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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 3
Karl 3
AmyJ 4
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Quote of the Week:
Stark: “Friend or foe, friend or foe, friend or….”

Rygel: “Will you shut the frell up! Of course it’s a foe. We have no friends.”
Creative Staff:
Writer: Rockne S. O’Bannon

Director: Peter Andrikidis



As much as I liked seeing that John and Aeryn were finally really together, there were some things about Relativity that bothered me. 

If the Peacekeepers were so hot to get Talyn back, why did they send only one soldier and three Colartas? Xhalax Sun could be the greatest warrior ever born into their ranks, but she’s still just one person. They were chasing a former Peacekeeper captain. The commanders had to expect him to be at least as good as Xhalax, and they probably knew that Aeryn was also on board. That’s two Peacekeepers against one. The three Colartas were super trackers, but otherwise they seemed to be a bunch of zeroes. After all, John defeated two of them with a sharp stick, for crying out loud. Great costumes/makeup/animatronics, though. 

I hope someone managed to grab the prowler before they took off from the planet. It would be a shame to have it sit in the jungle and rust since Aeryn needs a ship to replace the one that John/Scorpy trashed in DMD. 

Mommie Dearest: Xhalax Sun was one mean momma. I thought for a minute that she would relent when she was watching the hologram of herself with Aeryn as a child, but she didn’t. Good. It wouldn’t have been Farscape if she and Aeryn ended up all warm and fuzzy together. What was that stuff she inhaled that immediately turned her into SuperMom? Could it have been the nose version of the Tavleks’ gauntlet drug? Uh oh, she has a knife in her wrist! She’s the second Peacekeeper soldier we’ve seen with this little goodie. Shouldn’t Aeryn have checked for that? 

Stark: Did you catch him using his hand as a sound amplifier when he was trying to hear John and Aeryn through the bulkhead? He’s as bad as Rygel was with Jothee and Chiana. I can’t believe they left Stark behind to keep Talyn calm. Stark?! Later, he was giving Aeryn a pretty lecherous leer when she was trying to untie them. She better keep her eye on that one, I think. He’s getting messages from Zhaan again. At least he thinks he is. 

Rygel: He was pretty brave going after Xhalax with that little knife of his. And she killed the poor guy for it. Momentarily, anyhow. I’m glad Stark tried to heal Rygel instead of guiding him into the next realm. Thank you, Stark! Farscape wouldn’t be the same without Rygel. Stark: “You really do have three stomachs. And the smallest little heart I’ve ever seen.” 

Aeryn: She finally seems happy in her relationship with John, if that big beautiful smile is anything to go by. I loved how she leaned on him when she was walking away from Xhalax, knowing Crais was going to kill her (Xhalax). She had me in tears when she heard the shot. Claudia Black just gets better every week. 

Crichton: I think he really enjoyed dumping that fruit juice into Crais’s wound. This happened even before he learned about Crais’s hidden plan. Later he got a lot of pleasure from scaring the dren out of Crais when he pretended to leave him in the jungle. Life aboard Talyn isn’t going to be pleasant for awhile. John and Crais: “Shut up” “No, you shut up.” “No, you shut up.” Did it look like John had been eating licorice just before he left Crais tied up in the jungle? 

Talyn: He didn’t have a lot to do this week except sleep and heal. And man, could he sleep. He never woke up when everyone was shooting and/or screaming. Even Xhalax severing his higher brain functions didn’t wake him. 

Crais: I’ll bet the writers do a lot of things to Crais that make him scream because Lani does it so well. Yep, that man sure can scream. No surprise to learn Crais has an agenda. Why was Crichton so ticked to learn about it? Crais wants to stay alive and he’s no fool. Of course he’s going to look to protect himself. Did John think he just wanted company? 

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