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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 4
AmyJ 5
Johryn 4
Toadie 2
Quote of the Week:
D'Argo (talking about Chiana and Jothee): "You know what troubles me the most? I did my best.. I did the best I could and it wasn't enough. I still lost them both." 
Creative Staff:
Writer: David Kemper
Director: Tony Tilse 


Self Inflicted Wounds II: Wait for the Wheel

Pathfinder Neeyala and her sneaky crew are trying to destroy Moya, Zhaan's dying, Pilot's nearly dead, and John's in Pilot's chamber hanging by his fingernails and under attack by the wormhole serpent. That's before the show even starts.

Not-so-trusty Winona the Pulse Pistol works this time to save John and his fingernails, but Neeyala's wormhole recorder is broken. Fortunately, before the serpent attacked and John dropped it, the device gave John some new information - Earth is close (if you call 30-40 light years close) and the Three Stooges are watchable from the Uncharted Territories.

John is so distracted by the possibility of going home that Aeryn, a very unscientific thinker, has to point out that Kreetago may be invisible and deliberately sabotaging Moya. Aeryn worries that John's single minded pursuit of wormhole technology is blinding him to the needs of Moya and her crew. In fact, everyone is a little bit wary of his trustworthiness these days. But really, come on people, this is home for John. HOME. Aeryn's afraid he's going to take off and leave her behind. After their experience on the fake earth in season one, she's not going to jump at the chance to go with him and be dissected. Maybe the rest of them are remembering their actions when Namtar was offering them a chance to go home and expecting John to act the same way. Or maybe it's just plain jealousy. Whatever it is, they're going to be keeping a pretty close watch on Crichton in the future.

Unfortunately, when Zhaan died I couldn't help thinking, "Ho hum, another death. Oh well, she'll be back next week or next month." Even if she won't, the shock value is lost because of the many times one of the crew has died-but-not-forever. By the time we realize that she's truly gone (if she is), it won't matter all that much.

I'm beginning to like Jool quite a bit. She took the Farscape equivalent of junior year abroad and now she's in the same situation John was in when he first arrived on Moya - lost, alone, out of her depth, scared. Although, if they were going to give her a superpower, too bad it couldn't have been strength or x-ray vision instead of the voice from hell. That scream of hers is going to drive everyone nuts if her hair doesn't choke them all first.

D'Argo got the new ship open! He works the same way I do, push buttons and see what happens. Of course I don't work with things that might explode but the principle is the same. Sort of . Anyway, they need something to replace Aeryn's prowler and I guess this will be it.. I'll bet it does a lot of fun things if they can ever find them.

I'm getting sick of the Scorpius clone in John's head. I love the character of Scorpius and Wayne Pygram is fantastic, but I wish they'd drop that story line for a few episodes. Although the way Cloney and John are beginning to work together I guess we're stuck with him (it?) for a while. Stark's getting on my nerves, too, with his your side/my side shtick. My other complaint is about yet another species hunting Crichton and Company.

Pilot and the DRDs were the most fun this week. The DRDs have another handy ability we haven't seen before, the invisibility detector light. I loved watching Aeryn jump-start him with some adrenalin and a few well placed kicks. He was hysterical when Rygel was snuggling up to him at the end of the show - are we soon going to be seeing Pilot/Rygel fan fiction?

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