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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 2
AmyJ 3
Johryn 3
Toadie 1
Quote of the Week:
Stark: “We can’t leave her on Valldon. It’s dangerous! It’s full of mystics and criminals” 

Rygel: “Then it’s just like here. You’re a mystic and we’re criminals”
Creative Staff:
Writer: Justin Monjo

Director: Rowan Woods


The Choice

The Creature Shop did a great job this week. The aliens on Valldon were so ugly they made Grunchlk look like Prince Charming. That little seer with all the eyes was a real stomach-turner, and the hotel owner looked like someone just dug him up from the cemetery. We even had Tocot’s double in the background, looking through the newly-dead bodies. 

Aeryn: She’s gone into mourning on the planet Valldon and plans to contact Crichton through the various mystics who live there. After several bottles of Felip nectar, she changes her mind and tries to contact Talyn Lyczac, her dead father, instead. 

Before Aeryn could begin to cope with John’s death, she has even more personal disasters to deal with. First, The Fly (Thanks to Karl for the insight!) turns up claiming to be her father and then her mother comes along, alive and kicking butt. Just when Aeryn is beginning to form a bond with Xhalax, Crais pops up and kills her... again. No wonder Aeryn returns to the Peacekeeper philosophy. No emotions, no pain. However, it’s not going to work for her the way it used to, not after all the growth Aeryn’s done over the past two and a half cycles. 

Claudia Black’s performance this week was outstanding, painting a picture of a woman who’s lost the only person she’s ever loved, ever been close to at all. 

Rygel: He’s the one who seems to have the most sense this week. He understands Aeryn’s pain and that she just wants to be left alone. He was very sweet when he was talking to her outside her hotel window, telling her that Crichton wouldn’t want her to take her own life. We also learned that Rygel had a star-crossed love affair with a woman named Kellor. I hope we get to meet her because Rygel in love would be an amazing sight to see. 

John: John visits Aeryn several times. Sometimes he’s only part of Aeryn’s imagination – the reenactment of the scene from A Human Reaction was beautifully done, with Aeryn and John playing the opposite parts – but a couple of times, I think it really is John’s ghost. First the ghost shows up as elderly Crichton from The Locket, who tells her to touch him, he won’t bite – practically the same thing that the seer says later in the episode. John reminds Aeryn of the events in the stellar mist, things she never even remembered. We see the ghost again when Seer Cresus calls up John’s spirit and it tells Aeryn to help him, to bring him back. 

Stark: He’s gone walkabout again, this time looking for Zhaan. He left behind John’s deathbed message for his counterpart on Moya, saying that only Crichton would know what to do with it. I hope it’s the secret to getting Harvey out of his head. As much as I like Scorpius, I’m very tired of Harvey. 

Crais: If Crais takes off as he says he will, who’s left to command Talyn but Aeryn?

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