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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 3
AmyJ 3
Johryn 3
Toadie 3
Quote of the Week:

Tallip (in Pilot): “How do I know that one of you is not infected? That this in not the rider’s plan?”

D’Argo: “It’s not, believe me. This plan is so bad it has to be ours”

Creative Staff:

Writer: Justin Monjo

Director: Catherine Millar


Losing Time

This week we’re aboard Moya, where John’s been driving everyone crazy with his obsession about wormholes. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, and the crew is fed up with him. He thinks they’re very close to a wormhole and he’s probably right, since Scorpius has opened one somewhere near his Gammak base.

Losing Time is one of those stories that Farscape does so well – leading you to believe one thing then twisting it around so you believe the opposite, then twisting it yet again. The body-snatchers plot has been done by nearly every science fiction show out there, but Farscape adds its own unique touches.

John: Crichton (the one on Moya) is starting to doubt that he’s the real John. When he finds he’s bleeding from nonexistent wounds, he thinks his body is breaking down because he’s the clone and the John who’s living on Talyn is the original. (Does anyone else wonder if the bleeding-from-the-forehead is an inside joke on Ben’s audition for Crichton?) It turns out that he was momentarily possessed by an alien that Moya picked up while passing through an electromagnetic cluster. At first, nobody believes him, but the DRD movie proves that something even weirder than usual is going on. 

Scorpius: Uh-oh! Scorpy’s back in John’s head. Wrong. This time. it’s John in Scorpy’s head while Scorpy searches for wormhole technology. He’s got some of the technique right, the wormholes are appearing, but they’re unstable. The real problem, however, is getting pilots through without liquefying them. And “dream John” is telling him he just doesn’t get it. That’s kind of obvious, especially to Project Leader Drillic, Scorpius’s next test pilot. That’ll teach him to be so snotty about the necessity for biological test flight trials. I guess now we know why Braca is such a yes man. 

I’ve always wondered why Scorpius, a half-breed Sebacean, was allowed so much power by the alien-hating Peacekeepers. It turns out that they’re in an intense race to develop a wormhole weapon because they feel it’s the only chance they have against the Scarrans. The Scarrans think the Peacekeepers already have this weapon and it’s the only reason they haven’t already started the war. Come to think of it, the Scarrans are probably hot on the trail of a wormhole weapon of their own. If they’re successful, will Crichton and Scorpius work together to develop the technology? You just never know with Farscape. 

Chiana: Hmm. She doesn’t remember her brother’s name? Oh, yes she does! Whew, no alien here. Or is there? Yes! There is. The young energy rider is living in Chi and seems to be having a whale of a good time. It announces to John that the body wants him and then goes on to prove it. Does this mean that Chiana wants John or only that the alien wanted to “sip” everyone on board?  Probably both, given Chiana’s past.   

Jool: For someone who comes from a nonviolent environment, Jool’s awfully ready to shoot (or have someone else shoot) people. If it scares her, shoot it. I guess that’s better than having her scream at it. She gave us a new glimpse at her personality this week. When someone’s hurting, even someone she doesn’t like all that much, Jool is very sympathetic and comforting. 

Pilot: He’s the only one that Tallip, the pursuing alien, could inhabit for any length of time without damaging the body. He had a lot of trouble getting control of it, but once he did, he didn’t want to leave. Ever. It gets harder each week to remember that Pilot is a puppet. 

Moya and DRD Pike: It was great to see the crew communicate directly (sort of) with Moya through DRD Pike. Great nickname, John! The poor thing fried in that partial StarBurst. At least I think it did, but we never saw the charred remains. Or was it able to withstand it because it’s a part of Moya? 

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