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John: “Don’t worry about me. I’ve never felt better”
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Writer: Carleton Eastlake

Director: Ian Watson

Infinite Possibilities II: Icarus Abides

Last week’s Daedalus Demands collected numerous threads from 2˝ seasons of cliffhangers large and small. This week those threads were seamlessly interwoven into one of the best Farscape episodes ever. 

In retrospect, the ending was a given from the very first scenes. The Scorpius clone was dead, John had the wormhole knowledge to go home, and Aeryn was figuratively packing her bags to head to Earth with him. They had to do just one more thing before they could leave, but it was a doozy: save the universe from the Scarran scourge. Lots of big red arrows here, all pointing toward the death of John Crichton. Even Furlow contributed a hint, saying that she wanted to be the one to walk away while the hero died. 

Stark played the perfect obsequious little slave, acting exactly the way the Scarran expected him to. He expertly lead Mr. Superior Race directly into defeating himself with overconfidence. “Haaaate him!” (talking about Crais) I think this was one of the few true things he said to Alcar. Later, Stark looked absolutely flabbergasted when Crais told him he did well. 

Furlow: After watching Season One’s Til the Blood Runs Clear, I thought Furlow was mostly harmless, but I was wrong. Through Furlow, the writers took another jab at commercialism (previous pokes at profiteering can be seen in Scratch ‘N’ Sniff and Meltdown). 

Jack: It’s easy to forget that there are two heroes in this episode who died to save their people. Jack stayed behind when the Ancients went to their new home knowing that he might never join them. That was heroic. Turning his back on Furlow was just plain stupid. 

Aeryn: The best example of how much “more“ Aeryn’s become since Premier? She mutters to the Charrid, “Run away…be smart…run away…” She shoots him because she has to, not as the result of a conditioned Peacekeeper response. 

John was a true hero, selflessly doing the right thing not just once, but twice. He knew how deadly the radiation leaking out of Jack’s displacement device was, and yet he still got close enough to it to seal the leak. If he had sought treatment for the radiation sickness instead of running the wormhole, he could possibly have saved his own life, but again he made the hero’s choice. It made me think all the way back to Premier when Jack Crichton told his son that each man gets the chance to be his own kind of hero. 

It’s very easy to dwell on the nearly perfect final scene, but Icarus Abides was so much more than that one scene. Here are just a few of the many things that stood out this week. 

Claudia Black’s and Ben Browder’s acting abilities continue to astound me. I cried for an hour after the show ended last night, woke up this morning feeling miserable, and here I am again, sniffling away. It takes a great ability to evoke that much emotion over a couple of people who aren’t even real.  

The Charrids were some of the best aliens so far and I loved their costumes, especially the hats.  They even had great ears that were nearly hidden by their hair. A well-earned round of applause for the Costume Department, the Makeup Department, and the Creature Shop, please. 

Sometimes music can be grating in a highly emotional situation, but this time the music gave an extra dimension to an already multidimensional episode. Thank you Guy Gross. 

I loved the little dune buggy vehicles they used. They were much more interesting than the fabric-covered golf carts on DamBaDa in Season One. 

We’ve come to expect nothing less than fantastic CGI from Farscape, and this week it’s even better than usual. Some of my favorites: the view from outside the dreadnought as it approached DamBaDa with the blue wormhole in the distance; Farscape 1 running the displacement in the wormhole,  the dreadnought exploding. 

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