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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 3
AmyJ 4
Johryn 5
Toadie 3
Quote of the Week:
Rygel: “Mother always said I’d die from incompetence. I finally know what she meant. That’s why we keep people like you chained in the first place.”
Creative Staff:

Writer: Ben Browder

Director: Tony Tilse


Green Eyed Monster

While Crais and John are completing a course in comparative anatomy, Talyn gets swallowed by a Budong. What follows is a very emotional episode that’s less about their escape than it is about their relationships. Ben Browder did a fantastic job in writing his first Farscape episode, and I certainly hope it won’t be his last.

Talyn: Our baby Leviathan seems to be in the middle of a couple of growth phases at the same time. He’s not only going through a Leviathan-sized case of the terrible twos (or whatever the equivalent is in Leviathan years), he’s also giving a very convincing demonstration of adolescent angst. In other words, he’s being a brat. He wants Aeryn and he’ll do what it takes to persuade her to accept his neural transponder. In a combination of xenophobia and jealousy over Aeryn, he locks Crichton outside just when the warheads are about to explode. He hasn’t lost all reason, however, because when Aeryn shows him what real need is, he relents and opens the door. I think Talyn grew up emotionally a bit this week.

John: Even though Talyn’s the culprit, John believes that it’s Crais who’s harassing him by stealing Winona, using the DRDs to keep him awake, and giving him cold showers (is this symbolic?). Talyn tricks John into going to Crais’s quarters and looking at a Peacekeeper data chip showing Aeryn and Crais together. John loves Aeryn, but he drives her away in a fit of jealousy, thinking she and Crais have been “recreating”. Fortunately, they got everything straightened out in the end. I think Green-Eyed Monster has one of the best final scenes so far: Aeryn actually comes to John to express her feelings! And did you notice the pause before the closing music began?

Crais: I kept wondering why he seemed so panicked over their situation. After all, this guy was a Peacekeeper captain, he shouldn’t freak out like that. But in one of Farscape’s great twists, it turned out that he’s been having a terrible time trying to control Talyn. In fact, it’s the other way around. Due to cybernetic bleed back, Talyn is controlling him. I got chills when he was begging John to kill him. That man can scream! At the end, I’m glad he gave Aeryn Talyn’s little home movie. A cycle or so ago he would have kept it and to Hezmana with John. 

Aeryn: Poor Aeryn is caught in the middle of these three jealous and possessive males. In order to get them out of the Budong, she gives in to Crais and Talyn and accepts the neural transponder. Of course, she has no idea why John is having such a fit about it. It turns out that she has a natural ability for working with Talyn. She removed the transponder but she didn’t destroy it so there’s always the chance of reconnecting in the future. It was great that she was able to use a bit of psychology to coerce him into letting John back inside. She finally opens up to John and it was wonderful to see what she’s really been thinking about him and their relationship. But what’s she going to do when she meets up with the other Crichton? 

Rygel: Once again Rygel saves everyone’s’ bacon. Well, if vomiting all over Stark and giving him an idea is saving the day, then Rygel is a hero. He was really hilarious this week, being the sarcastic little know-it-all 

Stark: I like this guy more every week. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he examined Rygel’s vomit. Ew. It was a pretty good plan he came up with even if it was vomit induced. 

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