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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 2
AmyJ 3
Johryn 4
Toadie 2
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: “Frell!” 

John: “Yeah” 

Aeryn: No, no, no! Bad frell”
Creative Staff:
Writer: Matt Ford

Director: Ian Barry



I knew it! He didn’t do it! I knew Crais didn’t kill Xhalax. Oh, wait a minute, yes he did. I knew it! I knew he killed her! Man, those first few minutes were super, and the episode only got more enjoyable from then on. It wasn’t one of the great ones, but it was a welcome change to go back to “Farscape Light” for an hour after all the gloom and doom of Season Three. 

The basic story is simple: Talyn is lured into flying toward a siren star, which gets him so hyper that he begins leaking Drexim, the Leviathan equivalent of adrenalin. The substance has an effect on everyone on board, enhancing their most prevalent emotions and turning them into super versions of themselves. Talyn’s attraction toward the star turns out to be a money-making scheme for the local shipbuilders – lure as many Leviathans as possible to their death so that more people will need new ships built. 

John and Aeryn: How much of the mist was Drexim leaking from Talyn and how much was steam coming off John and Aeryn? When I watched the episode the second time, I was amazed at how little actually happened on screen and how much was implied. Their scenes together were masterpieces of innuendo, contributed to by nearly everything in the scene: music, body language, facial expressions, dialogue, tone of voice. The whole package was the sensual, sexy romp that we’ve been waiting two and a half years to see. It was worth the wait. But nothing ever happens in a vacuum on Farscape and there are sure to be some rocky times ahead for these two. 

Stark: He becomes the knight in shining armor (well, shining face, anyway), on a quest to rescue the fair maiden from the evil sorcerer. At first he seems to be hearing things, but when he follows the voice to Talyn’s vestigial pilot chamber, he finds Sierjna. She’s already dead but doesn’t know it, a perfect candidate for Stark’s Stykira abilities. Of course, while he’s so busy making sure Sierjna is totally dead, he super-freaks out and almost kills everyone else The only thing that rattles him out of this super freak-out is Aeryn telling him that she’s channeling Zhaan. (Maybe they could do a guest spot on Crossing Over with John Edward.) 

Of all the people on Talyn, Stark has to be the worst choice for his pilot, but since he’s the only one available, Talyn grabs him, connects the cables, and voilà! he’s a pilot. Temporarily. Crais appeared to be getting a great deal of pleasure hacking those cables away, didn’t he? 

Crais: He denied that he would ever become a Peacekeeper again, but he didn’t deny that he wanted to. In fact, under the influence of the Drexim, he becomes ultra-Peacekeeper captain, throwing orders out, waving guns about, and shouting to everyone within hearing distance that he’s the captain. Of course, nobody pays much attention to him. One of the highlights of the show is Aeryn’s look of total amazement when he demands she give him her gun. 

Rygel: Rygel becomes Bodily-Function Man, doing what he does best: stuffing himself. He manages to eat every morsel of food on the ship before the Drexim leaks are repaired. At least this time he knows he’s made a glutton of himself and actually wants to stop eating before he explodes. 

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