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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 5
Karl 5
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 5
Quote of the Week:

Crais: “What can you see?”

Stark: “Damage! Damage! Damage! Damage!”

Crais: “Whatever would I do without your verbal gifts?”

Stark: “Oh? You want more words? Conduits are damaged. Bulkheads, damaged. External sensors, damaged. There is nothing that is not damaged.”

Crais: “Least of all you!”

Stark: “I can see!”

Crais: “If only you could think!”

Creative Staff:

Writer: Carleton Eastlake

Director: Peter Andrikidis


Infinite Possibilities I: Daedalus Demands

Somebody has wormhole technology and it isn’t the good guys! Furlow, the mechanic who patched up the Farscape module in Season One’s Til the Blood Runs Clear, was not only able to copy the module, she also developed wormhole technology from John’s data. Although she didn’t know until it was too late, her test pilots were in cahoots with the Scarrans, who hacked into her computer, stole the data (nobody knows yet exactly how much data they got), and are heading straight for DamBaDa. 

Part One of Infinite Possibilities brought together several hanging threads and began weaving them together into a wonderful Farscape tale: the Ancients and the wormhole technology they implanted in John’s brain; Furlow and the wormhole data she took from John; the Scorpy clone in John’s head; the Scarrans; John and Aeryn’s romance and what will happen if John gets a chance to go home. It’s one of the best episodes of Season Three. 

John and Aeryn: Butch AND Sundance were in fine form on DamBaDa. I only hope DamBaDa is nowhere near Bolivia! 

Teaching Aeryn to read English is a great idea. With translator microbes, she’d never be able to learn to speak John’s language. The only way she could communicate to people on earth is by writing. John and Aeryn have essentially decided that she’ll go with him if he can ever go home. Right now, things are looking very good for them as a couple. Unfortunately, this probably means that something awful is in the works, possibly even worse than the Scorpy clone taking over John’s brain. 

Jack: When the Ancient showed Furlow what he really looks like, he seemed to be a different species than the being in A Human Reaction. Could this be a hint that Jack’s not who he claims to be? Or could it just be me, obsessing over trivialities? 

Stark: I’ve said it before – Aeryn better keep an eye on this one because he certainly has his eye on her. 

Scorpy Clone: Great outfit for bumper cars, Scorpy! He’s actually being helpful to John, telling him that Scorpius couldn’t have constructed a Farscape 1 and reminding him about Furlow. Of course, it’s motivated by his desire to stay hidden from Jack, but he was helpful all the same. 

Crais: He starts acting whacko just being near Stark. 

Talyn: This young ship is having a worse childhood than Scorpius! So far, he’s been stolen from his mother, attacked by Halosians, poisoned, lured dangerously close to a sun, chased and nearly captured by a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad, swallowed by a budong. This week he’s blinded by solar flares while doing a strafing run to save his crew from the Charrids. 

Rygel: He murdered the Charrid with a seam ripper? Later, he was having such a fine old time getting revenge on the Charrids for their atrocities to Hynerians when he got…what? Injured? Killed?

Furlow: Perhaps it’s significant that she tested her wormholes using her copy of John’s ship. This could be one of the secrets to safely traversing wormholes. She flew it through a wormhole and didn’t even muss her hair. (How could she tell?)

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