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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 4
AmyJ 2
Johryn 3
Toadie 4
Quote of the Week:
Linfer: “Scorpius’s obsession with wormholes is making him irrational” 

Pilot: “Scorpius is not alone” 
Creative Staff:
Writer: Richard Manning

Director: Ian Watson



While Moya-John is still dragging half the crew around the Uncharted Territories looking for wormholes, Scorpius is giving Clone-John a glimpse into his childhood and the motivations behind his own wormhole search. He inserts the chip he removed from John’s brain into his own head and takes Clone-John on a trip down memory lane with him. 

Scorpius: The inside of his head is a pretty bleak place. John has lakes and drive-in movies in his mind, but Scorpy’s looks like the wrong end of a nuclear holocaust. His childhood was terrible, including everything from disfigurement to an evil “stepmother”. No matter how hard I try not to, I feel a whole lot more sympathetic towards Scorpius than I did before I watched Incubator. 

It always seemed that he wanted the wormhole technology so the Peacekeepers could conquer the universe, but that’s just a side effect of what he really wants: revenge on the Scarrans. He feels he can’t achieve this goal without Crichton’s help, and he almost fries himself trying to get it. He plays the sympathy card quite well, and when that doesn’t work, he tries to scare Clone-John with the Scarrans eventual threat to earth. That doesn’t work either, but Scorpy comes away from the attempt with a few more pieces to the wormhole puzzle. 

Clone-John: The last thing he remembers is being on Tocot’s operating table. He still thinks Aeryn’s dead because of Scorpius, so he’s not inclined to help him decode the Ancients’ equations. He seems to be softening a bit during Scorpy’s horrific tale, but he holds fast in the end, quoting the Ancients’ reason for not giving John the technology outright: “If you’re not smart enough to discover it for yourself, you’re not smart enough to use it wisely.” However, Scorpius probably wouldn’t use it wisely no matter how much knowledge he had. Is Clone-John’s “life” over? He went “poof” during Scorpius’s hot flash, and Braca later said that the newer chip circuits had been destroyed, but you never know with Farscape. He may be back again in a couple of weeks. 

Braca: I love this guy! He’s the perfect suck-up first officer, but he’ll have to develop some poker-face ability if he’s going to continue to work for Scorpius. You could almost see the thoughts bouncing around in his head when Scorpy was overheating. Braca knew he couldn’t lose by letting the process continue. If Scorpius got the information he was after, Braca would be a hero. If Scorpy didn’t get the information, Braca would get points for trying. And if Scorpius died, well, Scorpius would be dead, and Braca would get points for following orders. 

Moya-John: He’s still losing much-needed sleep while hunting for the wormhole he knows is just around the next corner, behind the next star, past the next planet. There’s no way he’ll give up, no matter how many nasty comments he gets from his crewmates. Linfer gave him a few pointers, but he’s probably still in third place, behind both Scorpius and the Scarrans. Also, he now knows that Scorpius is still alive. The few weeks of respite from his fear of being caught again are over. If possible, he’ll be even more obsessed to find that wormhole. 

D'Argo: Hey, Big D, what’s your problem? You can’t understand John’s obsession? Remember Jothee? The shadow depository? The friend who turned himself in to free your son? Shame on you! 

Pilot: It’s nice to know that Pilot and Moya have something they really want to do besides ferry their crew around the Uncharted Territories. Pilot looked so wistful when he told John that they wouldn’t abandon him. You could clearly see that he was longing to do a little exploring with Linfer. 

Linfer: I didn’t trust her at all until she blew herself up. I think maybe I’ve been watching too much Farscape lately.

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