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PKBarb 1
Karl 0
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Toadie 4
Quote of the Week:
Kaarvok: "This is my home. All I need is more what, food? Family? Is there a difference?"
Creative Staff:
Writer: Matt Ford
Director: Ian Watson


Eat Me

The Season of Death continues, and it's getting pretty depressing. This week it's Chiana, D'Argo, a Leviathan named Rovhu and her pilot, several Peacekeepers, and Kaarvok who die. Jool tried to off herself with a pulse rifle, and Talyn and Crais aren't doing too well either. If I want to feel this rotten when I watch TV, I'll watch the news.

There was some good stuff in this episode. Not much, but some. The eerie music set the perfect tone for such a creepy episode. Rovhu was a very sad looking ship with her guts hanging out all over the corridors and the Peacekeepers chowing down on torn off bits of the ship. The poor injured pilot was particularly interesting, and using him as a renewable food source was inspired. Ghoulish but inspired. The CGI work on the StarBursting/exploding Rovhu was really good too. But to me, the best and most interesting parts were the unresolved fragments about Talyn/Crais and John/John.

John: Once again John made some good decisions that turned out badly. Landing on Rovhu was his only choice when the transport pod began falling apart but it also landed them in the middle of the out-to-lunch gang of Peacekeepers. In retrospect, he shouldn't have split up with D'Argo, but both of the jobs were necessary and it seemed like the best way to get off of that Leviathan as quickly as possible.

John was so much unlike himself during parts of the show that if I'd never seen Farscape before I would have thought he was a selfish creep who really didn't care about anything but his own agenda. He certainly wasn't all that upset when first D'Argo and then Chiana died. Oh, he was angry, but only because it was harder for him to get what he needed to get out of that ship.

D'Argo: He was the first to die this week and he not only died but Kaarvok sucked his brains out. That was enjoyable. John and Chiana had a nice little ceremony for him, too, but he was back by the end of the show, wondering if he was himself.

Chiana: Next in line for the gloom and doom squad was Chiana, who actually talked to (screamed at) her twin before it got eaten by the Xarai. Chiana trying to convince herself she was the original Chi was interesting. If they're both supposed to be originals, what difference would it make.

Jool: One of the highlights of the show was Jool trying to shoot herself with a pulse rifle. The more I see of her the better I like her, both the character and the actor, Tammy MacIntosh. The funny thing is that this is the week she should have been screaming her hair off but all she did was whimper.

Aeryn: There wasn't much for Aeryn to do this week, probably because Claudia Black is off being a Vampire in a movie. The little we saw of her was great though, especially the way she cares for Talyn and even Crais. Crichton will be taking compassion lessons from Aeryn pretty soon if things keep on the way they're going.

Talyn and Crais: Somebody sure beat the dren out of those two, and from the inside of the ship. The outside looked to be in perfect condition.

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