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Season of Death

Some of the best Farscape moments to date show up in this Season Three opener. It answers most - but not all - of the questions left over from the Season One cliffhanger, Die Me, Dichotomy, and gives us a whole new bunch of goodies to watch for in the coming months. We now know for certain that Aeryn isn't dead and John is back to normal. Stark is still here and Diagnosan Tocot is (was) still alive. Chiana followed her hormones rather than her heart and Grinspook never did wash his face.

Aeryn and Zhaan: One of my favorite scenes in the show is the one with Aeryn and Zhaan. The whole thing is beautiful: the swirling mist, the unity, the fact that when Aeryn first "wakes up" she thinks she's still a Peacekeeper awaiting her new assignment. She refuses Zhaan's help because she knows what the cost will be.

The New Intro: I really like the new Crichton voice-over which hints at what's in store for Season Three (and beyond?). Should he find a way home and risk being followed by some of the horrors he's seen or should he stay where he is and protect earth? Paul Goddard, Lani Tupu and Wayne Pygram, now get credits here and about time, too, especially for Lani Tupu who's been an integral part of the show since the first episode. I didn't like the new theme music the first time I heard it, but when I watched the episode a second time it began to grow on me. I think it fits in better with the new direction of the show than the old theme would have. The graphics forming their names and the newspaper headlines flashing across Crichton's helmet are nice effects but the new Farscape logo whirlpooling onto the screen is my favorite part. And they're finally showing the episode names in the beginning of the show now thanks in part, I think, to the fans who requested it at the Burbank convention last August.

Crichton: When first he sees Aeryn his reaction is to think that someone is frelling with his brain, a pretty normal reaction for someone who's been having hallucinations for the past year. I do wish they'd drawn that out a little bit though, he seemed to accept it too quickly.

I also liked him sitting on his hospital bed muttering, "Peter Piper picked a peck..." after he gets his speech back. Nice touch, that.

THE kiss scene: The entire scene is wonderful from the declarations of love to Aeryn's backing off from an emotional relationship again. They could have hit the reset button and neither John nor Aeryn would have remembered how close they'd become. When Aeryn was thinking she was still a Peacekeeper that's what I thought they were going to do. This way, the tension is even higher and they've taken three steps forward and maybe only one step back.

Talyn: He really scares Scorpius and that's reason enough to love him, but when he avenged Aeryn's death (or what he thinks is Aeryn's death) by destroying the marauder he really won a place in my heart. I had a feeling that the arrogant Peacekeeper pilot, Officer Kobrin, was doomed from the minute he showed up. He was just a little bit too smug about his piloting skills. Thank you, Talyn.

Crais: He really seemed to enjoy killing Scorpius. He also seems to be very much on our side now, leading the Peacekeeper command carrier away so Moya and her crew can escape.

Lieutenant Braca: He has such a look on his face when Goonsick shoots himself. Every time he looks at Scorpius he has a deer-in-the-headlights expression, which is exactly how I'd look if I were in his position.

Rygel is a hero again. He alerts everyone about John's predicament and saves Diagnosan Tucot's life. He's saved their butts more times than I can remember, and still he never gets credit for it. Probably because he then turns around and does something awful.

Stark: If the Interon is still alive John won't accept a transplant so Stark makes it dead. Problem solved. His new teddy bear coat is pretty neat, too.

The Fight: I was so afraid John was stuck with that damn clone forever. I hope Crichton got a lot of satisfaction out of that fight. I know I did. The bug-on-its-back thing was an especially nice addition here and the wimpy way the clone fought was another. He looked pretty ragged toward the end of the fight, didn't he?

Jothee and Chiana: They've betrayed D'Argo and that's an awful thing but it's going to make for some very interesting interactions in future episodes.

D'Argo: He didn't seem surprised to hear his Qualta blade firing when Aeryn was shooting at the Scarran. He didn't even seem surprised to see her. I wonder, had D'Argo's sense of smell not been frozen, would he immediately have known about Jothee and Chiana's betrayal?

The new "puppet", Gunsock, was very well done. I really liked the part where Scorpius was trying to settle into the new body, learning how it worked, and practicing the movements and voice. Both Wayne Pygram (Scorpius) and Hugh Keays-Byrne (Grunchlk) did a great job here.

Scorpius: He's still alive and evil as ever. And the lucky guy has a new Gammak base to use for his wormhole research. I wonder if that chip contains the information he needs.

Things I Would Like to Have Seen:
It would have been nice to see Aeryn greeting her shipmates, especially Pilot, after her return from the dead. He was so miserable at the end of Die Me Dichotomy that the reunion must have been very emotional for both of them.
Things I Still Wonder About:
What are those Interons, anyway, and why are they on Moya? I know Crichton brought them up to the ship because he feels guilty over the death of one of them, but I'm sure they're not just going to stand in their cryochambers and do nothing for the next 88 episodes so, why are they here? Maybe they're some of the folks who have been abducted from earth by aliens. You never know with Farscape.

Something of the clone probably remains inside Crichton and Scorpius ate some of John's brain - eww - so will John and Scorpy have some kind of weird telepathy? Maybe they'll be helping each other with the search for the wormhole technology, however inadvertently.

Will Zhaan die? I don't think she's really gone but maybe she'll be dispersed or something.

I still want to know what was on that chip that Crais had at the end of Season Two, the one with information that would please Aeryn. He and Talyn still think she's dead so maybe we'll get to see at least that reunion.

What happened to all that money? I wonder if they prepaid for Moya's cure and John's operation or are they still rich?

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