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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 5
Toadie 4
Quote of the Week:
Aeryn: "You know, if we did change things, it is possible that we could improve the future."
John: "With our record? You think that's gonna happen?
Creative Staff:
Writer: Steve Worland
Director: Peter Andrikidis


Different Destinations

This episode was a bit like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall - the harder they tried, the messier it got. It begins at a peace memorial, a monastery where 30 Peacekeepers had died 500 cycles ago defending a group of nurses from the Venik horde. While watching the battle through magic goggles, Stark goes berserk and his headlight screws up the time continuum. The crew falls through a tear in time right into the middle of the battle and has to get back to the present without frelling up the past.

Leave it to Farscape to put a new twist in an old tale. Time travel stories usually have an industrial-sized reset button about three minutes from the end of the show where everyone gets home, nobody gets hurt and nothing in the past was changes. Not this time. Oh, everyone got home but the past was sadly changed and everybody got hurt.

John: Poor John, everything he does lately seems to turn on him, usually due to plain old bad luck. In Season One we saw "John the Incompetent" trying to find his way. Season Two gave us a new John who had gained everyone's trust and was beginning to feel at home. Now in Season Three, his shipmates are losing confidence in him and he's even starting to doubt his own judgment so much that he's asking Scorpy's clone for advice.

Aeryn: She was a little bit too enthusiastic about Sub-Officer Dakon spilling his guts all over the monastery. At least she was until she actually met him and learned that war stories are immensely inspiring unless you're in the middle of the war. She was pretty nasty to Crichton for things that weren't his fault, maybe because she felt it was her fault that Dakon had to die. She did give John a bit of comfort at the end of the show, but she's really been pulling away from him and their relationship (or whatever they have).

D'Argo: He was wonderful this week, flipping back and forth between the fierce fighting warrior and the gentle giant. He knew exactly how to relieve Cyntrina's fears about death and being forgotten and it's sad to think that he never had the chance to be a father to Jothee. He seems to be so good at it.

Stark: He's really getting on my nerves lately. For a guy who's purpose in life is to assist the dying, he sure freaks out every time he gets near death. Can you imagine him hanging over your deathbed acting like a lunatic? C'mon Stark, hold yourself together, you were a lot more fun when you were in Scorpy's jail.

Zhaan: She's gone from the credits at the beginning of the show. Not a good sign. And Stark isn't hearing her voice anymore, which is another bad sign. Frankly I didn't miss her at all this week, and if she's dead I hope she stays that way because we've already had too many miraculous resurrections.

Jool: I really love this character, maybe because none of her shipmates do. After all, somebody has to be at the bottom end of the food chain. I do wish she'd lose that scream, though.

Pilot, Chiana and Rygel: They didn't have much to do this week beyond keeping us informed of what was going on with the planet. We did get to see a new side of Rygel and Chiana; the side that couldn't rob Zhaan's quarters even though nobody would have known.

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