain throwing body parts at another Peacekeeper! He’s certainly come a long way. Although, given the body-part thing, I’m not too sure which direction he traveled.

 Crais has joined with John to put a stop to the Peacekeepers for a couple of reasons. He  hates Scorpius, he’s not too fond of the Scarrans, and I don’t think he has much love left for the Peacekeepers, either. He has a lot of respect for Crichton, gained from spending time with TalynJohn, and he probably has a little revenge in mind for his death. Also, he’s seen what the wormhole weapon can do, and knows what will happen if either the Scarrans or the Peacekeepers get their hands on it.

D'Argo: I agree with him about that dreadful green shirt. It seems to me that it was just one more way to make TalynJohn the more appealing of the two.

Rygel: There was a very high ewww factor this week - Rygel in love is a sight nobody should have to watch, or even think about.

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