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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 4
Johryn 5
Toadie 3
Quote of the Week:
D'Argo: “At least he’s out of your nose.” 

John: “Hair” 

D'Argo: "That’s what I meant. At least he’s out of your nose hair.” 
Creative Staff:
Writer: Clayvon Harris 

Director: Ian Barry


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Talyn is being hunted by the Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad that nearly killed him and Crais last episode. To protect Talyn and help him heal, Moya immerses them both in the atmosphere around Kanvia. The density of the atmosphere will hide them from the Peacekeepers and on the surface the crew plans to buy some chromextin, a stimulant drug that will heal him. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work but we’ve learned that on Farscape, what should be easy is never easy. 

Rygel was making great progress in the negotiations for chromextin, but it was all negated when D'Argo whupped the Security Director for coming on to Chiana. Things got very messy after that. The Sovereign denied them the drug and ordered them to leave the planet. When they didn’t leave, the planetary airborne defense began firing at Moya and Talyn. Even when Talyn StarBursts away at the end of the episode, he’s been weakened so much that the Peacekeepers may be able to apprehend him. 

John and Crichton: Throughout the whole show I was flip-flopping back and forth between I-like-this-one-better and I-like-that-one-better. I finally decided that I like them both better. Pretty soon they’re going to develop distinctly different personalities and it’s going to be fun to watch that happen. Meanwhile they’re rivals for everything in their world from John Crichton’s clothes to his relationship with Aeryn. It was interesting to watch them come up with exactly the same plan about threatening the planet with Talyn’s weapons. And it was great to see John once again confused by something, asking if the phone was a proposition. (Telephone sex?) 

Aeryn: We finally learned what was on the chip Crais had that would make her so happy. It seemed a bit too convenient that the minute she finds out about her mother, her mother is leading the Peacekeeper squad that’s chasing Talyn. But that aside, Aeryn is going to have some tough decisions to make in the near future. Crais suggested that she could show her mother how to become more than a thug. “More” is a recurring theme in Aeryn’s life and Crais said exactly the right thing to get Aeryn on his side. 

Crais: The first thing he does when he regains consciousness is attack his medic. Then he nearly passes out again when he sees that Aeryn is still alive. I really enjoyed watching the real affection he has for Talyn. He seems to regard him almost as a son, which, in a way, isn’t too far from the truth. When he first ran off with Talyn it seemed like a bad thing, but he’s really good for the little ship. 

Talyn: Poor Talyn is in terrible shape but everyone’s working to get the Chromextin he needs to heal. The Peacekeepers are really hot on his trail though, and they lace the Chromextin with clorium, the drug used to sedate Leviathans. 

Chiana: She manages to start trouble without even trying and D'Argo immediately comes to her rescue without thinking about it. Those two are a couple, whether they know it or not. 

Jool: She’s taken over the medical duties that Zhaan used to do and I think I like her attitude better than Zhaan’s. “There, I woke him up. Now I hope he drops dead!” She pretty much has that awful scream under control now – except when Crais was choking her and I’d have screamed too. 

Stark: He’s really quite funny, wanting to ease noble Talyn into death. John: “Astro! Work now, freak later.” Stark: “Yes, yes, that’s fair. How much later?“ 

Xhalax Sun: Even though she’s leading the retrieval squad, she seems to have a little bit “more” in her already. After all, she didn’t kill that shape-shifting whatever-it-was (I just hope it wasn’t Aeryn’s father) who screwed up the mission. 

Scorpius: They all think Scorpy’s dead. Man, are they in for a nasty surprise! 

The Lobster of Truth: Was it just me or did anyone else think this was one of the most hilarious Farscape creatures ever? The Sovereign and his children were so serious about the thing. I know, I know, it killed Tolven for lying, but it was just so ridiculous, and Tolven was such a creep anyway! 

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