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PKBarb 4
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Quote of the Week:
D'Argo: "Now John, we're trapped in this vawn of a wormhole, Pilot's unconscious, Moya is dying, and my son has slept with my betrothed. Lock this woman up!"
Creative Staff:
Writer: David Kemper
Director: Tony Tilse


Self Inflicted Wounds I: Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Wow, what an episode! They managed to get so much story into so little time that it was impossible to keep track of it all with only one viewing, and during every replay I caught a bunch of things I never even saw before - little things that did nothing to advance the plot but made the whole show so much richer - Chiana picking Jool's hair out of her mouth, the speakers and projector light at the drive-in, Neeyala's ssssspeech pattern, the look on Rygel's face when Jool began screaming. There never seems to be just one thing going on, if you look away from the main action you'll usually find something else happening.

It's beginning to look like "Season of Death" isn't just the name of the season opener; it also seems to be a big black cloud hanging over Moya and her crew. So far Aeryn, Moya, John, Pilot, two Interons, Borlik, Zhaan, D'Argo, Moordil, Scorpius's Clone, Diagnosan Tocot, , Officer Kobrin, Cresto, several Peacekeepers, and Grunchlk (effectively) have either died or been circling the drain. Pilot and Moya have walked toward the light twice already this season and it's only the third episode.

Talk about your industrial strength splinter! Poor Moya has that alien corkscrew ship sticking right through her, no wonder Pilot's barfing all over his console. I have to agree with Stark, I didn't think anybody could do that either.

Jothee's gone. He must've jumped into the abyss between eps to go and do something make D'Argo proud of him. I for one am not going to miss the little creep, and I noticed that D'Argo never even mentioned him. Neither did anyone else, for that matter.

Chiana's in a blue funk and (rather appropriately) goes to Zhaan for counsel and comfort. She found a family for the first time in her life and now it all seems to be falling apart - people leaving, people dying, people rejecting her. Even though she brought some of it on herself I still feel sorry for her because I think she regrets her fling with Jothee, but she can't just make it go away.

We finally got to see the new character, Jool, who looks like a Black Scorpion refugee with great hair and a huge superiority complex. The minute she opened her eyes I began thinking that maybe the up-coming episode "Green-eyed Monster" might have something to do with her. What did John expect her to say when she woke up and he started questioning her about earth. "Oh, yeah, I'm from earth." Or "I have relatives who settled in Roswell, maybe you know them." Or maybe, "Earth? Oh sure, right over there. Take a left at that star, second to the right, and straight on till morning."

After he's spent so much time being treated like the village idiot, it was great seeing Doctor Crichton in action, but John isn't quite rational when it comes to wormholes. I can't tell whether it's the possibility of going home or the chance to thwart Scorpius that drives him right now. He certainly was a little over-zealous in beating the snot out of Rygel (literally). First John Shanghais him and then breaks his nose (or whatever) when Rygel tries to escape. I still think he overreacted to Rygel, though.

Stark was pretty creepy when he was looming over Aeryn's shoulder admiring her beauty. Dark Stark. If Zhaan dies the crew is going to have a lot of trouble with him. Actually, they'll probably have a lot of trouble whether she dies or not.

I don't trust Neeyala at all. She seems a little bit too dedicated to her work and a little bit too anxious to send Shreena on some kind of fatal mission. She's not going to be too happy when she finds out that John broke her little ViewMaster. Come to think of it, neither is John, if he survives that snake thing.

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