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Ratings by the Kweb Crew:
PKBarb 4
Karl 3
AmyJ 4
Johryn 4
Toadie 3
Quote of the Week:
Rygel to Borlik: "Repent? We have less than an arn. I was a Dominar. It'd take me longer than that to repent."

Stark to Zhaan: "Yes, I'm an expert on dying. I'm just not an expert on you dying."


Creative Staff:
Writer: Justin Monjo
Andrew Prowse


Suns and Lovers

Suns and Lovers is about relationships. Oh, sure, there's adventure, danger, humor, creatures and everything else we've come to expect from Farscape, but the episode is basically about relationships. It seems to be setting up a whole lot of problems that will play out during the third season.

Chiana and D'Argo: "She done him wrong" doesn't even begin to cover it. Chiana broke D'Argo's heart because she didn't want to be a farmer, and she couldn't have chosen a worse way to do it -by betraying him with his own son. The whole business seemed a little mixed up to me - she claimed to have purposely done something that D'Argo would never forgive because she wanted him not to forgive her and then she tried to keep him from finding out about it. Now she's miserable because she got what she wanted. It doesn't really make sense to me but maybe to understand it I'd have to be an alien teenager.

D'Argo and Jothee: When Jothee first saw D'Argo at the end of Season One he called him Dad but now he calls him D'Argo. This is a pretty good indication that he feels guilty and he's trying to distance himself from his father while he messes around with Chiana. After D'Argo figures out what's going on, Jothee makes plans to leave Moya, presumably to do something noble to make his father proud. Poor D'Argo spent years looking for the kid and now that he's found him he probably wishes he had never seen him again. I wonder, too, if we'll ever see him again.

John and Aeryn: Aeryn's personal relationships are still over-influenced by her Peacekeeper training. Last episode she used it as a reason to push John away, this week she's using it as an excuse to get "close". She doesn't seem to realize that whether they have sex or not, make a commitment or not, she's going to react the same way in a battle. I can't believe she thinks she won't. Presumably, Scorpy isn't chasing them any longer (at least until he realizes that the brain-chip doesn't have what he needs) and They think he's dead anyhow, so c'mon Aeryn, relax and enjoy! Actually, I sort of like the fact that the tension between them is going to continue and it'll probably get much worse when Crais comes back.

Butch and Sundance: Their fame is spreading throughout the Uncharted Territories. John, er Butch, is recognized in the commerce station saloon by the local sheriff whose information about his exploits is highly exaggerated. Two seasons ago John was clueless and now he's the bad boy of the Uncharted Territories. He even has a grunt to do his killing for him!

John and D'Argo: Anthony Simcoe does a magnificent job of bringing D'Argo all the way from a happy man ready to propose marriage to a miserable drunk on the brink of suicide. He'd never have come inside from space if John hadn't refused to leave without him. But, if he was so suicidal, why didn't he take off the oxygen mask after he and John freed Moya?

Zhaan and Stark: They're really a couple now. You can tell because she's grousing over the amount of money he's giving for tips. I only hope Stark can hold himself together long enough to help her cross to the other side (or whatever) because I don't think she's going to heal.

John and Chiana: Right now, John's not very happy with Chiana. He's been like an older brother to her and I hope that she's shamed by his disappointment in her actions.

Pilot, Moya and the DRDs: Pilot's not quite as serene as he used to be, is he? I don't think anyone would even consider chopping off one of his arms these days. One-eye the DRD is back! And he's a hero! It seems a little bit too convenient that Borlik sticks to the one place on Moya that's detachable but it's worth it just to hear that cackle Pilot gives when he dumps her into space. And Moya sort of looks like she's doing wheelies over it.

Rygel and his earbrows: Shame on you Rygel, you little voyeur.

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